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One Good Video Deserves Another

Yesterday, my dear colleague "Baron Von Ottomatic" decided that a couple of my articles really, really needed some video accompaniment.

Payback's a... well, you know, Baron.

After reeading his piece on soccer, go ahead and watch this video where a late, lamented American genius elaborates in a similar vein:

You're still the new kid here, Baron -- relatively speaking. Careful when you mess with the old bull.


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Google "Tosh.O Soccer". It... (Below threshold)

Google "Tosh.O Soccer". It sums up how I feel about the game.

I was turned off by Carlin'... (Below threshold)

I was turned off by Carlin's politics but he really was a comic genius, as this clip clearly demonstrates. Thanks, Jay Tea. Note: Carlin doesn't mention soccer - and for good reason.






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