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God, I love this man

Trust me, watching this video is four minutes of your life well-spent:

No, no, it's okay. You can thank me later.

"The teacher's union is about the accumulation and exercise of raw power ... When they say it's 'for the kids' -- 4% to 5% increases, free health insurance for life ain't about the kids."

All I can say is, it's about damn time. In days past they called this kind of honesty "speaking truth to power."

Someone ought to ask the New Jersey teacher's union representatives how many textbooks, computers, musical instruments, or school buses could have been bought with the $6 million that they spent in the last three months to produce and air TV and radio ads attacking Gov. Christie.

You'll also note the absence of Telepromters as Gov. Christie makes this extraordinary little speech.

I have a feeling that most Americans who have spent their adult years working within the system, trying to utilize the often feeble economic and political power that it accords individuals, trying to make the best of their lives and the world around them; those Americans would deeply understand the fight that Gov. Christie has chosen to undertake against Big Government and Big Labor -- two truly huge obstacles in Middle America's pursuit of liberty and happiness.

And after another two years of listening to our arrogant yet terribly weak, finger-pointing yet prickly and thin-skinned College-Professor-In-Chief who continually confers with one coterie of experts after another, yet regularly shies away from real decision making, a lot more Americans may begin to identify with Gov. Christie too.

And it will be about damn time.

h/t The Anchoress, Allahpundit


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Back in the day Unions were... (Below threshold)

Back in the day Unions were started to protect the little guy - now it almost seems like we need to protect the little guy from the unions

Almost?... (Below threshold)


Ive always said the LAST pl... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Ive always said the LAST place a union should be is in public education in the United States. Think about it.

I love this guy.

He is a breath of fresh air... (Below threshold)

He is a breath of fresh air!! Just what Jersey needs! I work for the school system and last week we had a meeting with the superintendent and all they did was bash him. They use him to get their agenda pushed through with the public. Next years grand plan was laid out to us and all they did was reassign positions to make it look like cut backs. How does that save money? The public needs to recognize all they are doing is rearranging the deck furniture. He is the school's boogey man. They closed the meeting with a dig saying, "we'll have to see what next years budget brings and how much more that bad, bad man will take away from us." I have a solution stop wasting our tax dollars and boo hoo hoo I have to pay a percentage of my healthcare.

Christie your doing a hell of a job! Please run in 2012!!!

Perhaps we have arrived at ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps we have arrived at that moment where the essence of the argument against big government has started to shift in a slightly different direction. Shouldn't the argument be focused - not on "big government" - but rather on "good government"? Efficiency versus incompetence? We are now a nation of over three-hundred million people. The very idea that the government should be made smaller - or done away with entirely - is beyond idiotic. Rather than wasting our precious time trying to come up with ways of shrinking it, we should all be working overtime trying to improve it.

"Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem."

-Ronald Reagan's first Inaugural Address
January 20, 1981

As the decades ebb away and the judgment of history becomes more dispassionate, this truism will become increasingly apparent:

Ronald Reagan was a fool.

Once upon a time he was a liberal Democrat. As an actor in Hollywood in the thirties, forties and fifties he became fabulously wealthy by starring in a string of perfectly awful films. Back then, the rich were taxed more liberally than they are today. Reagan took a second look at his new fortune and decided he wasn't that much of a Lefty after all. For the rest of his life he dedicated all of his energy toward destroying the foundation of a new deal for the American people that Franklin Roosevelt put into place in the thirties - a new deal that had made a thriving and healthy middle class possible. Reagan was fairly successful in that destruction.

He also succeeded in deregulating industry and the financial marketplace. That deregulation was put into overdrive by his Republican and Democratic successors. What is now happening in the Gulf of Mexico - which could ultimately threaten the lives of every living creature on this planet - is their legacy. It is their gift to posterity. They can have it back.


Tom Degan

As a very conservative, Chr... (Below threshold)
Don L:

As a very conservative, Christian,gun-toting Korean vet, market-oriented, ex-stock broker, parent, teacher and ex-local teacher's union president, I again caution blanket attacks upon teachers. When they were receiving less pay than a store clerk, and had no power, no one cared a hoot about them, and so we paid them with benefits in lieu of money. Now that that decision by society has backfired (those expensive pensions) they are scapegoated by far too many who ought to realize that there are many conservatives in their ranks who (like myself) loathe and wont join the national leftist unions and vote - gasp -GOP.

The power their unions now have is because of previous societal neglect - otherwise few would have ever joined such organization.

As Pogo says....

By the way: Christie for president!

As the decades ebb away and... (Below threshold)

As the decades ebb away and the judgment of history becomes more dispassionate, this truism will become increasingly apparent:

Tom Degan is a pissant fool.

