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Obama meets Jan Brewer



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You'll notice from news rep... (Below threshold)

You'll notice from news reports that the meeting was 'cordial'.

You'll also notice that when Brewer spoke to the press later, SHE SPOKE ALONE!

I have a feeling the meeting ended alone the lines of: "Bitch!" "Incompetent Ass!" "Get Out" "Gladly - and stay the hell out of Arizona!" You know, 'cordial'.

I believe the hierarchy of... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

I believe the hierarchy of bad, contentious meeting descriptions is:
an then "Constructive".

Burrrrockk insane Obama ...... (Below threshold)

Burrrrockk insane Obama ......mmmm mmmm mmmm

Aircraft carrier? I doubt ... (Below threshold)

Aircraft carrier? I doubt he could hit the ocean floating on a raft.

I doubt he could save one j... (Below threshold)

I doubt he could save one job from his taskmasters in SYRUP!!

I meant EUROPE! sorry Aunti... (Below threshold)

I meant EUROPE! sorry Auntie Jerimiaha

The Obama Administration's ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The Obama Administration's apparent attitude toward border security is: "You know, we really don't like this law, so we're just not going to enforce it - why don't we just pass a law we like better instead? Don't worry, it won't be just like the last two amnesty bills, you can trust us this time!"

IOW, rather similar to their attitude towards federal bribery statutes.

The most amazing thing to m... (Below threshold)

The most amazing thing to me was watching Gov. Brewer interviewed on CNN. She was asked about the thousands of troops and all the help the Federal government was sending. Her response was shocking. She said that no one in the White House has talked to her or her office about sending any help. She went on to say that she sent letters and made phone calls to Federal authorities requesting information on the illegal immigration issue for many months, but no one would talk. The White House never returned her calls. She said she signed the law out of desperation because the White House was totally unresponsive. The CNN interviewer was stunned.

This is yet another crisis where the Obama administration is Missing In Action and totally out of touch with what is going on in the world.

Good vs. Evil ... (Below threshold)

Good vs. Evil

The Obama Administration ha... (Below threshold)

The Obama Administration has ONE, and only ONE way of dealing with a 'crisis'. Ignore it, hope it goes away.

I wish it had ended with...... (Below threshold)

I wish it had ended with...

"Come to Arizona and meet my little freind, Sheriff Joe."

"The Obama Administratio... (Below threshold)

"The Obama Administration has ONE, and only ONE way of dealing with a 'crisis'. Ignore it, hope it goes away"

Yes but wouldn't that be considered going to waste?

Oh, it must be a real crisis? Not a fabricated one like "Global scamming" "Whitey hates Blacky" or "Boooosh did it"...

Barry is so concerned he had to surround his self with liberals to blot out his other woman in the gulf. Dipshit

Obama is taking his sweet t... (Below threshold)

Obama is taking his sweet time while they all play the round em up game (also know as la migra). Most of these people need amnesty, because many were lured here and many are abused and many still remember the terrible bracero programs and the repatriation of Mexican people, citizens and non alike, over 1 million taken to Mexico, breaking up familias! Worse than what happened to the Japanese during ww2, when we weren't even at war with Mexico - go figure!

The time is now to get this right. GBA all the way!






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