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Republican Congressman assaults college student (UPDATED)

Media storm brewing.  Congressional investigations to ensue.  Nancy Pelosi said to be outraged.

Oh wait... stand by...  it's a Democrat...

Never mind.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

Crossposted at Brutally Honest.

UPDATE: He's apologized:

"I deeply and profoundly regret my reaction and I apologize to all involved," Mr. Etheridge said in a statement. "Throughout my many years of service to the people of North Carolina, I have always tried to treat people from all viewpoints with respect. No matter how intrusive and partisan our politics can become, this does not justify a poor response."

He added, "I have and I will always work to promote a civil public discourse."


"I deeply and profoundly regret the existence of them damned infernal video cameras.  Throughout my many years of service to the people of North Carolina, I've somehow escaped being videotaped, I've always treated people like this and think it sux that it's now public knowledge.  No matter how intrusive and partisan those cameras can be, this does not justify the use of the damned things."

He added, "I have and I will always work to pretend to promote a civil public discourse but these damned gadgets are getting in the way of that pretension."


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Comments (50)

absolutely staggering!... (Below threshold)

absolutely staggering!

the young man who gets detained and manhandled by this Congress Critter is in a SUIT...and he looks young and UN-threatening!

I pray this young man gets a lawyer and sues this dickwad...while this dickwad gets pitched out of office.

Our Masters are increasingly displeased with us, apparently...and they demand we go back to being servile.

Let me save LeeWard the tro... (Below threshold)

Let me save LeeWard the trouble.... the kid is a Raaaacist! Oh, what.... the congressman is white?

Those fall campaign commerc... (Below threshold)

Those fall campaign commercials are just going to write themselves.

I would just like to see th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I would just like to see the jerk charged with assault and battery. It's stuff like this that the dems want to suppress with their FTC move against the internet. We're lucky we can still see it.

Aparently the Elite Ruling ... (Below threshold)

Aparently the Elite Ruling Class does not want to be asked any questions.

Lee would still say the kid... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Lee would still say the kid was racist because the question, "Do you support President obama's agenda?" can be construed as revealing a bias against that agenda. Of course, any bias against that agenda is de facto racist so the question itself was racist. It has nothing to do with issues.

Oh my God, that S.O.B. shou... (Below threshold)

Oh my God, that S.O.B. should be locked up immediately! Unbelievable!

Actually the congressman mu... (Below threshold)

Actually the congressman must be the racist otherwise he would have defended The Ones agenda. Seems to me this cracker doesn't have anything positive to say.
Oh and the answer to the question "who are you" is I'm you GD boss a-hole.

He appears drunker then a..... (Below threshold)

He appears drunker then a...? Well, a Kennedy after a 6 drink lunch.

Hey Congress creep, try that shit on someone your own size like me you puss.

The face of the Democrat Pa... (Below threshold)

The face of the Democrat Party for everyone to see.

Lee "Clearly the kid wanted... (Below threshold)

Lee "Clearly the kid wanted to provoke a confrontation"

actually, that's NOT clear. He didn't threaten to throw paint on him (ala PETA) or rub blood on him (Code Pink), or use a bull-horn (ACORN and SEIU). He asked him a QUESTION and had a [gasp!!!] CAMERA in his hand.

The Congressman SLAPPED the kids hand holding the camera, grabbed and refused to release his hand even though REPEATEDLY being asked and pleaded with to do so...and then essentially put him in a head-lock.

Geez Lee...when does "NO" mean "NO"??? This ass-clown could have walked away...as he eventually did...at any time. He CHOSE to assault the YOUNG KID IN A SUIT. It wasn't a dark street or alley...and there wasn't a threatening mob!

This was criminal assault, unlawful detention (yes that applies to civilians) and battery.

Plenty there for a judge & jury.

For Lee there is no out of ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

For Lee there is no out of bounds or any act which is too far for a liberal to take. Lee excuses the jerk's actions as having been provoked, ignoring the fact that the entire incident is on video and anyone can see that the attack was entirely unwarranted.

Lee will excuse any and all excesses by the dems. Frankly I'm surprised he hasn't called for the students to be arrested, but then he's probably too busy filing bogus complaints with YouTube trying to get them to take the video down.

Lee It is not clear ... (Below threshold)

It is not clear to me at all that that young man wanted a confrontation and I honestly cannot understand your thought process. That kid looks young enough to me to be in high school. Looking at this really pi**ed me off and I am not a violent man. If I were that young mans father I would press charges. Yes,Lee the student should have ID.d himself but that dosen't exonerate dickwad. Lee with a thought process like yours I hope and pray you don't have any children. I believe if some people didn't reproduce alot of our problems would simply dissapear.

Lee "Clearly the kid wan... (Below threshold)

Lee "Clearly the kid wanted to provoke a confrontation"

Clearly???? Maybe through your racist eyes Lee, but to me it clearly looked like a nicely dressed young man respectfully asking a PUBLIC SERVANT a legitimate question about policy.

You see everything through your racist ignorant eyes Lee, but you do have a certain entertainment value here, so how's that working out for ya?

