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Jay Tea's Evil Pun Of The Day

Well, CBS is claiming that Al Gore's marriage is a casualty of his losing the 2000 election.

I guess that this cartoon was actually prophetic...

And it wouldn't be the first time such an issue has ruined a marriage.


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Nah, Al just reached a Tipp... (Below threshold)

Nah, Al just reached a Tippering point.

As the cartoon shows, after... (Below threshold)

As the cartoon shows, after 2000 Al suffered from "hanging chad syndrome".

I think it is only fitting ... (Below threshold)

I think it is only fitting that the same man who invented the internet and was the inspiration behind the movie "Love Story" is also the inventor of Bush Derangement Syndrome. He also, along with Nancy Pelosi, appears to be its worst "victim".

Heh, Dave. "My name is Al G... (Below threshold)

Heh, Dave. "My name is Al Gore. I'm not only the founder of Bush Derangement Syndrome Club for Wackos, I'm a member!"

Looks like Barry isn't the ... (Below threshold)

Looks like Barry isn't the only one with sagging pole numbers..

I always thought Al Gore ha... (Below threshold)

I always thought Al Gore had lost it even before the 2000 election. Recall his bizarre performances in the debates, especially when he moved so close to Bush that it startled W.

Hard to believe the Clinton marriage has outlasted the Gore marriage.

Well, CBS is claim... (Below threshold)
Well, CBS is claiming that Al Gore's marriage is a casualty of his losing the 2000 election.

So essentially, they're blaming Bush...

"So essentially, they're bl... (Below threshold)

"So essentially, they're blaming Bush... "

Thread winner!

At least their consistent!

Slightly O/T:Obama... (Below threshold)

Slightly O/T:

Obama to appear at Carnegie-Mellon University. ALL but 2 of the local Dem pooh-bahs have excuses why they can't be seen with their president.

Is this an election year?

Sorry, can't help myself. ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, can't help myself. Since it's always Bush's fault! (TM), may I suggest to Barry a possible solution to the Sestak 'offer' problem.

"We inherited this job offer from the previous administration."

Yeah, that will work. Consistency of message.

Since this is a spew thread... (Below threshold)

Since this is a spew thread I will take a gore at Barry and give some words of wisdom.

Barry you are a lucky man not to have Alberts dysfunctional problem. There will be no repeat of 2000 for you in 2012. Resign now and avoid the embarrassing 64% landslide coming your way.

Your welcome Bare~

Think that a split of perso... (Below threshold)

Think that a split of personal carbon credits was in the pre-nup?

GarandFan-<... (Below threshold)


"Obama to appear at Carnegie-Mellon University. ALL but 2 of the local Dem pooh-bahs have excuses why they can't be seen with their president.

Is this an election year?"

Why by golly just by coincidence yes it is. But I wouldn't be caught dead around Mr. Slick either, He's kinda toxic right now.

I got news for ya. That "p... (Below threshold)

I got news for ya. That "passionate kiss" between the Gores they were always reminding us of? Look it up in Google images. That wasn't passionate. It was awkward. Tipper's body language said it all.

Are Barry's PR people moonl... (Below threshold)

Are Barry's PR people moonlighting at British Airways?

MAJOR Ooops! in ad campaign.


PITTSBURGH - Seizing on a d... (Below threshold)

PITTSBURGH - Seizing on a disastrous oil spill to advance a cause, President Barack Obama on Wednesday called on Congress to roll back billions of dollars in tax breaks for oil and pass a clean-energy bill that he says would help the nation end its dependence on fossil fuels.

So when the costs of all manufactured goods, services and food go through the roof (not to mention gasoline), will Barry be traveling the country in Unicorn One?

Given what this will do to the economy, I might suggest an Abrams tanks. 'Cause the pitchforks and torches will be out in force.

And the funny part is Lee Obotomy Ward thinks this clown will get re-elected in 2012.

"And the funny part is L... (Below threshold)

"And the funny part is Lee Obotomy Ward thinks this clown will get re-elected in 2012."

Well we all know Lee has delusions of grandeur with him and Barry riding a unicorn on a sandy beach watching the sunset and sippin kool-aid..

Hey Lee' Barrys already a lame duck and it aint even November!! REELECTED? AH HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAH!!!

