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Palestinian Authority President Abbas, and Egypt, oppose lifting of Gaza blockade

I guess they too now are Zionist extremists:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is opposed to lifting the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip because this would bolster Hamas, according to what he told United States President Barack Obama during their meeting at the White House Wednesday. Egypt also supports this position.


The issue of the Gaza flotilla and lifting the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip was the main topic of discussion between Obama and Abbas last Wednesday night.

European diplomats updated by the White House on the talks said that Abbas had stressed to Obama the need of opening the border crossings into the Gaza Strip and the easing of the siege, but only in ways that do not bolster Hamas.

One of the points that Abbas raised is that the naval blockade imposed by Israel on the Strip should not be lifted at this stage. The European diplomats said Egypt has made it clear to Israel, the U.S and the European Union that it is also opposes the lifting of the naval blockade because of the difficulty in inspecting the ships that would enter and leave the Gaza port.

Abbas told Obama that actions easing the blockage should be done with care and undertaken gradually so it will not be construed as a victory for Hamas. The Palestinian leader also stressed that the population in the Gaza Strip must be supported, and that pressure should be brought to bear on Israel to allow more goods, humanitarian assistance and building materials for reconstruction. Abbas, however, said this added aid can be done by opening land crossings and other steps that do not include the lifting of the naval blockade.

On Friday, Netanyahu met with Quartet representative Tony Blair in his office. This was the third meeting between the two during the last eight days, and centered on ways of easing the blockade on the Strip.

Senior Israeli officials and European diplomats say there is agreement that policy on the blockade should be altered, but this should be done carefully and discretely.

"There is agreement that no major declarations should be made so Hamas will not to be allowed to score points," a source familiar with the talks with Blair said.

This, one would think, takes away from those who find the Israeli blockade so abhorrent and so indicative of Israeli oppression.

One would think.

One would be wrong.

Trust me on this.

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Comments (20)

It should be noted that Oba... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

It should be noted that Obama also opposes the lifting of the blockade. Obama wants Israel to allow more items to be imported into Gaza. Israel has just agreed to lifting some of the restrictions; soda, juice, jam, spices, shaving cream, potato chips, cookies and candy are now permitted.

Tina. . don't be Naieve.<br... (Below threshold)

Tina. . don't be Naieve.

"It should be noted that Ob... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"It should be noted that Obama also opposes the lifting of the blockade. Obama wants Israel to allow more items to be imported into Gaza."

Tina, for those of us who speak English as a first language, allowing more items through would be equivalent to lifting the blockade.

Face it, obama has officially placed himself on the side of the terrorists. When you find yourself on the opposite side of Mahmoud Abbas in your efforts to support a palestinian state you have joined the enemies of civilization.

Barry has way too much on h... (Below threshold)

Barry has way too much on his plate to be concerned about such things. However, if he were to hold "beer summit" # 9 and invite all the players including Katrina, Im sure he could find a solution, such as blame Bush.

And dont bother Lee Ward, Israel was against blockades until they saw the potential for a black man to be selected U.S. prez.

It's worth noting that Abba... (Below threshold)
James H:

It's worth noting that Abbas has entirely selfish reasons for keeping the Gaza blockade in place. As leader of the Fatah faction, Abbas benefits from Hamas being deprived of materials. And this stance burnishes his own reputation as the "good Palestinian" who is willing to work with the West and Israel.

Here Lee Ward let me save y... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Here Lee Ward let me save you the trouble.

Republicans were against the Gaza blockade before a black man became president.

Granted Abbas does indeed h... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Granted Abbas does indeed have his own selfish motives. But when you have a choice between the side that is willing to find a political solution to a palestinian state (even though it desires an unacceptably one sided solution) and the side that only wants a final solution to the Jewish state (so to speak), it does obama little good to choose the latter.

Once again obama has chosen to side with terrorists. He has sided with the racists just like his justice department has in covering up the issues with the New Black Panthers. He has consistently chosen to be the friend of dictators, thugs and terrorists. He has snubbed our allies to the point that they are all abandoning us. He has used union thugs to intimidate political opponents at home and has continually used incendiary rhetoric against his opponents.

Obama is on the wrong side of history. Too bad he is so historically ignorant that he can't realize it.

The deal is the instigators... (Below threshold)

The deal is the instigators tried to run the blockade and got slapped back.

