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Abby Sunderland is alive!

Good news on the 16 year old around the world sailor who had been missing:

Rescuers have made contact with Abby Sunderland, the Californian teenage sailor who went missing yesterday after her record attempt to circumnavigate the globe ran into a powerful storm in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Laurence Sunderland, Abby's father, said that rescuers on board a chartered Australian aircraft who were looking for the 16-year-old had made contact with her earlier today and that she was alive.

"She's fine, the boat's afloat and she's on it," Mr Sutherland told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. "It's huge, fantastic, exciting news."

Australian authorities are leading the international rescue effort, which has been under way since yesterday when an emergency signal on board Abby's yacht, Wild Eyes, was activated.

There had been no communication with Abby after the alarm was raised and it is believed that her yacht has been drifting without a keel in heaving 18m (60ft) swells.

The last entry on her blog, which she was updating via satellite, described the menacing ocean conditions of a southern hemisphere winter. In an entry called "A rough few days", posted on Wednesday, she wrote: "I've been in some rough weather for a while ... The wind is beginning to pick up."

A chartered Australian aircraft, carrying emergency volunteer air observers, as well as police and other rescuers, began searching for the boat earlier today, while Australian, US and French rescue authorities sent ships to her last known location, an area about 2,000 miles (3,220 km) southeast of Madagascar and 2,000 miles southwest of Australia. The boats are not expected to reach her location until Saturday.

She'll have a story to tell I'm sure.

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Comments (9)

Haven't we been seeing stor... (Below threshold)

Haven't we been seeing stories about her difficulties for months now? Nothing terrifies me more than hearing about a young girl or woman in jeopardy, but when she continually places herself in that position, I really have to wonder how intelligent she is...or how much I should care.

I just got through reading ... (Below threshold)

I just got through reading Maiden Voyage by Tania Aebi and her journey around the world back in the mid-eighties. Pretty good book and an insight into what they go through on these trips. I am very happy to hear they found Abby okay.

No to be overly insensitive... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

No to be overly insensitive, but who is paying for this rescue effort?

I would hesitate to give my... (Below threshold)

I would hesitate to give my 16 year old daughter the keys to my car, nevermind let her sail around the world alone!

BTW, I'm glad she's okay.

Glad she's okay. Now give ... (Below threshold)

Glad she's okay. Now give the family the bill for the 'rescue' effort.

I'm glad she's ok but I'm n... (Below threshold)

I'm glad she's ok but I'm not sure this is quite the news story that the media is making it out to be. Hanging out in the ocean in a row boat isn't exactly a fool-proof plan.

Dear AbbyI wish you ... (Below threshold)

Dear Abby
I wish you all the best and hope for your safe return. Are you going to try this sail around the world again? I hope so, It's a project that's must be completed, I believe. Learn from these issues and plan for new ones and let's get the job done. May God bless and live the life you imagine.

David Cordova
From Phoenix Arizona.

Hanging out in ... (Below threshold)
Hanging out in the ocean in a row boat isn't exactly a fool-proof plan.
Well, it started out as a sailboat...
I'm glad the young woman is... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I'm glad the young woman is alive, and will be saved.

We must realize that people who put themselves in harm's way are not necessarily either heroes nor victims, though. It is no more inappropriate to present them with the bill for the efforts needed to rescue them than it is to bill a heart attack patient for the ambulance ride to the hospital.






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