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Volcanoes, Sunspots, and La Nina -- Oh My!

There's an interesting article by Art Horn over at Pajamas Media (hat tip Instapundit) concerning a confluence of factors that may lead to a short-term global cooling of the planet.

Read the linked article for the details, but the quick summary is as follows.

  1. Eruptions of other volcanoes in Iceland have been historically linked to the (currently erupting) Eyjafjallajokull. Large volcanic eruptions have been known to cause significant worldwide cooling.

  2. The longest and deepest solar minimum of the last 100 years has ended recently. Long solar cycles have been linked to global cooling trends in the following cycle.

  3. The now famous (?) El Nino and La Nina ocean warming patterns point to a rise of La Nina which would serve to lower temperatures further.
The net result of this could be bitterly cold winters and unnaturally cold summers for a few years.

While I didn't care for the tone the author Horn takes in his article--he has too many overreaching statements attacking global warming science--the sources he links are quite interesting and worth a read.


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Comments (13)

"...concerning a conflue... (Below threshold)

"...concerning a confluence of factors that may lead to a short-term global cooling of the planet."

Well, there's significant cooling going on in the Gore household.

Dan, bet ya can't say Eyjaf... (Below threshold)

Dan, bet ya can't say Eyjafjallajokull fast, three times! ;)

Speaking of Albert, did you know he can forecast global warming into the next 50-60 years, yet the White House can't get an accurate weather forecast 2-3 days before a scheduled outdoor event?

After hearing of the pending Gore divorce, my wife commented: "Probably got tired of hearing his 'performance' excuses each night that got blamed on global warming!"

One thing I'll say about the wife, we ever have problems with contractors or workers, I let her handle it. Always gets resolved to HER satisfaction.

Even as we speak. Algore is... (Below threshold)

Even as we speak. Algore is having a powerplant installed downstairs to heat his 50,000 sq foot lower level. No, he's not a hypocrat, he's a bonafied HYPOCRITE!

Al just purchased a new man... (Below threshold)

Al just purchased a new mansion in Montecito, California. On the coast. Uh...isn't the sea going to RISE? Like on the COAST? On does Al have an exception for the Montecito area?

The predicted global coolin... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

The predicted global cooling is more evidence for global warming . . .

[Now turning sarcasm "Off".]

The recent solar minimum ha... (Below threshold)

The recent solar minimum has ended? That's news to the sun.

Dan, bet ya can... (Below threshold)
Dan, bet ya can't say Eyjafjallajokull fast, three times! ;)
ThatpeskyIcelandicvolcano ThatpeskyIcelandicvolcano ThatpeskyIcelandicvolcano. What do I win?
but shouldn't the millions ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

but shouldn't the millions of tons of carbon the volcano spewed into the air be making it warmer?

Yeah right jim m, I remembe... (Below threshold)

Yeah right jim m, I remember Mt. St.Helens blowing Her top in 1980 and it was 2 cold summers after that. Pretty sunsets but cooler for sure with the filtered sunshine.

I blame Al Gore. Everywher... (Below threshold)

I blame Al Gore. Everywhere he goes, the weather turns cold. Hell, I hear they're buying snow shovels in Montecito, California, now that he's purchased a sea-side mansion there.

"I blame Al Gore. Everyw... (Below threshold)

"I blame Al Gore. Everywhere he goes, the weather turns cold. Hell"

Apparently that included his bedroom. But with his hockey stick handy you'd think he'd be a shoe in for some action.

The solar minimum may not b... (Below threshold)

The solar minimum may not be over yet as the sun still slumbers on, solar cycle 24 is looking very weak, another volcano has just erupted in the pacific ocean, La Nina is building quicker than expected

We know the global warming ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

We know the global warming scam is over because,just like when the surge took hold in Iraq, we aren't being bludgeoned on a daily basis by stories of projected future disasters in the media. Oh sure, periodically one of them runs a "trial balloon" type story, but it fails to gain traction.

If they can't revive it, in another six months to a year the MSM will probably be running stories about all the holes in the AGW theory. They will be written in a style that denies they were ever the chief cheerleaders.






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