Surprisingly, the Al Gore f... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Surprisingly, the Al Gore features here have been far more kind than than my highly critical view I post over at Wizbang Pop yesterday.

In his own way, Al Gore became a deluded extreme environmentalist nut case after the election loss, losing sight of the importance of a strong economy for the U.S. Now, that millions of jobs are lost and the economy is not doing well for many persons his wacky views seem even more out of step with reality. Humans, not the environment are the biggest endangered species right now. Even SOUTH PARK parodied Gore as a wacko alarmist.

And Tipper is whole other wacky case. Her music censorship group, the Parent's Music Resource Council was never a real grassroots organization of concerned parents, but a few nosy wives of politicians who started an outrageous religious moral crusade against some music costing a few recording artists their contracts with record companies and landed a few record stores in court rooms defending themselves from outrageous obscenity charges. A few witches inspired a witch hunt on music. And most in congress don't have the balls to see this as total crap and just go along.

I can't possibly say good riddance to either of these two fast enough to suit myself. The sooner both go away, the far better.

hmmm...limp carbon credit. ... (Below threshold)

hmmm...limp carbon credit. Might I suggest... perhaps a little teabagging will help.

George W. Bush is there any... (Below threshold)

George W. Bush is there anything he can't do?

And Lee still cannot explai... (Below threshold)

And Lee still cannot explain what changed his opinion of Obama. How did barry go from Pathological liar to the Bestest President Evah in just a few months?
Seriously, this information could be what it takes for me to see Obama in a new light. Or it could just affirm that notion that Lee is a partisan hack with delusions of adequacy.

Either way, it should be a fun read.

"George W. Bush is there... (Below threshold)

"George W. Bush is there anything he can't do?"

1. He cant walk on water like Barry

2. He cant concede 2000 to Albert limp peter.

3. He cant visit all 57 states.

Newsflash for Barry:

Hint: You could create a couple hundred thousand jobs along the gulf coast for clean up, pay them a decent wage say 20 bucks an hour and send the bill to BP ( Barry's Problem ) if your so inclined and come out the hero instead of your current zero.

Paul Hooson- comment #18</p... (Below threshold)

Paul Hooson- comment #18

Okay, who's impersonating Paul?

Ain't nothing worse than a ... (Below threshold)

Ain't nothing worse than a disillusioned liberal, Garandfan. Admittedly it takes a LOT to crack the shell open and let reality in, but once it does, they make up for lost time.

Gore struck it rich - altho... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Gore struck it rich - although he didn't "invent the internet" (and never actually said he did, although his wording allowed for that interpretation), he was very popular among the Silicon Valley tech companies and especially the "dot coms" - including Google. He was named to the boards of directors of a number of companies, most of which paid their directors in stock options.

Several of Al's options hit big, plus he was in on the pre-purchase of lucrative IPOs - including Google. He made a lottery killing like the Powerball jackpot. Suddenly he was filthy rich with nothing to do with himself. This led to his "hobby" of promoting "global warming" hysteria - most famously with an error-riven film and a Nobel Prize, and several major appearances in different cities all of which experienced abnormally cold weather and even out-of-season blizzards for the event.

Tipper's project was aimed more at countering the growing family values vote share Republicans were reaping. Naturally, the inclination of the Left was to use censorship as their vehicle, almost unconsciously reminding the public of what happens to free speech when the Left takes over (it is changed to "good speech only" for those of you too young to know better) - witness the current attempt of the FCC to grab censorship control over the internet, and the cavalcade of leftist groups which support the move. "Witches" was far too kind a word for those gals - but it is pretty close to a better one.

Hey, Paul's a diehard liberal, has the Kool Aid for breakfast every morning, and sports a union label tattoo, but he's not a Stalinist like Ward. Hooson's a decent and sincere guy who is undoubtedly baffled when the government "solutions" only make things worse, but he wouldn't sign the order sending you to a reeducation camp. (Lee might not sign, either, but only because he'd prefer dissenters be summarily shot).

"Okay, who's impersonati... (Below threshold)

"Okay, who's impersonating Paul?"

I was think ing the same thing.

"Okay, who's impersonati... (Below threshold)

"Okay, who's impersonating Paul?"

Someone with a much higher intellect.






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