I think old Bob just crack... (Below threshold)

I think old Bob just cracked his rice bowl.

The mask comes off.... (Below threshold)

The mask comes off.

Lee WardWhen he gr... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Lee Ward

When he grabbed the kid - that is called assault.

I know I know

Republicans were for assault before a black man became president.

And this is what passes for... (Below threshold)

And this is what passes for one of our "lawmakers". Disgusting. The jerk must of felt like a big he-man, grabbing a kid.
The kid should have kicked him in the groin. Sue the bastard.

I think he is frustrated/ a... (Below threshold)

I think he is frustrated/ angry with Barry just like everyone at this point and couldn't handle having to excuse his messiahs failures.

The rest of the world thinks Barrys a laughing stock and this clown just had one to many kool-aids and these youngsters pushed his buttons by asking a straight question.

Hahahahaahahaha, go to jail dumbass!

The congressman was out of ... (Below threshold)

The congressman was out of line and his actions were reprehensible. Was it a misdemeanor assault? Yes. However I have issues when people in these cases rant, rave and act as if it the same as punching someone. It isn't. It is similar to someone standing way to close to someone or poking someone in a hostile manner. It is inappropriate. It gives justification for the kid in this case to take violent actions if he was so inclined. Unfortunately doing that to someone of influence gets you in more trouble than is fair. Life isn't fair sometimes.

That said, hopefully this congressman pays a price for his bad behavior. Unfortunately since he is a Democrat he won't. If he was a Republican this would be all over the news but I am doubtful it will get much if any coverage by the MSM.

Awful.How to handl... (Below threshold)
James H:


How to handle students who want a confrontation: Smile real big for the camera, ask the students about their families, and tell them how you're gonna help their family.

Wayne, it became like "punc... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Wayne, it became like "punching someone" when the Congressman grabbed the young man around the neck. One might say it was a poorly executed "headlock."

I consider it MUCH MORE than "someone standing way to close to someone or poking someone in a hostile manner."

Even liberal idiots on the ... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Even liberal idiots on the Internet would have a tough time reflexively defending the Democrat on this one.

We'll see more of this as e... (Below threshold)

We'll see more of this as election season approaches. The Dem's got nothing to crow about, so every question thrown to them will be answered in attack mode.

Caesar,"Even liber... (Below threshold)


"Even liberal idiots on the Internet would have a tough time reflexively defending the Democrat on this one."

I believe that you give them too much credit. (See: Ward, Lee)

So, Wayne, you're saying it... (Below threshold)

So, Wayne, you're saying it was "assault," but not "assault-assault?"


Jay, you took the words out... (Below threshold)

Jay, you took the words out of my mouth.

And Lee. Lee, Lee, Lee, you've gotten so predictable and boring. You're just no fun anymore.

Boring.Anything ev... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:


Anything ever happen with that other attack in New Orleans -- Allee somethingorother?

I forgot . . . yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn . . . no one cares.

Caesar,See: Browne... (Below threshold)


See: Browne, Adrian

At least in my state, I bel... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

At least in my state, I believe this is worse.

The uncalled for attitude by the Congressman is assault.
The contact is battery, particularly the grabbing of the neck.

With what is on video, it's an open-and-shut case. Whether it is a misdemeanor or felony, that's up to a prosecutor.

Being approached on the street in a non-threatening manner is NOT an excuse for assault and battery (except in the basement of Lee Ward's mother).

Even odds on if The Brietba... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Even odds on if The Brietbart Victims™ will show up in wheelchairs for their FoxNews appearances tomorrow.

WARNING: Desperate racist a... (Below threshold)

WARNING: Desperate racist attempt to hijack thread on aisle 33

❝faux outrage❞ you say?!!<b... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

❝faux outrage❞ you say?!!

Wasn't just about a week ago that Sarah Palin WENT ON THE INTERNET to complain about a lack of privacy?

If posting complaints on one's Facebook profile page doesn't signify Real Outrage™ then I don't know what does!

Hey LeeLook at the... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Hey Lee

Look at the video closely. At about 28 seconds in you see the student has either a camera or a cell phone in his hand. The congressman snatches it out of his hand and walks away with it.

That is theft on top of assault.

I know I know

Republicans were for theft and assault before a black man became president.

Lee Ward is done with tryin... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Lee Ward is done with trying to defend Congresscritter Etheridge (D-Assault&Battery). Even Lee realizes it is not possible, even from his mother's basement.

Thus the diatribe from the Racist Wuss in post 33.

JayNews flash, there... (Below threshold)

News flash, there are many levels of assault. This one is on the low end of the scale but not the lowest. If you not currently aware of the different levels of assault then only practical experience will help you out. Pretending all assaults are equal hurts you credibility.

Let me poke you a while and you may change your mind.

It is unlikely to get him on a theft case. Don't know if he kept it or lay it down while walking away. There are spray devices and guns that look like cell phones and waving an object in front of the guys face could be considered threatening. Any decent lawyer would know this.

