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Helen Thomas: "JEWS: GO HOME!"


(As a "journalist," perhaps Ms. Thomas should do an investigation on the benefits of a mirror.)

Helen Thomas, old school matriarch of the White House press corps, is the mother hen of media liberalism on the national stage.

She is a brilliant woman, often coming up with intellectually stimulating quotes such as "We won't really know what will happen until it happens. "

The wit and wisdom of Yogi Berra, delivered through a Broom Hilda mask. (No disrespect, Yogi, or Broom Hilda.)

Here is Helen proudly stating her view that the country of Israel really shouldn't exist as, well, the country of Israel.

(Note to cameraman: Next time you interview Ms. Thomas, PLEASE pull the camera back a bit, to, say, Guam.)

The Jews should "go home."

To where?

Poland. No, no, wait.. Germany.. No, wait a sec.. America..

I think it is safe to say that Helen has officially surpassed the stage in a liberal's life called "bat-shit crazy."

She literally believes that Jewish people do not belong in Israel.

Tell me again why Jewish Americans vote Democratic?

An old, bitter, deranged Jew-hater who realizes her brand of "media" just doesn't matter anymore.

No analysis is needed on this one.

Her anti-Semitic views are there for all to witness.

(H/T Drudge)


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Comments (69)

Thanks for that picture, th... (Below threshold)

Thanks for that picture, the dog saw it, yelped, and ran under the bed.

The ugliness that is Helen ... (Below threshold)

The ugliness that is Helen Thomas goes all the way to the bone!

Truly, she is the face of modern "journalism"

All I can say is, there's a... (Below threshold)

All I can say is, there's a bridge missing its troll

These two hatchlings must h... (Below threshold)

These two hatchlings must have been unseparated at birth?

Which one is the real Helli... (Below threshold)

Which one is the real Hellion? I never knew she could look so good without all them lights and no make-up. God damned! I saw this hot chic last night and she looked like Helen without the fanny protector, dentures, 17 fractural face lifts and about 4200 years younger give or take a century. Damn I want her ass now~!!

NOT SURE HOW SHE LASTED THA... (Below threshold)


What was that line about 'p... (Below threshold)

What was that line about 'putting lipstick on a pig?' (NO disrespect to pigs - they perform a valuable function.)

Helen Thomas a shinning example of 'east coast' liberal thought. She has become an embarrassment to her colleagues simply because she says the same things they do, only she says them at inappropriate moments.

Im surprised the lens didn'... (Below threshold)

Im surprised the lens didn't crack? Or maybe they released the kraken from it's previous engagement.

You could put lipstick on t... (Below threshold)

You could put lipstick on this hog and it would still look like Oprah.

My prostatitis is flaring u... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

My prostatitis is flaring up again.

Anyone willing to do a little gentle prostatic massage for me?

I have plenty of quarters. I'll give ya a shiny new one!

Jesus Tapdancing Christ - m... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Jesus Tapdancing Christ - more racism from Lee Ward.

So, Mr Lee "Racist" Ward - when are you going to man up?
"So were you a liar in 2008 when you called Obama a pathological liar, or are you a liar in 2010 when you flak for him?"

Although come to think of i... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Although come to think of it, Shawn Mallow is the thread author.

So, Mr "Racist" Ward's post will be disappearing in 4, 3, 2 ,1 ...

Ah, that Shawn could do the same to the anti-Semitic Ms Thomas. She is not even a "useful idiot".

Unbelievable. And the Whit... (Below threshold)
John Coctoston:

Unbelievable. And the White House is cozy with her? Obama should just "man up" like Helen, and tell people how he really feels. He's showing that he does not care about Israel. We're seeing it in his attitude and in the friends he keeps.

Probably the biggest irony ... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Probably the biggest irony with this item is that Jew-hating liberals on the Internet won't even be able to figure out the irony.

This woman is what evil and... (Below threshold)

This woman is what evil and ugly both aspire to be.

Comparing Helen Thomas to t... (Below threshold)
Savage Nation:

Comparing Helen Thomas to the Sleeping Beauty Witch is SO CRUEL!
The Sleeping Beauty Witch is WAY HOTTER than that White House Ho!

Lee WardI see you ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Lee Ward

I see you came and defended the love of your life.

