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So it's a video war you want, eh?

Ever gone and tried to do your pal a solid and they took it the wrong way? They got all defensive, maybe even lashed out? We've all been there.

Corruption? Some folks immediately think of Congress. Me? I think Plasmatics. What the hell am I talking about? Song four, side B on the album New Hope for the Wretched.

To take that corruption angle a step further, the Plasmatics - like the Sex Pistols - were a Malcolm McLaren creation. The Sex Pistols famously swindled several record companies out of thousand of dollars pounds before eventually signing with A&M. Like the Pistols, Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics were more famous for their antics (especially Wendy) than their music. Which is a shame because they freaking wailed. Malcolm was famously corrupt and quite happy to goad the acts he managed into self destructive behavior (i.e. Sid Vicious) as long as it helped him line his pockets.

Spending someone else's money, stealing from the people he represented, only looking out for #1...you see where I'm going with this.

Naturally, YouTube doesn't have the chops to back me up with that particular ditty. But I was able to dig up the lyrics and a rare (in the sense that most were NSFW) SFW Plasmatics performance from the TV show Fridays that I actually saw when it aired.


It's Easy Money Baby
It's Fast And Easy Honey
It Only Hurts The First Time
It Puts You In The Big Time

Oh Corruption
So Misunderstood
Makes You Feel So Good
Oh I Feel It Coming

And in the spirit of good-natured ribbing I'm going to tuck the decidedly NSFW and infamous Sex Pistols interview with Bill Grundy behind the fold. The nice, clean Rolling Stones? Now that's funny.


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Comments (4)

Ah, Wendy Williams - the or... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Ah, Wendy Williams - the original freakshow. Good times.

YES, Wendy reminds me of my... (Below threshold)

YES, Wendy reminds me of my ex before I first met her. THEN she got weird.

I think it''s safe to say t... (Below threshold)

I think it''s safe to say that she had the market cornered on weird punk...

I loved The Plasmatics. Tha... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

I loved The Plasmatics. Thanks






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