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Obama's Bay Of Rigs: The President's Chickens Come Home To Roost

As the Deepwater Horizon blow out continues unabated for a month and one half, the disaster has become what Rush Limbaugh is calling Obama's Bay of Rigs. This may be one of those times when a spoof better describes what the public is coming to view as this president's Waterloo. Oversold and under delivered from the moment he came on the national scene, Barack Obama is now being rolled over by an extraordinary confluence of events.

At the center of these events now is the oil spill in the Gulf, a situation over which he has minimal tactical control and 100% political control. But there's nothing he can do to fix the problem that BP and a world of petroleum engineers haven't already thought of. So what does he do next? Send in the prosecutors. Although this may be seen as effective by some (those focused solely on payback), it is no comfort to most who will see it as a cynical political response to a problem that begs for some "roll up your sleeves" leadership.

The problem waiting just one step back from the oil spill was manifested yesterday in the thinly disguised political theatre produced by Hamas and Turkey when a barricade storming flotilla of Hamas thugs and their requisite coterie of human shields upstaged a planned "reconciliation" meeting between Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama. The attempt by the Obama administration to reset the Israeli dialogue with the US came after President Obama botched the last meeting and humiliated the Israeli Prime Minister in a way that shocked even Congress. Our enemies obviously saw this imminent rapprochement as the time to stage an incident (their timing was perfect and the poorly executed response by the IDF only helped their cause). But the genesis of this entire fiasco can be found in the Apology Tour conducted across the globe by our president last year, where a message of self doubt, weakness and appeasement was delivered to a worldwide audience by a man still consumed by the fumes of his own celebrity. It was, as predicted, viewed by our enemies as a sign of weakness and yesterday's provocation was the inevitable result.

Election results of the past year show clearly that there is a growing sense of unease percolating in the electorate. Personal income rose over $50 billion in April yet consumer spending was nonexistent. That is the calculus of fear. As has been remarked on this blog before, there is the growing realization that not only is there no one at the helm, there isn't the least perception that anyone is in charge. The oil spill in the Gulf only enlarges this perception of an impotent President; the barricade run by our enemies yesterday against Israel, however, just shows that our enemies are not going to let a good opportunity pass when they see one.

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Comments (30)

The short version: Karma i... (Below threshold)

The short version: Karma is a bitch!

Our enemies never let a cri... (Below threshold)

Our enemies never let a crisis go to waste either.

I pray this thing in the gulf doesn't get picked up by a Hurricane and dump oil laden rain over thousands of square miles? Who knows what that would destroy? Crops, slippery highways,sidewalks = death. And who knows the health effects from breathing that stuff in?

Yes, please do not happen.

Nero Obama fiddled golfed w... (Below threshold)

Nero Obama fiddled golfed while Rome the Gulf burned.

'Bout time for a Jemmah Caa... (Below threshold)

'Bout time for a Jemmah Caaatuh T-Shirt with "Miss Me Yet" on it.

Hugh, I agree completely. ... (Below threshold)

Hugh, I agree completely. From a political standpoint I think Obama can do almost nothing to improve his standing with respect to this insidious environmental disaster. He is totally dependent on some creative idea, stroke of luck, God's grave - anything outside of his own influence - to bring this problem under control. If any political change occurs it will be, in fact, for him to slip more deeply into the political abyss. I am sure every American realizes that the president himself cannot solve this problem. But pointing fingers, organizing a posse of federal prosecutors to look for criminal activity, etc. while the problem is still evolving will be recognized as the desperate response of a man who has no clue what to do. Obama has never been in this position before and as time passes and he continues to project this aura of cluelessness during this real crisis he will have a very hard time in the future bending American public opinion to his whimsical/surreal solutions to his fabricated socialist crises. I think the Democrats will be looking for a fresh face in the 2012 presidential election when Joe Stesak offers Obama the Secretary General position at the UN. Lots of talk, rampant corruption - it's the perfect position for a tired one-termer with statist proclivities.

Sorry, I meant God's grace.... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I meant God's grace.