And stop with the "black president" mime. It is REALLY REALLY OLD>



What circus dug up and unwrapped the mummy? Sorry you mummies. Like the Who wrote, "Hope I die before I get [really really] old." I believe she would scare her own parents with looks, or words, and I'm sure her thoughts are equally crazy.

She would make a good poster adult for the value of pro choice, euthanasia or at least a good target in a urinal or toilet. NO - I'd have to find another urinal, after losing my lunch in the toilet!

Is she looking for attention? Maybe she's looking for a date, like one of those bunnies out of the Playboy club (from sometime Before Christ - BC - dinosaur times)!

How can anyone pay any attention to this lunatic? Where are Obama's abuse of freedom of speech comments? He must agree with her! Takes one to know one.

I guess some people need help. They have lots of strikes against them - old age, senility, the ghetto, sand, camels, the jungle. You may be able to take some people (or those not yet evolved types) out of those kinds of places, but you can't always take it out of them . . .

I can hear the Saturday Night Live jokes already. Entertainment knows no bounds. Keep smiling! Happy Friday!!!

This is so sad that they le... (Below threshold)
Barry Wassinger:

This is so sad that they let a "woman" into the press area that has no right to be in the public. She should be in a rubber room. She is not only anti-Semitic, but she is a menace to society........

Otherwise the wing... (Below threshold)
Otherwise the wingnut right would hang Jews out to dry as quick as you can say "You're my friend only when it serves my needs"...

I would call Obama a lot of things, Lee, but "wingut right" isn't one of them.

Oh, that's not what you meant? But oddly, it fits the bill.


"Otherwise the wingnut righ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Otherwise the wingnut right would hang Jews out to dry as quick as you can say "You're my friend only when it serves my needs"..."

Gee Lee

Rev Wright comes to mind.
A host of others as well that have gone under the bus.

Wont you please join them

I am an expert on the Misso... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

I am an expert on the Missouri mud-dwelling catfish.

But I always burn my spiral hams.


Lee Ward,Hey - racis... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Lee Ward,
Hey - racist bastard! Man up!
"So were you a liar in 2008 when you called Obama a pathological liar, or are you a liar in 2010 when you flak for him?"

Or do we need to change your title to "racist wuss"?

Witch-proving once agin ant... (Below threshold)
I Hate Ellen the Anti-Semite:

Witch-proving once agin anti semitism is alive and well even when the body is not!

"So nice to have a stalker.... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

"So nice to have a stalker. And a stupid one at that.", says Lee "Racist Wuss" Ward.
I just would like you to respond to the question. But you would 'cause you're not a real man.

And since the personal attacks started - "Racist Wuss" believes he just lost the argument.

As for the rest of your post, that is an incredibly anti-Semitic and racist bit of drivel. Or, par for the course for the "Racist Wuss".
Happen to have any actual proof - like a website link?

Author's note:In c... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

Author's note:

In case you are wondering about some of the awkward sounding replies to Lee Ward's posts, sometimes a comment of his slips through. He is not welcome to comment on my articles due to an abrasive and pugnacious way of interacting with others, turning the debate into an argument about him, and not the subject at hand.

He has a long and annoying history of doing this.

Therefore, he is banned at my discretion.

Feel free to make fun of him.


Lee you're slipping. No ra... (Below threshold)

Lee you're slipping. No race card in that last comment.

And Lee still cannot accoun... (Below threshold)

And Lee still cannot account for his racism back in 2008.
Is he a racist or a liar?

I vote for both...

No, Lee "Racist Wuss" Ward.... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

No, Lee "Racist Wuss" Ward.
I am quite a bit older than your IQ (i. e., 12).

I'm just tired of seeing your racist drivel on Wizbang, that's all.
You see, I look at what people actually post, not their screen name. It is in the manner of Martin Luther King Jr's dream - Lee Ward judges people by the color of their skin ( their screen name), and I judge them by their character (what they post).

And anyone who spouts the anti-Semitic, racist turds that you do can't be taken seriously - and their mommy should take away their keyboard.

Garandfan (#28),
Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed I didn't get a raaaaacist shot from the "Racist Wuss", myself. Must be past his nap time.