I understand these are amateur photographers but the quality of filming and how it is done makes me cautious from drawing too much from it.

I do believe the congressman was way out of line. I also don't have much love for Democrats. However I believe that when you overstate and exaggerate your case, you lose credibility.

Lee Ward: "...anonymous put... (Below threshold)

Lee Ward: "...anonymous putz and his little brother get in a Congressman's way and get shoved for it"

Try watching the video, asshole. They didn't get in his way. They asked him the OUTRAGEOUS question: "Do you support President Obama's agenda?"

Period. He goes OUT OF HIS WAY to assault them, and doesn't "shove" the boy, he ASSAULTS the boy. For over a minute he twists his arm, and then looks to be getting ready to put the boy in a headlock.

Faux outrage? REAL outrage. And if this asshole was a Republican I would be calling for his head as well!!

Leave the country Lee...just get the fuck out.

LeeYou lost all cred... (Below threshold)

You lost all credibility a long time ago.

Many of the above posters are at least moderately if not very consistent regardless of what party they are talking about. Some are better than others. I am not without errors myself. Others point it out and sometime they are mistaken. I do the same with them. Sometime it is just a different point of view. However a different point of view doesn't mean you can justifiably fabricate facts like you tend to do.

Lee Ward"And the w... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Lee Ward

"And the way the wingnuts licked BP's feet as they practiced Faux Outrage "

Yeah while taking more money from them than anyone else in the past 20 years.

here let me save you the trouble.

Republicans were for bootlicking faux outrage before a black man became president.

Attention Please!C... (Below threshold)

Attention Please!

Could y'all read Lee Ward's last two posts and then tell me why I shouldn't get more points on comment #26? I hate asking for votes, but really? Did you read what our friendly troll had to say? I think that he probably sprayed so much spittle on the keyboard while typing that we can all claim to be spit on like Emanuel Cleaver.

SER, I just went and voted ... (Below threshold)

SER, I just went and voted for your comment #26.


Lee and the Left would be defending this Congressman even if he had literally thrown this kid in front of a passing bus...killing him instantly.

Lee Ward: "The bastard had it coming!"

yup...dont' you DARE ask a Democrat a question!!

One thing for sure, if he d... (Below threshold)

One thing for sure, if he does something like that to my children he wont have to worry about pressing of any charges. But the thing he will have to be concern is how to enroll in Obamacare insurance to pay for his hospital bills when i finish with him///////

He looks like the type that... (Below threshold)

He looks like the type that goes home and beats his boyfriend up for not having his supper ready.

This is just another sign t... (Below threshold)

This is just another sign that our country is going to hell!

When a young man thinks that he can just walk up to an elected official and address him as if they are actually equals its time to remind people who thier betters are.

Honestly, this kid is lucky he isn't in the town stockade somewhere waiting for his horse whipping!

This mediocrity, Rep. Ether... (Below threshold)

This mediocrity, Rep. Etheridge, is in an adjoining Congressional District (I have a Dimocrap mediocrity in my District as well, unfortunately) and used to be, get this, the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of NC. Yes, this moron was all for The Chirren, before he tried to strangle them.

Someone said he sounded drunk in the vid., but surely, if you've heard him speak on other occasions, you know he is a slack-jawed, corn pone, plain vanilla wrapper mediocrity.

So, we could do much better, but he's in a Dimocrap district, so plan on more stupidity--either a re-election, or some other know-nothing mediocrity to fill his seat.

Oh, I'd bet that he's going... (Below threshold)

Oh, I'd bet that he's going to have a race this time around, especially if he keeps writing ads like that outburst captured on video.

Renee Ellmers R NC-02
She's everything he's not.

I hope he gets arrested and faces a trial, nothing excuses his actions, nothing.

Lee Ward"I didn't ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Lee Ward

"I didn't defend the Congressman"

but above

"but no, he shouldn't be locked up immediately"

"And here some anonymous putz and his little brother get in a Congressman's way and get shoved for it - OUTRAGEOUS says the right, as they rest of America laughs as the Fauxness of it all"

and then your sarcasm
"WOW, - I'm outraged that he looked that way - OUTRAGED!!! How dare he look like he's going to so something! throw him in jail!"

Sure looks like you were defending him to me.

I know I know

Republicans were for defending outrageous crimes by congressman until a black man became President.

So the question for lee and... (Below threshold)

So the question for lee and his butt buddie adrian is..... Is it ok for a PUBLIC SERVANT to grab a college student and put him in a headlock because he asked a question the A-HOLE didn't like? It has nothing to do with Joe the Plumber or Herbert Hoover "racist teabaggers" or any other conseravtive boogie man you want to dredge up. It's current events political thuggery OK or not? Oh and I for one am not OUTRAGED but I do believe we should be able to hold our "leaders" to a high standard of conduct what say you.

Headline: "Democrat demands... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Headline: "Democrat demands student show papers."

Never mind Lee. He is livin... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Never mind Lee. He is living vicariously through the congressman. Boots on the neck, hands on the throat -- what's the difference?






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