Barry was offended by the slap back. Easing the blockade is simple. Stop trying to sneak weapons to Hamas and the blockade would cease to be necessary. By the way, why dont one of those huge neighbors give the phlistines some land to dwell in? Oh thats right, that would take away the hate the jew crutch they thrive upon.

lee, it doesn't matter what... (Below threshold)

lee, it doesn't matter what color obama's skin is. what matters are the policy decisions that he makes. and he makes bad ones. really bad ones. the fact that you can't get past the color of his skin says more about you than it does about any conservative.

Israel is being forced to a... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Israel is being forced to alter the blockade. Saying that obama is pro-Israel because he agrees with them is like saying the extortionist is a friend of the man whose legs he's threatening to break because the man is capitulating to his demands. In that case the extortionist and the victim are on the same side yes? They must be friends!

Lee your twisted world view allows all sorts of evil to go unconfronted. Obama has sided against Israel and has moved actively against their interests at every opportunity. He used the sham aid flotilla to advance his anti-Israel agenda and the fact that Israel is being forced to give in does not make him or their side.

You are a disgusting liar and propagandist. You would make Walter Duranty proud.

Here Lee let me save you th... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Here Lee let me save you the trouble.

REpublicans didnt have a problem with the color of OBama's skin before he became president.

Lee. . was Jimmy Carter bla... (Below threshold)

Lee. . was Jimmy Carter black?

I seem to recall being against the same things when he was president, in fact, I have pretty much been agaisnt the same things my whole life, but now that the man in office pushing them happens to be melanin - enhanced, its racist?

The problem, Lee, is that y... (Below threshold)

The problem, Lee, is that you ARE a socialist. YOu push socialist policies. A socialist is one who supports socialism> WHich you do. See how that works?

Broad brush, my asp!<... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Broad brush, my asp!

Lee has openly supported the flotilla which was organized by, sponsored by, and staffed by known terrorist-related organizations. As has established, the blockade is necessary to keep the weapons and rockets out of Gaza - ALL humanitarian goods come in freely through Haifa and other Israeli sources, they just get inspected for weapons on the way.

He IS a terrorist supporter, there is no other reason to take the position he has - and you might note the likes of those on his side for confirmation.

Lee. . was Jimmy Carter bla... (Below threshold)

Lee. . was Jimmy Carter black?

I seem to recall being against the same things when he was president, in fact, I have pretty much been agaisnt the same things my whole life, but now that the man in office pushing them happens to be melanin - enhanced, its racist?

Lee Ward"And stay ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Lee Ward

"And stay on topic guys."


Here Lee let me save you the trouble.

Republicans were for staying on topic before a black man became President.

"So if I'm a socialist and a terrorism supporting radical you guys are racist."

You are all 3 while we are none.

" Broad brush paints both ways. "

Talk about broad brush.. You could paint half the US with your brush. EVERYONE is racist who opposes Obama for ANYTHING.

"Clearly you both are apologists for skinheads and hatemongers - right? Admit it! You're defending racists and not condemning them!


And you make my point.

Very well, Lee. Define Soc... (Below threshold)

Very well, Lee. Define Socialism then and explain how you don't support it.

Also. . .

CHeck out the 'ten points' in Marx's 'Communist manifesto and compare it with the democrats stated agendas. Remarkable.

Again, the difference is th... (Below threshold)

Again, the difference is that you actually are in favor of policies that move the country towards Socialism. And you are supporting a president whose foreign policy seems entirely about insulting our friends and snuggling up to our enemies.

Lee, I've never called you ... (Below threshold)

Lee, I've never called you a "terror-loving socialist."

That's too principled for you. It would call for you to be in favor of something.

You're a knee-jerk contrarian, a lying hypocrite, a petty tyrant wannabe, a clueless, frothing dolt, a hysterical ninny, an obsessive stalker with delusions of adequacy, and a mild pain in the ass with occasional entertainment value, but I wouldn't call you a "terror-loving socialist."


OMG Lee Ward is OBSESSED wi... (Below threshold)

OMG Lee Ward is OBSESSED with race. Is he so damn dumb he can't see, that regardless of skin color, it is Obama's POLITICAL STANCE that makes him so hated?
I would have voted for JC Watts, Condy Rice, or Alan Keyes before I voted for McCain. I would NOT have voted for Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton,or Colin Powell, and certainly not Obama.

So Lee, I guess I wasn't a racist before a black man became president.


I am a discriminatory racist


I am a racist because I reject liberals, marxists, communists, socialists, crooked politicians, or fascists.


I am a racist because I took, and honored (and still do) an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.






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