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Obama Administration Takes Bold Aggressive Action on Gulf Oil Spill

The Washington Post has the details

The relationship between the federal government and the oil company has been an awkward collaboration all along ... but it reached a turning point Monday when the administration said it no longer wants to share a podium with BP at the daily briefing in Louisiana...

The two principal briefers have been Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry and BP's chief operating officer, Doug Suttles. ...

Now Landry has been rotated back to her position as 8th District commander "in order to focus solely on coordinated federal hurricane response planning and preparation efforts in the Gulf of Mexico," a government spokesman said ... White House officials said Monday that no one was unhappy with Landry, only with the arrangement in which the government and BP shared a microphone.

I don't know about you but I feel much better now.


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Wow-now that takes courageo... (Below threshold)

Wow-now that takes courageous leadership.


I feel LOTS better! ... (Below threshold)

I feel LOTS better!

It is indeed comforting to have an "Administration" that doesn't get caught up in petty details, but instead stays focused on the big picture!

Oil spills come and go...and the millions of people, birds and other creatures threatened by this will just have to suck it up! Yup...the Obamaanistashave FOUND the "smoking gun": a shared microphone!

Bravo, Lord Obama

When all you are capable of... (Below threshold)
jim m:

When all you are capable of doing is talking about the problem, selecting who talks is the biggest thing you can do.

I am certain that whoever they choose next will have sufficient force in their rhetoric to resolve the problem.

Perception is everything. L... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

Perception is everything. Liberals are by nature propagandists. They cannot have the perception that BP and the Coast Guard(government)are partners in this disaster. Obamalala's advisers are scrambling to help him distance himself from anything that looks like he was in any way at fault. Now Holder and an army of lawyers from the DOJ are going to the Gulf. The nasty rumor is that they want to take over BP North America. Obamalala is just itching to fire the executives of BP once he runs the "Big Oil" company. I feel better already.

Well, I don't know about al... (Below threshold)

Well, I don't know about all of you, but I'd rather have the District Commander at her office than playing PR face for the Obama Administration. I look at this as a positive step.

Unbelievable but typical fo... (Below threshold)

Unbelievable but typical for this administration.

As the catastrophe continues to get worse, they've identified the major problem they have at this time. Per the article,

"...the daily news briefings have not always bolstered the government's stature as the commanding authority in the crisis."

BP for Obama just means Bad... (Below threshold)

BP for Obama just means Bad Politics.

The perfect response from a... (Below threshold)

The perfect response from a 'community organizer'. When you have nothing else - send in the lawyers. For some reason, the Obamassiah now feels it expedient that Eric Holder fly down to the Gulf coast .... guess it's to lend his expertise in capping run-away wells.


"Obamalala's advisers are s... (Below threshold)

"Obamalala's advisers are scrambling to help him distance himself from anything that looks like he was in any way at fault."

An excellent start might be distancing himself voluntarily from the presidency. He likes the ceremony but on the day to day inconveniences it brings, well, he just doesn't really seem that much into it.

After much intense internal... (Below threshold)

After much intense internal debate regrading the oil leak in the Gulf, the Obama Administration has decided that the best course of action is that they take over... the press conferences.

"Obama Administration has d... (Below threshold)

"Obama Administration has decided that the best course of action is that they take over... the press conferences."

Well it is the ONE area in which they've shown some prior competence. But then the MFM has been in bed with him since day 1.

Obama administration offici... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Obama administration officials now say they have been in control from the beginning and have been directing BP at every step. The EPA ordered BP to stop using a particular dispersant apparently not knowing that BP was just following orders. Obviously, the EPA didn't get the memo. How do we know the Obama administration has been in charge from day one of this disaster? Well, it follows Obama's modus operandi, which is to progress from one failed plan to even riskier plans. We can only hope they find a solution long before the relief wells are scheduled to come on-line.

