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Happy Flag Day


Happy Flag Day, all. Perhaps not one of our most serious holidays but I've always loved the striking appearance of the U.S. flag. I'm more than happy to show it off a little--click on any of the images in this post for a larger version. Especially since some see it as a sign of occupation, as Rick noted a while back.

Continuing a pattern, the Microsoft search engine Bing notes the occasion this way:


Google, well, couldn't be bothered.

For a historic flag timeline click here. More flag pics after the break. If you have a particularly inspirational flag image, share a link in the comments.


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Comments (3)

I like the BING graphic. I... (Below threshold)

I like the BING graphic. It kinda makes me think of torches & pitchforks marching on Washington to throw the entire lot out of office.

Of course the racist Lee Ward would be offended.

Google can just go straig... (Below threshold)

Google can just go straight to hell.

Too bad D'OH-bama did not h... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Too bad D'OH-bama did not have one available for his press conference last week...


But what else to expect from our first anti-American "President".






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