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Sophomoric Reasoning

It's been a while since the Boston Glob ran another illegal alien sob story, so I guess this one is overdue.

Short version: 19-year-old Eric was born in Mexico, but his mother brought him here illegally when he was four. He did quite well in American schools -- well enough to be valedictorian and get a full scholarship to Harvard. And then, while visiting family in Texas, he went to board a plane home and was caught by immigration -- and now faces deportation.

This, of course, is the cue to bring up the "Dream Act" -- the idea of offering in-state tuition and other breaks to illegal aliens.

Sorry, my sympathy level is pretty low here.

Eric seems like a highly intelligent young man. But there are a few things in his account that raise my suspicions and decrease my sympathy.

First up, he's 19. That means he's been a legal adult for at least a year. What steps has he taken, as an adult, to correct his illegal status? Before 18, he was a minor and really can't be held accountable. But once he's legally an adult, it's his problem to fix.

Second, he said he lost his Mexican passport. What the story says is that it was most likely expired. I don't think any country issues a passport that's valid for 15 years, especially to a child. And if not, then the new passport would have marked him as an illegal alien, as it would have lacked the documentation as having entered the country legally.

Third, this was his flight back to Boston. How many other times did he fly (as in, "got through airport security") without valid ID?

Fourth, he is majoring in biology. What did he plan to do with his degree? He can't legally work in the United States, after all.

Fifth, this story makes it clear that his mother is also an illegal alien. Has anyone offered her a free trip home?

Eric's situation is sad, and it wasn't his fault.

But neither was it ours. It's not our obligation to fix it for him. If we choose to right the wrong done to him by his mother, then it should be properly labeled as an act of compassion, not justice.

And even then, I have reservations. When governments act out of motivations such as "compassion" or "sympathy," it almost always ends up badly for all concerned.

The law is the law. If Eric wanted the law changed, he could have fought it. Or he could have worked within the system to get his legal situation squared away. It is always preferable to face such problems on your own terms, rather than hoping to not get caught.

Because when that happens, it inevitably goes worse for you.

As Eric is finding out.

(Sorry, title added VERY late. And not one of my best efforts. Sorry...)


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Comments (32)

Since Jay Tea didnt title t... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Since Jay Tea didnt title this I will provide a suggestion.

"Lee Ward accuses Jay Tea of racism for wanting to deport 15 year US resident"

Jay Tea"Eric's sit... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jay Tea

"Eric's situation is sad, and it wasn't his fault. "

As soon as he became 18 it was his fault.

If his mother had put a gun in his hand and said shoot people when he was 4 would you say that the people he shot when he was 18 "not his fault"

At 18 he knew he was in the country illegally. He was an adult. His responsibiilty. Not his mother's, his brothers, his aunts, uncles, cousins, or anyone else. HIS.

Deport'em!... (Below threshold)


But but but, aren't we supp... (Below threshold)

But but but, aren't we supposed to FEEL sorry instead of think logically, and BLAME someone else rather than him for his problems? It the Obamerican way!

can we tattoo "NOT A U.S... (Below threshold)

can we tattoo "NOT A U.S. CITIZEN" across his forehead before we deport him??


Let's publish a real sob st... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Let's publish a real sob story told by an eighteen year old (who was legally murdered by an liberally licensed abortionist 18 years earlier)telling what his life might have been...you know the, "he made a difference" bit."

Now there's an opportunity for true compassion.

Now if Eric could only prov... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Now if Eric could only prove he was a relative of Obama he could stay in the US just like Obama's aunt.

Don L, You are TOTAL... (Below threshold)

Don L,
You are TOTALLY out of line by even thinking a "blob of cells" would EVER have a life. Eric HAS A FUTURE, the blob is just an inconvenience.

Man, people like Don L anno... (Below threshold)
James H:

Man, people like Don L annoy the piss out of me. Everything for them comes back to abortion. You could be talking about green alien space babes from Star Trek, and he'd creech, "But you know who didn't get a chance?! Those green alien space embryos!! They'll never set a phaser on stun!!"

People make CHOICES that ha... (Below threshold)

People make CHOICES that have consequences. Consequences they have to live with. Bye Eric.