BryanD ...Obama is not goin... (Below threshold)

BryanD ...Obama is not going to be re-elected. The odds don't include ineptitude on a grand scale. Obama is Carter squared and look at what happened to him. How can you be so deluded and still function?

Marvelous it is that Hussei... (Below threshold)

Marvelous it is that Hussein is finally shown to be incompetent he has always been, though most nutshells missed the fact, previous to this Rigging.

His presidential rigging all askew hopefully graces USA with him staying back and off air.

Please, God.

Bring in the prosecuters.</... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Bring in the prosecuters.

What will this do? Well anyone that may have an idea to actually fix this issue will have to run it by the lawyers who will disect it 6 ways from Sunday to see the legal ramifications to include the envirowhackos who will sue at the drop of a hat.

In short, unless something is almost gaurenteed to work and make everyone happy OR gets suggested by the Obama admin then it is pretty much as dead in the water as oil slicked fish (no pun intended).

Think of future Gitmo interrogaters after Holderer says he wants to prosecute and magnify that issue by a thousand.

"The disaster is bad for th... (Below threshold)

"The disaster is bad for the oil lobby and for the free trade paradigm that Rush has championed since the NAFTA vote."

...and for that one politician, who tops the list of people who took money from BP over the last 20 years. You know, that one guy, O-something.

Oh, yeah. Obama. Knew that name sounded familiar. Yeah, he's hosed.

Of course, the "free trade" thing doesn't really apply, since the oil industry is so heavily regulated that "free trade" is the one thing it's not. For that matter, the oil companies have been paying millions of dollars a year in special taxes for quite a while now - there's supposed to be a special fund for oil spill cleanup, so the government could buy the equipment and pay for the training to respond to just this sort of thing. They didn't, of course. Just another case of "make a rule, forget it exists."

I for one, am willing to re... (Below threshold)

I for one, am willing to reserve judgement. At least until I hear what Kanye West has to say on the subject.

About the time the 'prosecu... (Below threshold)

About the time the 'prosecutors' tumble to the $$$ given to the Obama campaign by BP and the subsequent ignoring of mandatory federal environmental requirements by Obama's appointed head at Mineral Management - there will be a short pause....followed by, "Never mind".

America's enemies have lear... (Below threshold)
swift boater:

America's enemies have learned at the feet of the Democrats:

"Never let a crisis go to waste, even if you have to make one yourself." And its corollary, "Never cut an incompetent fool any slack."

The question is, and it's not rhetorical, Ronald Reagan was able to save this country from 4 years of Jimmy Carter, will anyone be able to save the country from four year of Barack Obama and the Dems?

"...will anyone be able to ... (Below threshold)

"...will anyone be able to save the country....?"

Yep, and it will be the same people Ronnie relied on. Private industry. The same people that Barry gets in the way of in the interests of 'social justice'.

maybe obama should call car... (Below threshold)
ken harlow:

maybe obama should call carter and ask him when he first recognized that he was totally incompetent to do the job he was elected to do.
we didnt elect a president, we elected george jefferson to play president. and just as george jefferson strutted around as being mister important while the whole audience realized he was just a buffoon, so too is the audience called the american electorate now realizing obama for what he is, just a big bag of gas.

the electorate is not going to unelect themselves, so guess who they're coming after.
every budget busting, self-aggrandizing clown with a "d" after his name. just sorry that teddy kennedy isn't still alive so he could be unelected.

16-18Yeah, maybe h... (Below threshold)


Yeah, maybe he should.

"Will anyone be able to save the country?"

Yes, once ole' jug ears is history things will improve just because we no longer have to see his lying ass makin out with the prompter no more.

Speaking of lyin' Anybody notice the diminished daily blabber sessions from the "Won"? I know its a blessing and all but could He be ...Hiding from something? Or maybe hes just afraid of havin shoes thrown at him.

Poor Barry, he was once such a gifted politician. Now hes just another Carter with a lying problem.

OBAMA 012!count on... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

OBAMA 012!

count on it.

Yes Lee, he's outta office ... (Below threshold)

Yes Lee, he's outta office in 012' Whats your point?

