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Boobs On Boobs

I often peruse sites like the Huffington Post to take the pulse of the frothing lefty freak-a-zoids we have running rampant in our beloved country.

Needless to say, you can bet on some sort of Sarah Palin trash talk. A day in the life for these crazies wouldn't be complete without throwing substantial kookie feces at her.

Today is no different, but, it's not about her politics they are complaining about.

It's her breasts.

Seems Sarah attended the Belmont Stakes to enjoy the ponies.

And a picture of her has set off a firestorm of controversy over the size of the grandmother's bosoms.

Nope. Not kidding. This is the level to which they have sunk in order to demean her today.

Sarah, wearing a white tee-shirt, glistening with attractive feminine sweat, appears to, at least to the lefty loons, gone up and gotten herself a boob-job.

Mind you, she has had five children. In addition, as far as I know, if a woman is in her "cycle," the mammary glands tend to enlarge a bit. And at certain angles, a picture can make anything seem "different."

If you Google Sarah Palin, there are 392 articles obsessed with this implant "theory."

Most articles that I read have come to the conclusion that her physique has, indeed, been altered.

They compare this current picture to other photos of her, which, most all are of her dressed conservatively. They compare it to the Newsweek photos, in which she is wearing a jogging outfit, no doubt wearing a sports bra.

And they conclude that there is no way she could, in several older photos, be "petite," while in the current photo show ample enlargement.


Is there anything they won't pounce on concerning this woman?

Personally, I think Sarah is beautiful, intelligent, with a knack for putting issues in perspective that actually makes sense, while driving the left bonkers.

That the left has to pound her down with frivolous accusations that she has manipulated her body in a "vapid" matter shows they have no answers for the powerful political effect she projects.

The pictures below show Sarah au naturel. The one causing the commotion is on top, and the bottom one I found of her visiting troops in Kuwait doesn't show any difference, effectively negating speculation as to whether she had some recent work done.


Whew. Busty Sinclair.

Of course, you'll never have these same outlets vilifying Nancy Pelosi injecting gallons of Bo-Tox into her embalmed face, or John Kerry flattening out his forehead with injections, or "Plugs" Biden seeding hairlings.

Come on. Is this all they got?



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Comments (19)

The only enhancement I've n... (Below threshold)

The only enhancement I've noticed is that Michelle Obama's butt has been substantially widened in the last year.

Look at any Hollyweed starl... (Below threshold)

Look at any Hollyweed starlet and they definitely have their equipment enhanced. No one is complaining about them.

I see that Lee is making se... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

I see that Lee is making sense again.
(Thanks, Shawn.)

Something about Sarah Palin scares he shit out of the left, so they're reduced to attacking her in this way. I like that feature of Sarah's.

Typical hippies, they've ne... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Typical hippies, they've never heard of a brassiere...

This is silly.One ... (Below threshold)

This is silly.

One need only google something like "sarah palin beauty pagenat photos" to see 1984 pix of her competing in a swimsuit.

Remember how the Left chortled over those photos during the election? One look at them and once can see that the recent photos are consistent with those earlier ones.

I noticed her good lookin... (Below threshold)

I noticed her good looking husband in the photo.

No one on the left seems to... (Below threshold)

No one on the left seems to bring up Nancy Pelosi's rack that stretches to her belly button or Michelle Obama's boob belts.

Seems to be nothing but pure jealousy for God's gifts to Sarah.

I gotta confess, during the... (Below threshold)

I gotta confess, during the last election I referred to the Democratic ticket as "Smug and Plugs." But in my defense, I also liked "empty suit and stuffed shirt" -- a bit more accurate, but not quite as catchy.


Perhaps the Left would be l... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Perhaps the Left would be less interested in Sarah's looks if they had a few women in the Democrat Party that looked more her rather than looking like that Liberal hag, Helen Thomas.

How dare She wear that shir... (Below threshold)

How dare She wear that shirt! The audacity of hope has a new meaning! Haahahahahahahaha

I think little fatties like... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

I think little fatties like Anna Marie mistake the effect of a flat tummy on overall appearance. Wonkette likely has as big a pair, they're just lost in the rolls.

And so what if she DID get ... (Below threshold)

And so what if she DID get implants? (Doesn't look like she did to me, either.)

I swear, the left act more and more like brain-dead high schoolers. What are we going to get next, folks in Washington basing public and international policy on what's found in PEOPLE and US off the supermarket racks?

Her secret U.S.M.C. nicknam... (Below threshold)
509th Bob:

Her secret U.S.M.C. nickname is "Chesty" Palin.

The question has been raise... (Below threshold)

The question has been raised: Is this all the Left has? The answer is "YES". That's it. They have total control of the Federal government. Their ideas are the ideas being used to run the country, and they are completely failing. They have thus far managed to pass only two pieces of key legislation: a stimulus package and Obamacare.

The stimulus is by any objective measure a complete failure. It is so bad that Congressional leaders have brought up the issue on and off for months that another stimulus is needed because the unemployment rate continues to be higher than anything they predicted. Their huge payoffs to Democratic groups didn't help the economy.

Obamacare is pile of bad ideas smothered in lies. It is so bad the bill started unraveling days after it was passed. For example, we discovered that it was much more expensive than they said. (I'm socked. Socked.) Then they announced that the cost of insurance will go up - not down. The benefits won't be what they promised. Huge numbers of people now stand to loose their insurance. And the Senate has leaked the word that they cannot pass a budget because Obamacare destroys their budget plans so badly it is a major embarrassment.

Where are we now? After only a year and a half, we have massive unemployment; long term unemployment problems; states in severe financial trouble, and a fragile economy where many are wondering where the next bubble will burst. The US debt is out of sight, countries are losing confidence in our fiscal sanity, and we may loose our AAA bond rating any day now.

And the Left has no answer. We are approaching July, and none of the 14 appropriations bills are coming out of Congress. We may not have a budget this year because the Democrats can't figure out how to do it. So far, I've heard plans to help our ailing economy by raising taxes [!] or printing money. Either or both would be a disaster.

So this is what they fight back with.

The pattern is also very disturbing. In recent years, the Left has been cheerleaders and apologists for misogynists - especially radical Muslims. So I am quite alarmed when the same voices rise up to attack successful conservative women with attacks on their appearance and not with ideas. These people see an attractive, successful conservative woman, and they are clearly frightened.

Get over it, people. She's a woman. She's successful. And she's certainly doing better at her job than President Obama, who right now may be the biggest boob in Washington - ever.

Starting in 2013, I might s... (Below threshold)
John S:

Starting in 2013, I might start watching presidential speeches again.

Two more reasons to vote fo... (Below threshold)

Two more reasons to vote for her. One the left is once again lying and unfairly attacking her. Two she is much better to look at when she gives speeches. Is that two or three?

I think I can clear this up... (Below threshold)

I think I can clear this up, folks. As a semi-athletic woman with an ample rack of my own, I will tell you that in the top pic she's wearing a bra. In the second pic, she's probably wearing a sports bra. Sports bras are less than flattering. However, she is not braless in either or there would be "nippleage" as my husband likes to call it. For a woman that's had a slew of young'uns, she's got a rocking body and I (and especially my husband) think she looks super. Add brains to the mix and LOOK OUT! Sarah's a hot mess, for sure.

The left has so many "skank... (Below threshold)

The left has so many "skanks in their ranks" that Sarah P's sexiness just pisses em off to no end.

I'm a bit late responding t... (Below threshold)

I'm a bit late responding to this, but, you make some very good points, Tammy.

I believe if you presented some pictures of yourself demonstrating exactly what you mean, we'd all benefit a bit more from your personal insight.







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