What I want to know is why the blowout preventer didn't work, and why it doesn't have multiple means of shutting off the well even if those means require a submersible turning a valve? I hear the manufacturer claims BP didn't configure the blowout preventer correctly, but the fact that an incorrectly configured blowout preventer can pass inspections and tests demonstrates there's a serious design flaw in the device. That leads me to believe there could be many more incorrectly configured blowout preventer in the Gulf.

Good decision administratio... (Below threshold)

Good decision administration!!

The "Won" is way too dirty to be associated with BP.

Friday, it looked like the ... (Below threshold)

Friday, it looked like the solution was working and it was all Obama's work from the first day.
The solution failed so now they are distancing themselves.
This IS the most transparent administration ever!

While running errands this ... (Below threshold)

While running errands this AM, I was scanning the local stations. Several lib commentators bleating why Barry doesn't 'take charge'.

They don't understand, HE has. From day one of this crisis, THE ONE, President Arrogance chose to IGNORE it. After all, when THE ONE deigns to ignore something, it does not exist. Counting on a compliant and worshiping MFM, "We don't report it, it didn't happen!"...... problem solved.

But the oil spill kept getting worse. So THE ONE began pointing fingers (he does that so well) and threatening punishment - for failure to go away, once the royal ignore edict had been pronounced.

Barry is now in a quandary. His ignore order is being ... well.... ignored. Something is ignoring THE ONE! And add that the MFM is not playing court jester.

Solution - fall back to what always worked in the past. SEND IN THE LAWYERS!

The only thing Holder has i... (Below threshold)

The only thing Holder has in his brief case is a "withhold from harm" form.

In exchange for BP stating "it's ALL our fault", the Obama Administration is prepared to ______.

I might warm BP to look out for phrases such as "The President PROMISES BP that ___________."

Palin is urging Jindal to b... (Below threshold)

Palin is urging Jindal to build barrier islands without feds' approval,


#17Good! Build em'... (Below threshold)


Good! Build em' Wait for the feds and we'll all be 20 years older before nothing happens accept blame the previous administration. This is what we get with power hungry money driven ego's. SHIT!

By the way, whatever happened to all those trailer homes that were supposed to be for Katrina victims? Are they still parked or have they been traded as cash for clunkers now? Be a good use for them.

BP is probably very happy w... (Below threshold)

BP is probably very happy with this announcement.

This is a very terrible spill as you all know. I live close to the Gulf in Texas. I used to own a beach house on the beach thank God I sold it before Hurricane Ike. But, the beach is so soothing and fun for children and adults. Now Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, and probably Florida will be damaged for some time to come.

Having said that, the oil companies have pumped billions of gallons of oil from beneath the Gulf of Mexica for decades. This is the first horrific mistake. Their track record is pretty good. I am also sure nobody wants this unchecked oil flow to stop more then BP. Not only because of the future fines and penalties, the clean up and the law suits but mainly because their profit is just being thrown away. So, I have tried to practice restraint and resisted to "heap on" to oil companies. I am also optimistic that a triple redundancy procedure/equipment will be put into place for all future drilling. Mind you, BP was drilling. Once they tap in, they turn the pumping over to another division or company, etc. At least that is how it used to work.

I think Obama gets a grade of F for communication and bad form during this whole crisis. A D- for handling the spill itself. He waited much to long to speak before the nation. 40 days. Had it been GW Bush, you all know what would be said. He is hiding, Cheney's friends did this on purpose to kill black people, etc.

Bottom line: I pray for a workable solution quickly. ww

ok. let me make sure i unde... (Below threshold)
ken harlow:

ok. let me make sure i understand this. didnt obama claim that he's been on top of this since the beginning? seems like that's what he said at the oil slick press conference.

and now holder is opening an investigation? why not just ask the guy who's been on top of this since day 1?

if holder's probe somehow causes the proverbial fit to hit the shan, watch how fast
obama appoints bush to be in charge of fixing this retroactively.

Hey, here's a new one:... (Below threshold)

Hey, here's a new one:

Slick Barack

Darn, somehow doesn't have the same ring as with Clinton...

#19 amen ... (Below threshold)

#19 amen






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