As evidenced in the death of the Soviet Union and Communism, and the slow (and rapidly accelerating) death spiral of European Socialism.

Tom - I presume that you fe... (Below threshold)

Tom - I presume that you feel that FDR's policies, even those ruled unconstitutional, helped save us from the Great Depression? Even though his policies actually extended it by 5-7 years? It was only WWII that pulled us out - war is always good for the economy. C'mon, man! This is basic stuff!

Tom Degan you had better bu... (Below threshold)

Tom Degan you had better buy a clue. Ideologically motivated government mandates and regulations are the reasons behind the financial collapse and the oil disaster, not Reagan. Our federal government has a perfect track record of screwing up or destroying or bankrupting everything it touches.

Oh and by the way. CHRISTIE... (Below threshold)

Oh and by the way. CHRISTIE ROCKS!!

Christie DOES rock...and he... (Below threshold)

Christie DOES rock...and he scares the crap out of the Unions. Pray for the man, 'cause they play by different rules in New Jersey.

here let me save Lee Ward t... (Below threshold)
retired military:

here let me save Lee Ward the trouble.

You were for speaking with teleprompters and spending money on tv and radio ads before a black man became president.

Tom Degan another lib going... (Below threshold)

Tom Degan another lib going through life with his head up his ass...nice view you there Tom.

Tom Degan,"Good go... (Below threshold)

Tom Degan,

"Good government" is impossible. Here's why:


Two words: escalating complexity.

Nice thing about Christie i... (Below threshold)

Nice thing about Christie is that he's NOT running for re-election. He's concentrating on the problems in his state.

Maybe Obama would like to buy a clue. The guy has been in campaign mode since Inauguration Day, or as he views it, Coronation Day.

I ventured to Degan's site ... (Below threshold)

I ventured to Degan's site to save you all the trouble; just another prose-based leftard lacking critical thought.

"What is now happening in the Gulf of Mexico - which could ultimately threaten the lives of every living creature on this planet - is their legacy." I do declare, poor little douchebag tommy has a case of the vapors!

Can We throw the current ja... (Below threshold)
Heinz 57 State Sauce:

Can We throw the current jac asses out of office and insert an intelligent person once in awhile??? This money corruption problem has gone on way too long. God bless You and protect You Governor. I got your back!

Well at least Tommy has a n... (Below threshold)

Well at least Tommy has a new villain. Instead of Bush, it's Reagan.

Nothing about the current administration that signed off on LESS stringent environmental requirements ALREADY ON THE BOOKS.

To quote someone Tommy adores, the above is "An Inconvenient Truth".

Back on topic, Christie con... (Below threshold)

Back on topic, Christie continues to smack 'em out of the park. Here in my home state of Obamastan, the simple-minded school boards acquiesce to union demands as well.

Here's a for-instance: by contract, teachers announce their intent to retire 4 years before the date so they can accept raises of 20%, 20%, 20%, and 6% in those final years.

Pension is based on 75% of the average of the last 4 years pay, don'tcha know. Last K-3 teacher retired at the ripe old age of 54 at $119K; starting pension is 75% of that average.

Somebody help me decide wha... (Below threshold)

Somebody help me decide what the better ticket id for 2012: Christie/Brewer or Brewer/Christie.

[For a light hearted take on our present peril]

Christie is so darn effecti... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Christie is so darn effective even Glenn Beck will be able finally to grasp that there's a real difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Christie smacks em' outta t... (Below threshold)
Heinz 57 State Sauce:

Christie smacks em' outta the park!! Obama cant pay em' enough to polish his prompter!!

#20 Liberty:I can'... (Below threshold)

#20 Liberty:

I can't decide who has bigger balls? An interesting combo. Hmmm...

I wish people (I will say "... (Below threshold)

I wish people (I will say "folks" as that is an obama-ism) would stop referring to this man as a professor. He never was more than a lecturer, he did not have the qualifications or the academic strength to be a "professor".
He even failed at academia. There is no illustrious bibliography to earn him that title. And while many may scorn academia, the have standards that Obama just couldn't hack.

I wish people (I will sa... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

I wish people (I will say "folks" as that is an obama-ism) would stop referring to this man as a professor. He never was more than a lecturer, he did not have the qualifications or the academic strength to be a "professor".

Absolutely right. As someone who earned tenure as a professor, it pisses me off to have some skidmark who gave the odd lecture or two as an adjunct professor called a "professor." He's no more a professor than a Kentucky colonel is a colonel, or the grand marshal of a parade is a grand marshal. It's an honorific, nothing more.






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