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Obama Is Looking For Some Ass To Kick

Hip hop style...

Via Auto-Tune the News


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Comments (14)

I bet he could beat Barry b... (Below threshold)

I bet he could beat Barry black and blue and he'd still be clueless.

Why doesnt Barrack "oilBoom... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Why doesnt Barrack "oilBoom" Obama go to Maine where they have miles of oil boom sitting in a warehouse waiting on someone to buy it?

Why?Yours is not t... (Below threshold)


Yours is not to question why Retired, especially because you are military. If Barak and the libs wanted your opinion they would have counted less dead voters and actually counted absentee ballots from special People like You that make this Country great!

Thank You!!!

When you don't have a clue ... (Below threshold)

When you don't have a clue whose ass is supposed to be kicked, you call in the experts to let you know. (sidenote to BO: it's kiCKing ass)

Lee Ward let me save you th... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Lee Ward let me save you the trouble.

Republicans liked ass kicking until we had a black president.

I bet it's on Lee's iPod.</... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I bet it's on Lee's iPod.

Obama is wearing t... (Below threshold)

Obama is wearing the ass that needs kicking.

x-spurts they are!... (Below threshold)

x-spurts they are!

Just like anything else, he... (Below threshold)

Just like anything else, he wouldn't know an expert even if they kicked him in the ass.

That's just freaking beauti... (Below threshold)

That's just freaking beautiful.

Obama - "...so I know who's... (Below threshold)

Obama - "...so I know who's ass to kick"

Translates simply to....

"I'm floundering here. Find me someone to blame, Now!"

You gotta just know that th... (Below threshold)

You gotta just know that that little fagget was gettin his whiny ass kicked all over the place when he was a kid. I almost have pity for him...

LOL well you know Obama als... (Below threshold)

LOL well you know Obama also appeared in the music video "Whoomp there it is" by Tag Team...No really go look it up on YouTube he is the one playing dominoes and talking on the Brick cellphone....If you look in the scene before that too you see the first lady too BWAHAHAHAHA HAX!

Looks like Obama kicked som... (Below threshold)

Looks like Obama kicked some serious Osama ass this week!






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