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Video Wars: The Wrath Of Jay

OK, Baron, I see I'm gonna have to lay a smackdown on you on the video front.

I give you the most awesomest printer ever made. In fact, it's infinitely better than my printer.

(Admission: I don't currently own a printer. If I feel the need to print something, I take it in to work -- one of the few perqs at The Day Job.)

No, that's not the best video I got, Baron. I believe in escalating force. I only trot out the required level of awesome necessary to achieve my goal.

Consider this a shot across the bow, not a torpedo at the waterline. But the tubes are trained...


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Comments (7)

You have to admit the ink r... (Below threshold)

You have to admit the ink refills are a snap.

Better watch out for this i... (Below threshold)

Better watch out for this inventor. Next thing ya know, he'll have a lego nuke for sale.

You don'r make nukes on a m... (Below threshold)

You don'r make nukes on a mac.

This caused me to veer off ... (Below threshold)

This caused me to veer off on an hour long digression into Lego projects. Among other things I discovered that there are several Rubik's Cube solvers out there that can solve up to a 6x6x6 cube in under thirty minutes. Who knew!

Legos will take over the wo... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Legos will take over the world. They are learning to self assemble.


Self assemble? OMG they're ... (Below threshold)

Self assemble? OMG they're replicators

I for one welcome our new L... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I for one welcome our new Lego overlords.






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