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An Angel Among Us

The passing of our colleague, HughS, is both shocking and saddening.

He would have been 54 in July. Far too young for any person to depart this life.

Needless to say, our sympathies lie with his family and friends.

Hugh was one of the writing candidates to have joined Wizbang in the same batch as Michael Laprarie and me almost two years ago.

We had all tried out as "Guest Posters," and as fortune would have it, we were the three picked for the spots at hand.

I consider it an honor to have been picked along with such a fine person.

In all honesty, I have never personally met anybody from Wizbang. Never had much deep correspondence, mostly just some "behing the scenes" communication, as we all have a very enjoyable "liberal" latitude with our contributions.

Despite that looseness, I would go to the mat for any of my fellow writers

It always amazes me how, as impersonal online relationships may realistically be with some people, the bonds that seem to form from familiarity and shared purpose are sometimes just as meaningful as if they were made of people with whom you are personally attached.

It is in that vein, Hugh and his passing has affected me.

His contributions were special. Always insightful, with fastidious confirmations, and, when needed, bolstered with a wit that could cut through steel.

He could sniff out stories and matters of import which, by others, would be overlooked.

That is a rare gift.

We've lost a wonderful addition here at Wizbang. A wonderful addition to life.

God Bless Hugh, his family, and all those touched by a special person who seemed to be liked by all that knew him.

-Shawn Mallow


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