That bitch needs a burning ... (Below threshold)

That bitch needs a burning tire thrown around her neck.

Helen Thomas issued the fol... (Below threshold)

Helen Thomas issued the following statement today: "I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians. They do not reflect my heart-felt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon."

Looks like Helen had a Reverend Wright moment and the chickens came home to roost. That's what happens when you accidentally drop the mask and people see you for what you really are.

Lee WardRead what ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Lee Ward

Read what Helen said. That is real reacism.

Looks like Hele... (Below threshold)
Looks like Helen had a Reverend Wright moment and the chickens came home to roost.
...whereupon she immediately bit their heads off.
Read on another blog that t... (Below threshold)

Read on another blog that there's porn floating around with her, Robert Reich, and a banana split.....

"Read on another blog that ... (Below threshold)

"Read on another blog that there's porn floating around with her, Robert Reich, and a banana split....."

AAAGH! An image I didn't need! Now I need some of that special mind-eraser juice. You know, the kind that is sold by fifths. Because short-term memory loss is looking pretty good about now...

Shawn ~ Seriously: Lee has... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Shawn ~ Seriously: Lee has "...an abrasive and pugnacious way of interacting with others..."?

You have a remarkable gift of understatement - but of course Lee does have that way, as did his hero, "Uncle Joe," whose memory he honored with his administration of the late lamented Wizbang Blue page.

But his habit of always changing the subject away from the topic when the news reflects poorly on the Left is classic troll behavior. Since Jay insists on keeping him around as sort of a court fool, I like your tact of replacing his off-topic pejoratives with humorous mocking substitutes.

In regards to the first pos... (Below threshold)
capt spectre:

In regards to the first posting. why do the jews vote democratic? roosevelt tried to hide what was happening in germany,his cabinet was anti jewish, truman wasn't exactly pro Jewish. and so on. I really would like to know in a civil manner.

Helen Thomas must be immedi... (Below threshold)

Helen Thomas must be immediately suspended and terminated for her inaccurate, inflammatory, and hateful speech directed at Jews/Israelis. Forget about her motive, she simply does not know the facts and has disgraced herself, her career, and, the Hearst organization!

Imagine if this was another ethnic group... Sharpton, Jackson would be holding vigils until she was fired and disgraced. Heck, they drove Imus off the air for an insensitive stupid joke... this video is an insight into Helen Thomas ignorant (rotted?) mind and blatant anti-semitism wanted to ethnically cleanse.

Does she realize that Israel gives 5 tons of relief a day to Gaza, does she realize that the flotilla was not about humanitarian aid but to break the blockage that Egypt and Israel have had to resort to? Does she realize that Hamas sells the humaniatrian aid and does not distribute to the people? Does she know history at all about the region?


Good Lord. Good thing I was... (Below threshold)

Good Lord. Good thing I was not taking a sip of coffee when I saw that pic. Spew.

See how used Lee Ward is to... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

See how used Lee Ward is to having other people do for him? Is there nothing that a Democrat can conceive of compelling others to provide?

With ANY luck this will spe... (Below threshold)

With ANY luck this will spell the end of her career.

What a vile, vicious, illiterate, uninfomed bitch.

Capt. I agree with you, and... (Below threshold)
Stevie the K:

Capt. I agree with you, and I am Jewish.

"With ANY luck this will sp... (Below threshold)

"With ANY luck this will spell the end of her career."

Nope. She's 'the queen of the press corps'. The 'crazy old aunt'. She says exactly what they think - but are smart enough to keep their mouths shut when 'in mixed company'.

I guess she is Helen Keller... (Below threshold)

I guess she is Helen Keller. What about the innocent children and women sho were killed by suicide bombers. WITCH. Get out of the white house . Lounatic old lady!!!!!

Jews used to vote liberal b... (Below threshold)

Jews used to vote liberal because over 9000 years ago the socialists emancipated them from the feudal tyrants. It was an improvement... of sorts...

Time for 21rst century Jewish politics!

Read about the Immigration ... (Below threshold)
Ivan Chernyakhovsky:

Read about the Immigration Act of 1924 that was mainly against the Jewish emigration from East Europe to USA (and also about the Britain and the Jews that want to reach to the area of the British mandate in the Levant).How many Jews could be saved from the Holocaust? MILLIONS!!! One Jewish leader at that time said; for the Jews the world divide into two parts, one part want to murder them the other part don't want to enable them enter to their countries to save them.

