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"We have sowed and now we shall reap"

Victor Davis Hanson paints a grim picture:

So 1979 followed two years of Carteresque utopian proclamations. Do we remember them all still? There was Cy Vance, in perfect aristocratic style, and in perpetual atonement for his earlier support of the Vietnam War, with his creased brow and sermonizing tone, bringing in the kinder, gentler order. He resigned over the failed hostage rescue, replaced by a stoic Ed Muskie. And there was Andrew Young at the UN trying to be a sort of proto-Barack Obama, reaching out to the radical Palestinians, and so on.

Remember the commandments? No more inordinate fear of communism; human rights governing U.S. foreign policy; no more nuclear weapons housed in South Korea which was to be free of U.S. troops; outreach to the terrorist/rebel/reformer Mugabe, and so on.

In other words, it took a flawed world about 24 months to size up the new idealistic administration, and to determine that it either could not or would not continue U.S. foreign policy of the previous three decades. Soon the more daring then decided to make "regional adjustments." Finally a panicked Carter was attempting everything from boycotting the Olympics and arming Islamists in Afghanistan to threatening to use nuclear weapons in the Middle East and restoring draft registration to reclaim lost U.S. deterrence.

Here we go again...

Obama started out in similar fashion with his first al-Arabiya interview. Then followed the apology tour, the bowing, the Cairo myth-making speech, the reach out to Ahmadinejad, Assad, Castro, Chavez, and Putin, the estrangement with Israel, the neglect of the brave Iranian dissidents, the phony deadlines over Iranian proliferation, the missile defense walk-back from the Poles and Czechs, the constant Bush-bashing reset-button diplomacy rhetoric, the serial humiliation of things British, the failed deal to appease Putin in hopes of Russian help in stopping Iran from going nuclear, the new loud commitment to the UN, the promises to end all nuclear weapons, the nuke deal with Russia that saw us give up sophisticated weapons to match dismantling of poorer Russian models--all amid a backdrop of massive U.S. spending and the highest two budget deficits in American financial history.

We have sowed and now we shall reap, and so soon we shall endure our first post-national, post-racial, Nobel Laureate president treated quite shabbily by those whom he was supposed to mesmerize. In places like Teheran or Damascus, Obama's racial heritage, his Harvard Law Review billet, his membership in the Trinity Church, his brotherhood with Wright and Ayers, all that and more mean less than zero. To such thugs, Obama is the face of America, and he is to be tested rather than worshipped. Hugo Chavez is not a Harvard dean;  Putin is not a senior Newsweek editor. Their legs do not tingle when they hear the president, except perhaps in giddy anticipation of what they might wrestle from him. They are not impressed with identity politics; they care little for degrees or titles; they have no elite white guilt. Again, Obama is just an American president who must be analyzed, tested, and if need be dared and humiliated.

You should read the whole thing.

And if you voted for Obama, and especially if you continue to support him, you should understand fully the lessons of history and the blame you now shoulder.

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RE: "And if you voted for O... (Below threshold)

RE: "And if you voted for Obama, and especially if you continue to support him, you should understand fully the lessons of history and the blame you now shoulder."

Not likely. One of the reasons why I don't trust liberals to run things is that they don't take responsibility for the damage that they do. As a libertarian, I'm also critical of conservatives, but I have found that when conservatives do the wrong thing, they frequently admit it. Liberals almost always don't. Someone else is responsible. Conditions changed unexpectedly. No one could have foreseen that happening.

There's always an excuse.

Intelligent people learn from their mistakes.
Really intelligent people learn from other people's mistakes.
Stupid people make the same mistakes over and over again.

kevino- I agree with your a... (Below threshold)

kevino- I agree with your assessment but I would add Liberals hide behind their "good intentions" even as those intentions make conditions worse.

Yes, if you voted for Obama... (Below threshold)

Yes, if you voted for Obama, look in the mirror for someone to blame. We told you what he would do, you thought he was The One. But we are not gloating, we are all suffering because you were willing to be his victim. So admit the horrible mistake he has been and join us in stopping his agenda. Help save America and help repair the damage.

I dont know about all this,... (Below threshold)

I dont know about all this, I haven't sowed since 7th grade home ec class in 1976. That said, The big O SUCKS!!

"...the highest two budg... (Below threshold)
John S:

"...the highest two budget deficits in American financial history..."

Make that the highest two budget deficits since the Earth cooled. Remember when conservative Republicans were furious with Lyndon Baines Bush's deficit of $250 billion a YEAR? The federal government now is printing up to 30 billion a DAY.

"Bush's deficit of $250 ... (Below threshold)

"Bush's deficit of $250 billion a YEAR? The federal government now is printing up to 30 billion a Day"

To be used in your service Lord Ramses Obama.

So what... He aint expecting us to pay it forward.

When you put an 'intellectu... (Below threshold)

When you put an 'intellectual' up against street thugs (Putin, Chavez, Dinnejacket, Kim), the outcome is preordained. Barry thinks he's "tough" because he came from Chicago politics. Barry doesn't know the meaning of the word. And won't have a clue when they hand him his head.

"Barry thinks he's "toug... (Below threshold)

"Barry thinks he's "tough" because he came from Chicago politics"

Barry thinks he's "tough" cause of Chicago politics

Ha hahaahahahaha

VDH does a great job, as us... (Below threshold)

VDH does a great job, as usual.

The sobering part is where he lists all the things Obama has screwed up. It's an almost impressive list and sure to depress anyone who cares about the USA.

What's most disturbing is that many Obama supporters will consider what Obama has done as exactly what they had hoped for. The USA did need to be taken down a notch. We're not exceptional. We cause most problems in the world. And most of us are to damn stupid to know that, in their opinion.

The irony is that when it hits the fan and they finally find their world collapsing, they'll wonder what happened. Why hasn't their appeasment worked? Where are our allies? Where is our defense? Why are we broke?

And as usual with liberals, there'll be the last question, who else can I blame?

VDH's article is spot on.</... (Below threshold)

VDH's article is spot on.

I went through the Carter years, this time it's going to end badly and compared to the Carter debacles this time many more will suffer because of the inadequacies of our current leadership.

Go long on canned goods, dry goods and brass because the lean years are coming on hard.






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