I wouldn't mind the Dream A... (Below threshold)
James H:

I wouldn't mind the Dream Act, or something like it. If somebody is brought here as a child and raised here, I'd be all for giving him a path to legal residency in his own right. Off the top of my head, I'd put a few requirements in place:

1) The applicant has to have been brought to this country at least 10 years prior to applying.

2) The applicant must be 18.

3) The applicant must apply for the residency within six months of his 18th birthday, and must do so of his own accord. That is, he has to apply for it when he becomes eligible, NOT when he is caught violating immigration laws as an adult.

4) The applicant must have an educational institution or an employer willing to sponsor him on the initial steps to legal residency. He must also present at least three character references.

5) The applicant must register for Selective Service.

6) The applicant must submit all of his identifying information, including name, place of birth, residency, etc., etc.

7) There will be a limited number of slots avaialble on this path each year. An applicant who is not chosen for this path must be deported.

James,I think Don ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:


I think Don L's point was that the left tends to show more compassion for illegal aliens than for the unborn, so I wouldn't say it's not apropos.

Interesting though, that it annoys the piss out of you. There's a saying about the sting in every retort...

well said in #11.... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

well said in #11.

Bunyan:I have enco... (Below threshold)
James H:


I have encountered people who will take any topic, any topic whatsoever and inject abortion. I've seen similar behavior among radical feminists. More than once, I've trotted out pretty standad arguments with the more radical feminists and they'll either a) make some half-assed argument about the "patriarchy" or b) accuse me of forcing them to accept my arguments because I'm a man. On ht latter point, I inform them they should accept my arguments because I'm right.

... and then I tell the ra... (Below threshold)
James H:

... and then I tell the radical feminist to make me a sandwich ....

This man went to our public... (Below threshold)

This man went to our public schools his whole life. I am not sure exactly what the average is to pay for a public school education per child(but I guessed 6800 per year)-which equaled over $80,000.

I think that we should have this man have the offer of joining the military for four years to pay off his debt of being educated here. If he then wishes to be eligible for the GI Bill he then can enlist for another 4 years. That way we can at least have some apprenticeship invested into our land, and his wages will be taxed like the rest of us, verses how his mother(parents) must be working as they are not legal. No ss number right?

This case is not unique and I read a few days ago that nearly 48% of the births in the US are of Hispanic descent babies- and since we have over 12 million illegals(that we know of) this situation will continue to grow until we waive all requirements to fly, to drive, and to vote. In NM one cannot ask for ID when we register to vote so this is already happening.

I think we should take ever... (Below threshold)

I think we should take everything he has as payment for the education and send him back to help make his country a better place with all he has learned.

JamesH. I think your idea is reasonable,but I just don't think we should bother to complicate matters. Just take their stuff and send them back. They can come back after a set amount of years just like any other immigrant to become a citizen.

retired, I stand by saying ... (Below threshold)

retired, I stand by saying his situation isn't his fault. But I think we might find common ground if I say that when he turned 18, it became his responsibility.

How's that suit you?


10% unempoyment expected to... (Below threshold)

10% unempoyment expected to last several years......mass legal & illegal immigration straining heathcare and public education. Most Americans resent seeing Spanish on everything we buy, everywhere we go.

Why do we have this situation?

Mass immigration, that's why. Illegal and endless LEGAL immigration are the problems.

The USA needs a drastic immigration reduction or moratorium for ten years. Then we can re-evaluate the situation.

Foreigners, go back home. Period.

I tend to agree with jennif... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I tend to agree with jennifer that any person in such circumstances should first be given the opportunity to perform national service to repay the services he has consumed, and then also to qualify on a path similar to that described by James H. above.

However, it is not correct to say, "... we have over 12 million illegals(that we know of)..." This is a figure which has been thrown about. No one knows how close to reality it is. But this number has seemingly been adopted now, and some seem to think its mere repetition makes it true. It does not.

Remember Mitch Snyder and the "3 million homeless" which never existed, but the number became the default used by advocates for more than a decade.

Jay TeaAgreed<br /... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jay Tea


Jay TeaActually th... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jay Tea

Actually that was my point.

My son is SLOWLY working hi... (Below threshold)

My son is SLOWLY working his way towards a degree. Full time work during the day, night classes at a community college. Last summer, during one of the discussions in class, he was enlightened to find out that people of hispanic heritage are attending his school at either a greatly reduced fee or for free. During the day they are occupying themselves by watching tv or going to the beach.
Needless to say, there was some heavy feelings going on in that class.