"She should lose her job ov... (Below threshold)

"She should lose her job over this," Ari Fleischer said in an email. "As someone who is Jewish, and as someone who worked with her and used to like her, I find this appalling."

Wow! A liberal Jew screaming for Helen's head. Wonder how he'll feel when his screams are met with SILENCE from the Press Corps?

This photo is very flatter... (Below threshold)
Heinz 57 State Sauce:

This photo is very flattering to Helen.

Who the hell is that disgusting Troll on the left?

She says exactly what t... (Below threshold)

She says exactly what they think - but are smart enough to keep their mouths shut when 'in mixed company'.

Precisely. Scratch most current US liberals, and you will find reflexive racism and anti-semitism. Some of the resident trolls have thoughtfully provided numerous examples in this very thread.

If she got any prettier i'd... (Below threshold)
Heinz 57 State Sauce:

If she got any prettier i'd kiss he ass!!!


At least Keith Richard's ex... (Below threshold)

At least Keith Richard's excuse is sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. Thanks for reminding me to apply an extra coat of sunblock!! BTW, that is hilarious. LMAO!!

And ya know what? Most Amer... (Below threshold)

And ya know what? Most American "Jews" feel just about the same way SHE does!!! Like Thomas, they are leftists FIRST!!

Bury that lady before she s... (Below threshold)

Bury that lady before she starts wwIII.

I too have the advantage of... (Below threshold)
Giaus Piconius:

I too have the advantage of being an old man and having lived in eventful years. Where this
creature developed such dismissive attitudes regarding Jews I have no idea. I am a nominal Christian, a former infantry officer, (Canada),
have served in Palestine and am so very mindful
that the origins of Israel in the modern world
cannot be summerized in her ridiculous way. How
she has come to embrace such disrespectful thoughts are troublesome to me since it seems to reflect, more, rather than less a mind set that has broadened itself really and shockingly widely. The only real difference is that the dowager, now in her dotage,
is no longer capable of concealing liberal hatred.....and racism.....the same racism that progressives use to tar and feather the TEA
BAGGERS. We can,never-the-less,thank the crone for shining a truly bright light on
the perfidiousness that defines today's American left. A stupid woman who really should,(should),
be encouraged to speak in the White House press corps. Wouldn't this clarify things had it been delivered in that setting.

"Wouldn't this clarify thin... (Below threshold)

"Wouldn't this clarify things had it been delivered in that setting."

Yes. But it's not the message the 'elite media' want the general public to hear. It's only meant for 'internal consumption'. Helen just had a senior moment and forgot where she was. Like last week when another of 'the elite east coast liberal intelligentsia' said something to the affect "oh wouldn't it be wonderful if we could be like China for a day, the things we could accomplish!'.

Wonder how many DEAD that would entail?

After your comment regardin... (Below threshold)
Benoit Mordecai:

After your comment regarding the Jews, I will not stoop to your level of Ignorance and stupidity.
For one you were in a Jewish entourage and for second if you go back to history and fact, Palestine does not exist and for the Jews to go back to Germany and Poland , well these countries are not theirs.
Israel is the only Jewish state and they belong there before any other state in the world.

Benoit, this isn't Helen Th... (Below threshold)

Benoit, this isn't Helen Thomas' blog. She probably doesn't even read it, assuming she can read.

"I (feel) it safe to say He... (Below threshold)

"I (feel) it safe to say Helen has officially passed the stage in a liberal's life called bat-shit crazy."

Fair go.

The (il)liberal/fascissocialist's metamorphosis into definitive Bat-shit Crazy happens at the end of infancy. By that age every intelligent, sane man -- and also the occasional girl and woman, is already either conservative -- or is at the very least a not-yet-hopelessly-libertine libertarian.

Helen apologized and regret... (Below threshold)
rosey petals:

Helen apologized and regrets her reckless remarks not like the racist bigots at Fox, Rush who is the most divisive hatemonger in America, and tea party members that marched and mock the president carrying evil hitler signs, no apologies, how embarassing. The president remains strong through racist threats even from mccain and palin rallies to elected officials in congress. Helen should seek forgiveness and a second chance.

