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Highly Encouraging Results Seen From Initial Testing on Cancer Drug, Vaccine

Researchers from Pfizer revealed extraordinary results from preliminary testing of the experimental drug Crizotinib for patients with advanced cases of a specific form of lung cancer. The drug works by targeting the genetic defects in cancer cells (a particular misalignment of the ALK gene). A stunning 90 percent of patients in a clinical study evidenced shrinkage in lung tumors within two months. While only 1 in 20 lung cancer patients have this particular gene, the fact that such dramatic results are being achieved by targeting specific genes is extremely encouraging. "We're chipping away at large numbers of patients," and future gene discoveries should add to the number helped." Said Dr. Roy Herbst, lung cancer chief at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. "Once we understand a cancer cell, we can come up with a treatment very quickly." Crizotinib has been fast-tracked into late-stage testing.

Meanwhile, a highly effective vaccine against breast cancer is showing tremendous results as it stimulates the immune system to destroy alpha-lactalbumin proteins that exist in over 70 percent of all breast tumors. In tests on rats, the vaccine was so successful in shrinking tumors that testing on women could begin as soon as next year. Researchers aspire to target other types of cancer by "teaching" immune systems to "recognize" and target specific proteins. Dr. Vincent Tuohy, an immune system expert at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, said the effects could be "monumental".

It should be noted that virtually all these tremendous medical advances are occurring in private-sector pharmaceutical companies across the world, not by government agencies.


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"It should be noted that vi... (Below threshold)

"It should be noted that virtually all these tremendous medical advances are occurring in private-sector pharmaceutical companies across the world, not by government agencies."


And it would make sense if private companies made advances - up until a year ago, federal research was banned.

Clean up aisle 1, last two ... (Below threshold)

Clean up aisle 1, last two lines err, distortions, err untruths, I mean lies.

Re such medications. This is not the first, but it demonstrates the concept of designing drugs to address genetic mutations found in cancer cells. A similar medicine was developed for chronic myelogenous leukemia, found to be useful in rare forms of intestinal/stomach tumors. Not to worry, though, I'm sure it will ultimately meet the fate of DDT and Alar.

"I'm sure it will ultimatel... (Below threshold)

"I'm sure it will ultimately meet the fate of DDT and Alar."

Probably. The current 'green mantra' appears centered around 'population reduction'. Oh that those so inclined would volunteer to go first.

Just to be clear: Virtuall... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Just to be clear: Virtually all significant drug therapies and other treatment technologies have been developed by private research. Government funding has done little to nothing. Name the drugs developed in socialized medicine systems that are curing cancer or heart disease? There simply aren't any outside our market based system, which rewards research and development. Socialized medicine starves research by burdening the system with funding caps and price controls that make both funding initial research and subsequently making a return on your investment impossible.

Obamacare will mark the end of medical research. It simply will cease to happen.

As to the ridiculous notion that government funded research was illegal, I suppose our friends on the left have never heard of the NIH. Morons.

The NIH has had many successes in research, but they are all the result f public-private partnerships. Now that Obamacare will eliminate the private sector from making a return on investment due to the promised price controls these public-private partnerships will be a thing of the past. There just wont be any private money to be invested anymore.






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