I have nothing but sympathy... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

I have nothing but sympathy for someone who finds themselves in the situation Eric faced when he became an adult. Through no choice of his own, he was raised here in this country. Having left his place of birth at 4, all his friends, his idea of what home is, the culture he knows, is all here. I don't fault him a bit for not deciding he should just turn his back on everyone and everything he knows to turn himself in to be deported to a strange land.

But, I'm not in Eric's shoes. I'm in my shoes, and I have to act accordingly. His parents placed him in this awful circumstance. If we allow them to succeed in their goal of violating our laws to benefit themselves and their child, it only encourages others to do the same.

To Eric I would say:

It's nothing personal, it's just business. I can understand if you think this is unfair, but it wasn't the people of the USA that put you in this situation. The blame lays with your parents, and I hope you let them know how much their selfishness has harmed you.

J comment #23I think... (Below threshold)

J comment #23
I think I understand what you meant, but I want to make something clear about this statement:

people of hispanic heritage are attending his school at either a greatly reduced fee or for free

I can and do imagine this discussion as in NM it is illegals that are considered in state residents while those out of state pay more money...oh and I a family of hispanic heritage, and no we do not have greatly reduced fees or for free. This statement and the discussion that the students had must have been enlightening to say the least, but we must be careful not to spread misinformation when casting stones.

Living as close as I do to the border it is hard not to be well aware of the situation of illegals crossing and then resting here at the first town...I worry about my daughter or I discovering illegals in our barns or coops, and we take precautions because of the very real risks. But hispanic heritage people are not getting free education unless they are applying for grants or scholarships or whatever the administration has offered to illegals. It is not ALL as clearly my family would have more full time students(well no, not so as we pay for what we have or we wait until we can do so) but you get the idea.

The discussion in the classroom was similar to me as the discussions like the beer summit that Obama said we needed to have because the cop was doing his job(but in reverse)...because we think that illegals or Mexicans are using/abusing the situation DOES not make it fact.

Oh and we should be far more concerned about the free ride we give to illegals(mostly of hispanic heritage) at the time they register to vote as that is what is facilitating the policy changes nationwide in our institutions of higher learning by far left leaning politicians who hand out rights that are for Americans to any and all that aren't first.


Better mexico get Harvard q... (Below threshold)

Better mexico get Harvard quality graduates. We don't like all those educational elites.

Don't mind educated folks, ... (Below threshold)

Don't mind educated folks, RSF - it's the ones who think they're elite because of where they graduated from, who seem to have little or no capability or competence outside of their family connections, who believe that THEY are smart enough to run the country without ever having demonstrated any ability to even manage a McDonalds that are objectionable.

Besides, RSF, Mexico's got ... (Below threshold)

Besides, RSF, Mexico's got enough problems already. They don't need any Harvard quality grads to make things worse.

"Man, people like Don L ann... (Below threshold)
Don L:

"Man, people like Don L annoy the piss out of me. Everything for them comes back to abortion"

No -everything come back to God -that's what probably annoys you. Without the gift of life you couldn't even be annoyed.

We are Germany 1930's,even before the gas ovens -killing the unwanted. Today in Belgium, nurses are murdering the unwanted old by the thousands and they wink. Obamacare -the infanticide president's dream is on the brink of death panels and you believe unwanted immigrants are a more important issue than destroying unwanted life.

Some people won't get upset about destroy innocent life but they explode over illegals.

Without life -there are no other issues.

No, Don, I'm afraid you did... (Below threshold)
James H:

No, Don, I'm afraid you didn't pay attention to my follow-up comments. It's not your god that annoys me. It's not abortion. It's people who can't have a single discussion without expounding on their pet issue.

So, how do you feel about green-skinned alien space babes?

James H"It's peopl... (Below threshold)
retired military:

James H

"It's people who can't have a single discussion without expounding on their pet issue."

Lee Ward and his racism comments must bug the hell out of you then.

RM:Honestly, I hav... (Below threshold)
James H:


Honestly, I haven't noticed his comments that much. He has a particular ax to grind with Jay Tea, so I mostly ignore him.






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