YEAH Tell me again w... (Below threshold)

Tell me again why Jewish Americans vote Democratic?

what does Rahm Emmanuel have to say about this, is he squirming??

A better idea for Helen Tho... (Below threshold)
Ken Rauch:

A better idea for Helen Thomas to state, how about all Jews now in America going to Israel and discovering how it is to work for a living and at the same time protect the Jewish State. Most American Jews "Suck", complain all the time and try to control America but Israels Jews are the "best!" As far as Jews returning to Europe,
I think Europe demonstrated it welcome with a party called the "Holocaust"

ugly old fart with nothing ... (Below threshold)

ugly old fart with nothing to offer.........let me guess, if she had a hubby, he kicked the bucket long ago. thought wisdom came with age.....well, she sure knows how to prove that theory wrong. next thing you know her publicists will cry dementia to beg public understanding... rarely would i be so harsh on someeone this age...usually i feel age alone demands a level of respect, but not with this one. she needs to get digging

Hooray for Helen Thomas! Sh... (Below threshold)
James E. McKinney:

Hooray for Helen Thomas! She has the courage to say as it is. Israel breaks international law, occupies land that is not its own, has run concentration camps. It is a rogue state like North Korea.

Justrand says the ugliness ... (Below threshold)

Justrand says the ugliness that is Helen Thomas is the face of modern "journalism."

And never was a simple Truth more efficaciously nor more eloquently stated.

Hear! bloody Hear!

Well said, Sir!

@Benoit Mordecaini... (Below threshold)

@Benoit Mordecai

nice circular logic. maybe that's why people like you hate democracy and the UN, which is why israel violates every international law known. a jewish state is just as stupid as an islamic state. eventually they'll all crumble from their stupidity.

"Read about the Immigration... (Below threshold)

"Read about the Immigration Act of 1924 that was mainly against the Jewish emigration from East Europe to USA"

Nice selective memory. You forget the zionists didn't want them to come here. they lobbied congress before and after WWII to prevent european jews from immigrating here, whereby giving them the only option of settling in palestine.

at least one in the hell ho... (Below threshold)

at least one in the hell house said the truth, there is a big differens between stealing a land and killing it ppl and moving to a land to live in peace with the real owner. another fact that helen didn't notice is how the zionist control america and use it for israel since long ago and how they did 9 11. all love and respect for helen thomas and for kenndy who paid his life fighting those evils. why should palestinians pay for what EU did for jewish?!!! or for what the zionist did for jewish!!

What a piece of Garbage SHE... (Below threshold)

What a piece of Garbage SHE Is!How Effin Dare U?I am NOT Jewish,but I'm so disgusted w/ this total Anti-Semite Crap that is ALLOWED 2 Go On Day after Day in Liberal Land,Just As long as UR a Scum Bag LIBERAL!What If this Pile of Garbage said "Go Home Illegal MEXICANS,"What if she said,"GO Back to Africa,Black People" Oh Then it would have been OFFENSIVE,but as long as it's the JEWS it's OK w/ Libs,I Support & ENCOURAGE & PRAISE Israel 2 Do Whatever the Hell U Need 2 Do 2 Keep those Vile,Disgusting,ISLAMIC TERRORIST Scum Bags out of Israel & 2 STOP All of Them from carrying out their Terrorist Actions against Israel.How Dare LIBS Defend this Ugly,Vomitous,Woman(and REALLY I use that term Loosely)? U Libs have been shown 4 the "Extreme Anti-Semites" that U Really R!I am So Extremely Grateful that this Garbage Witch Spoke What "IS IN HER HEART!"It speaks Volumes about All Liberals.They Will Boycott Arizona over Illegal Immigration Enforcement,but don't worry If U Hate the Jews it's OK w/ The Libs,don't say anything about Blacks,But Jews-Doesn't everyone hate them like the Libs DO? U have All been exposed 2 the light of Day..LOL Go "Back To Hell" All Liberals & Burn like the Innocent Jews Did during Nazi Germany,At Least U Deserve 2 BURN!

People occupied a land and ... (Below threshold)

People occupied a land and pracised terror - still- every time. Israel should be punished not Iran!






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