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Good News, I'm Raising A Genius


That headline goes out to all of other parents out there who have or had kids who were "dirt eaters," This report might explain some things:

A walk through the woods may do wonders for easing anxiety and learning new tasks, according to new research.

Microbiologists at The Sage Colleges in Troy, New York, found that feeding a bacteria that is commonly found in soil had a powerful effect on mice trying to figure out how to get through a complex maze. It also eased their anxiety.

Of our three kids only one ever had a "dirt" phase. That was actually an improvement from the "poop" phase...

Thankfully he's past both of those phases.

Now, I kid you not, it's a "grass" phase...


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Yeah, grass did wonders for... (Below threshold)

Yeah, grass did wonders for my anxiety, too. What? Not that kind of g... never mind.

Maybe we should change the ... (Below threshold)

Maybe we should change the diet of those in the White House. Couldn't hurt the way things are going.

Years later that kid is goi... (Below threshold)

Years later that kid is going to thank you sharing that. He could end up running for president and somebody is going to throw that post out there. Yup. Future president used to have a poop phase.

Rich, by then it will almos... (Below threshold)

Rich, by then it will almost certainly be regarded as "humanizing."

I have three children. One... (Below threshold)
Ruth H:

I have three children. One of them ate dirt. Guess which one made out really, really well in the dot.coms? Uh huh, that's the one. Now we know why. At least he shared, so he didn't lose his heart with his smarts.






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