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Florida Senatorial Election Beginning to Turn

Florida Governor and Senatorial candidate Charlie Crist (I) enjoyed a brief lead atop the polls after his abandonment of the Republican Party last month when it became evident he was going to suffer a resounding primary defeat to conservative Marco Rubio. Crist immediately began to elbow Democrat candidate Kendrick Meek for votes on the left as many conservative and moderate voters were shocked to see Crist blatantly break his promise not to run as an independent:

Crist's brief lead atop to polls in the 3-way race was spurred by support from top Democrat strategists who immediately bolted from Meek. SKDKnickerbocker, a leading Democrat political strategy and communications firm agreed to work for Crist immediately following his turn to the left. Interestingly, SKDKnickerbocker is led by former White House Communicatiions Director Anita Dunn, who resigned after being mercilessly Becked over her praise for Chairman Mao. This development likely signals the end for Meek as an avalanche of Democrat leaders have publicly declared their support for Crist.

Despite the Democrat efforts to rally around Crist, he began to sink in the polls, falling behind Rubio by 8 points in the last Rasmussen poll released May 17th. Last Wednesday, former GOP chairman and longtime political ally Jim Greer was arrested on six felony charges connected to a money-laundering scheme. Greer's attorney, Damon Chase, complicated matters on Saturday, contending Crist knew about the crimes and personally signed off on the confidential fundraising role. ``You guys work hard. You deserve it,'' Chase said Greer was told by the governor as they played pool in February 2009 at a Palm Beach golf tournament. Crist denies these accounts.

To his credit, Rubio has focused primarily on economic issues throughout his campaign, attacking Crist relentlessly on spending issues, particularly for his support for Obama's $787 billion stimulus package last year. He was forced to defend himself against allegations regarding personal use of a GOP credit card, but this matter pales in comparison to the mess Crist now faces.

Even without the scandals plaguing the Crist campaign, Rubio's principled conservatism would likely carry him to victory in a state suffering from 12.2 percent unemployment and populated with an inordinate number of senior citizens terrified of ObamaCare. The looming corruption issues along with Crist's broken promise about not running as an independent portend that Marco Rubio may end up winning this election rather easily.


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12.2% unemployment? Super!!... (Below threshold)

12.2% unemployment? Super!! Barrys gotta make a trip down there and take credit. For the mess in the gulf!

Greers lawyer says, "We'll ... (Below threshold)

Greers lawyer says, "We'll beat the charges" slick lawyer talk. So now republicans have Thrasher, twice convicted of ethics violations in charge. Supporting Rubio, under federal investigation. Please donate to the new ethically challenged Florida republican party! Rubio Greers lawyer says, "We'll beat the charges" slick lawyer talk. So now republicans have Thrasher, twice convicted of ethics violations in charge. Supporting Rubio, under federal investigation. Please donate to the new ethically challenged Florida republican party! Rubio needs a back rub!

Rubio's "drill,baby,drill" ... (Below threshold)
tom 7001:

Rubio's "drill,baby,drill" attitude, bought by oil companies campaign cotributions, Rubio got the most money! And wanting to raise social security age to 70, and cut benefits, might make him a little less palatable to Florida voters. Of course he's still under federal ivestigation!!

With unemployment going thr... (Below threshold)

With unemployment going through the roof, the market swinging 200+ points every day, an national deficit that is resembling that of Greece and Spain, why should we let the tax-and-spenders run Congress for another 2 year? I live in New York where Carolyn Maloney is lock-step with the Democrats in sinking our economy. We need to replace her with a real fiscal conservative. I recommend you check out Ryan Brumberg in the 14th district at www.brumberg2010.com

In this post-Clinton era, i... (Below threshold)

In this post-Clinton era, it's easy to parse a sentence to make it mean something else - but Chris Wallace pinned down Mr. Crist about as clearly as anyone could possibly do. If Charlie's statements that he'll run as a Republican, not as an independent, isn't a lie, then the word "lie" no longer has any meaning whatever.

The questions are...is the ... (Below threshold)

The questions are...is the RNCC still sponsoring christ? Is steele still on a book tour or praising christ too0?

serfer6 - no and no.... (Below threshold)

serfer6 - no and no.

Maybe Charlie will get an o... (Below threshold)

Maybe Charlie will get an orange jump suit to match his tan...especially seeing as he approved the theft.

"Of course he's still under federal ivestigation!!" 3. Posted by tom 7001

Umm, no he's not.

You've mistaken the candidates although judging by your DNC talking points memo repeated verbatim I'd have to say you're as clueless as the rest of the trolls here.

I didn't vote for Crist. I... (Below threshold)

I didn't vote for Crist. I saw through him right from the get-go. He's in deep trouble in North Florida. I'm just worried about the brain-dead wandering around in Central and South Florida. Those people sure know how to eff up an election and then complain bitterly about their lot in life. It has plenty to do with the fact that all the transplants from the liberal NE of the country move down south in the state.

Well, I suppose if Jeb Bush... (Below threshold)

Well, I suppose if Jeb Bush can lose a few hundred million dollars of Florida taxpayer and teachers retirement money, investing in Enron and Leyman bros., then receiving consulting fees. nothing is said. Rubio's credit card, F.I.U.,Jackson hosp. will be forgiven. Its the Florida republica way!






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