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If you're a DirecTV customer you might want to turn on your DVR

Apparently there's about a 100% chace that your DVR is frozen right now...

DirecTV software update locks up HD DVRs nationwide -- reset twice to fix - [Engadget HD]

It does appear that DirecTV has issued a "remote reboot" to try and fix the problem. On one of my two DVR's that was in progress when I went to turn it on. If your receivers were off all day then there's at least a small chance that things will be working when you get home.

If you're planning on taping something - like say the debut of the most hyped pitching prospect ever - you may want to check things out in advance. The first reboot of one of my receivers appeared to work, but the unit wouldn't respond to the remote. Another reboot fixed it.


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Bummer I might not get to w... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Bummer I might not get to watch Glenn Beck until tomorrow. My reciever is off right now so maybe it'll still record, but if it doesn't I'll have to record the 2 a.m. replay and watch it tomorrow. Not that my world revolves around that show or anything, but he is entertaining in a scary sort of way.

Programmable hardware makes... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Programmable hardware makes a lot of economic sense but also has an inherent risk. I see those OnStar commercials and wonder how long it will be before hackers break-in and start fooling with the "Stolen Vehicle Slowdown" feature.

Maybe you've seen the commercials for rebuilding the power grid using "smart" technology to save energy. Sounds like a great idea until you realize that state sponsored hackers may be able to shut down such a grid when we get into a conflict with China or its allies such as NK.

No impact on me anymore, I ... (Below threshold)

No impact on me anymore, I gave up due to excessive prices and shoddy customer support. Hell even dish net. was better than these guys (and that's not saying a whole lot either!)

I recently switched from Di... (Below threshold)

I recently switched from Dish to DirecTV. I like Dish better but don't think it was worth the roughly $60 more per month I was paying, and DirecTV has some worthwhile features.

Anyway I recorded and watched NCIS and Glee tonight with no problem. Of course, I can't speak to anyone else's DVR but mine seems to work OK.

Well mine was working fine ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Well mine was working fine when I got home last night. I did get the message that it had been updated, but the one show I had scheduled to record while I was gone recorded perfectly so no problems for me at all. I've had Direct TV for about 10 years now and have always been happy with it.

DirecTV has been having a l... (Below threshold)

DirecTV has been having a lot of issues with their DVRs. So much so that their customers have been switching providers and filing complaints. As a DISH employee I feel it appropriate to let you know that DirecTV claims to have the best mobile DVR manager, but the app doesn't let you manage recording conflicts or delete shows you've already watched. You will see a huge decrease in your bill and a greater overall satisfaction if you were to switch to DISH today!






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