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Well allow me to retort

Oh sure, I could just throw up some random video that - while pretty cool - violates the Baron's iron-clad rule of contributing to a broader understanding of our political zeitgeist. Instead, I've got a doozy from the local Dallas political scene that predates a story making the rounds in the conservative blogosphere.

Which is not to be confused with the Blagosphere - which science has defined as a field of corruption in Chicago so strong integrity is unable to exist.

The hot topic du jour is the Los Angeles NAACP complaining to Hallmark about a graduation card because its message is perceived to be a slight at black females. After three or four years on the market, an animatronic card referencing a "Black Hole" was heard by the science wizards at the NAACP as "Black Ho". This is, of course, a moral outrage. Hallmark chose to pull the offending card off the shelves rather than instituting a "Seriously? Just exactly how stupid are you?" defense.

If the NAACP has seen far it's because they stand on the shoulders of giants. Giant idiots. Meet Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price:

Wait, he's not done yet:

Who could have thought professing an ignorance of astronomy that would evoke mockery from a typical 8th grader eventually ends up being the kind of issue that gains legs? It's not Song of the South, but how long before Disney is forced to apologize for this:

You know what they say about jumping in a wallow to wrestle a pig - you're gonna get dirty, and the pig likes it.


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Comments (15)

One of my favorite movies b... (Below threshold)

One of my favorite movies back then. Let's rename it "The White Hole" and watch the diversity crowd claim we're excluding them.

You can hear the card in it... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

You can hear the card in it's entireity from this link.


I do believe some people ne... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

I do believe some people need to learn how to actually listen.

Or do we need a new movie titled "Black People Can't Hear" ?

Couldn't just one reporter ... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

Couldn't just one reporter have been savvy enough to ask this idiot, Do you even know what a black hole is??"

Can you imagine someone this stupid in a position of alleged responsibility trying to squirm thorugh that one?

Here Lee Ward let me save y... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Here Lee Ward let me save you the trouble.

Republicans didnt like greeting cards before a black man became president.

What do you expect from lib... (Below threshold)

What do you expect from libs? They live for stupid.

Well, I lean toward the rig... (Below threshold)

Well, I lean toward the right, of course, but, I must say, Hallmark has been pretty niggardly in its response.

Posted by iwogisdead | June... (Below threshold)

Posted by iwogisdead | June 13, 2010 7:22 PM

How dare you steal my thoughts!

Since black holes have been... (Below threshold)

Since black holes have been around for billions of years and humans only for a few tens of thousands, Black Ho's look like black holes.

Well, Disney should have ap... (Below threshold)

Well, Disney should have apologized for that movie a long time ago, but it has little to do with the term or concept of a Black Hole.

And blacks wonder why so ma... (Below threshold)

And blacks wonder why so many think that any of them successful outside of rap or sports are just undeserving, unqualified racial quota hires.

Must a been a slow day in t... (Below threshold)

Must a been a slow day in the 'hood.

And this is more redeeming ... (Below threshold)

And this is more redeeming than the Plasmatics and Wendy or the Sex Pistols? Hell, give me a felt tip Lego printer any day.

Baron,As a fellow ... (Below threshold)


As a fellow Dallas resident (Thank God I live in the Metroplex and not in Dallas proper) I am ashamed at the stupidity of this guy.

Until we get rid of idiots who bristle at every term that involves the word "Black" or "White" we will NEVER get rid of racial discrimination.

Regarding John Wiley Price, why rename something a "White Hole" because you are insecure about your skin color. Grow up you idiot and do the job you were elected to do instead of wasting time on stupid straw men arguments.

I'll give you "black hole" ... (Below threshold)

I'll give you "black hole" as racist, as soon as you also admit that "White Men Can't Jump" is also a racist movie against whites. Hey, if you can be offended by color as a descriptor, so can I.

Idiocy knows no color.






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