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A Virtual Family

When I was in school a while back, one important skill we worked to develop was the virtual team. Because companies must work in more than one place at the same time on some projects, colleagues learn how to communicate and work in a dimension where distance does not matter. Once you get used to it, working in a virtual team can be very effective, and it's no less real than teams in the same building.

I did not get to meet Hugh in person, but I did get to know him through his writings and comments. Kevin brought Hugh aboard for the same reasons he opened the door for the rest of us - writing ability, a sharp mind and a spirit that worked well with the rest of our team. While we each brought unique talents and quirks to Wizbang, we all came to know each other, first as acquaintances, then friends, and finally as a kind of family. So our family has lot a member, and we will grieve for him, even as we celebrate the worth of his words and spirit.

May God rest your spirit, Hugh, and may your families, biological and online, find solace and remember you at your best.

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