The gulf oil situation is b... (Below threshold)

The gulf oil situation is bad but the Turkey/Israel dust up is scary shit and could turn very ugly on a global scale in a heartbeat. At this point no one stands with Israel and that makes them a dangerous animal. How could we have elected someone that would treat one of our best allies so badly?

$50,000,000/year for THA... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

$50,000,000/year for THAT? Pigs, rigs?

Aw, jealous? I know, the statist think of much more clever slogans like "BusHitler" and no one ever pays them for their effort. It makes me weep, I tells ya.

The disaster is bad for ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

The disaster is bad for the oil lobby and for the free trade paradigm that Rush has championed since the NAFTA vote. Too bad the tax payers will have the costs *trickle down*.

Welcome to the world of costs. Any extra expense from taxes, etc, get passed on. What did you think BP was going to reach into their secret stash to pay for all this?

Perhaps if instead of having to drill down 5000 feet in deep water, a risky endeavour, we might allow these companies to, oh and I know this is a wild hair here, DRILL ON THE GODDAMN land instead, perhaps we wouldn't be in this sort of mess? Oh, but we can't disturb the sacred spotted owl now, can we?

Congrats, Sierra Club.

Actually, I've found myself tuning in to the Old GOP Talkers lately to see how they're adjusting to the Paul family taking over the business. It's like a Big Shhhh! over there.

And we will pause while your meds kick in and you return to the topic at hand...

Don't they know that Obama will, per the odds, be re-elected?

You got an over/under on that, because that sounds like a good bet to get in on.

Too much Obama fascination is like wanking one's life away.

And too much Bush fascination (of the sort you frequently engaged in) is, what? Autoerotic asphyxiation?

Sure, Rush and company "live" day-by-broadcast day. Listeners being lulled in that routine is a weakness used in Vegas all the time. Vegas: land of no clocks!

And $0.99 breakfast buffets!

we elected george jeffer... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

we elected george jefferson to play president. and just as george jefferson strutted around as being mister important while the whole audience realized he was just a buffoon, so too is the audience called the american electorate now realizing obama for what he is, just a big bag of gas.

Eh, that's unfair. Yes, he was a bit of a blowhard, true. But he started with one cleaner shop and built himself a successful business. He earned his "piece of the pie."

I'd rather have George Jefferson in charge than this milquetoast. And Ouisie had better sartorial tastes.

OBAMA 012!c... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

OBAMA 012!

count on it.

So...that's it? That's all you got to butress your argument? No wonder you ran Blue into the ground.

How can you(bryanD) be s... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

How can you(bryanD) be so deluded and still function?

Paxil, 1 tab po qid pc & hs
Chlorpromazine, 2 tab hs prn

I can see Lee parading arou... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I can see Lee parading around right now with his big banner "Death to Amerika - Obama 012" . . .

Dr. Cloninger ~ Not bad for an internet guess, but bryanD munches Haloperidol like kids eat M&Ms.

Bay of Rigs? Not e... (Below threshold)

Bay of Rigs?

Not even close.

For there's nary a rig in sight: The blown up one and all of its neighbors are production platforms.


Being old enough to remember when we had real reporters and an Independent Press is a blessing.

I thought Obama controlled ... (Below threshold)

I thought Obama controlled the Oceans!


Salinksy for Terrorists: Ne... (Below threshold)

Salinksy for Terrorists: Never let a disasterous presidency go to waste.

In 2000 Clinton's administr... (Below threshold)

In 2000 Clinton's administration released federal funds to 52 Arkansas counties affected by winter storms.

(See: https://www.fema.gov/news/newsrelease.fema?id=7538)

Bush's administration released funds to Louisiana two days before Katrina struck.

Did Obama's administration release federal funds to Louisiana parishes so they could prepare (in a TIMELY manner) for the oil coming ashore?

Are you guys nuts. I get to... (Below threshold)

Are you guys nuts. I get to play basketball and golf all I want the rest of my life. In 4 years, no one will remember me. I'm set. Where's the problem with that?







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