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Food For Thought

Here's an interesting idea, one I've seen floated in a few places, but with a little extra I've added in:

How would Turkey react if a bunch of "activists" announced that a cargo ship, renamed the "S.S. Armenian Genocide," was carrying a bunch of humanitarian aid for the Kurds?

Were I a man of financial wherewithal, I'd be seriously tempted to try to put that together...


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Comments (5)

The worst part is that Turk... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The worst part is that Turkey was one predominantly muslim country which was looking west, seeking to modernize - they are in NATO and have been trying to get into the EU (although they are probably rather glad they didn't make it yet at this point).

Someone pointed out decades ago that as Turkey became ever more democratic, it would also tend more towards islamic fundamentalism. This has certainly been the case.

Of course, they aren't the only ones who have changed - under Bush, or even Clinton, we could have sent word of our disapproval and the ships would not have been allowed to launch. But either Obama is not respected enough for his wishes to be granted by our allies, or he just never voiced displeasure. I'm betting the latter.

"But either Obama is not... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"But either Obama is not respected enough for his wishes to be granted by our allies, or he just never voiced displeasure"

Or he surreptitiously sent words of encouragement. Remember Obama has a different concept of "ally" and "enemy" than non-leftist Americans do.

O'Mamba has obviously throw... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

O'Mamba has obviously thrown his lot in with the anti-Israel majority. The Iranian dialogue was never a bona fide attempt at non-proliferation, only a cover to exert more pressure on Israel.

The abandonment of the Polish/Czech umbrella telegraphed US benign neglect of the Iranian threat against Israel while tossing an extortionist bone Russia's way, a tenace against the EU.

Meantime, he's proposing relations with moderate Syria, Iran's willing partner.

He may not be pulling the strings but he has deliberately torn down the razor wire and pulled back the sentries.

Remember his order against turning the Aegis radars on during the Nork Hawaii test? His buds, Ayers, Dohrn and Code Pink are sponsoring the blockade break.

If inciting nuclear conflagration is a treasonable offence, please produce a shred of evidence supporting blithe incompetence.

Given the Obamassiah's 'sma... (Below threshold)

Given the Obamassiah's 'smart diplomacy' - which includes pissing on FORMER allies - what's the downside when the Muslims appear to be winning?

They've already seen what it means when Barry says "No worries, I have your back!" (Which is where you'd want to be when planning to stab someone.)

Heck... I'm unemployed, but... (Below threshold)

Heck... I'm unemployed, but I like the idea enough that I'd pitch in some money anyways.






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