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Attempt to enter MacDill AFB with weapons foiled

I imagine this will be a bigger story in the morning as more details become available but two people were detained today attempting to enter MacDill Air Force Base in Florida. Details are still very scarce and the two people (a man and a woman) have not been identified by name nor has any affiliation with any group been announced.

FOXNews has some limited details.

Military-style gear and weapons were found inside the vehicle of a man and woman who attempted to gain illegal entry to MacDill Air Force Base in Florida on Monday, the military said.

The two were in custody after trying to access the base about 5:00 p.m. local time through the Bayshore Gate, according to a United States Air Force statement.

Base public affairs officer Senior Airman Katherine B. Holt reports a man and woman were unable to show proper identification Monday evening, and their vehicle was searched. Security found military-style gear and weapons in the sport utility vehicle but no explosives. Holt says she didn't know how many weapons were removed but they were [of] rifle-type.

Gateway Pundit links to some video of ABC news coverage of the event.

Efforts to link the two suspects to the tea party have no doubt already begun...


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Comments (7)

Isn't that the main hq for ... (Below threshold)

Isn't that the main hq for centcom?

MacDill, big base, big secu... (Below threshold)

MacDill, big base, big security. CENTCOM AND SOCCOM besides 6th AMW. If we had the same security at airports, I'd feel a lot safer.

Potential MSNBC headline: "... (Below threshold)

Potential MSNBC headline: "Racist Tea-bagger attempts to infiltrate MacDill in angry response to wonderful Health Care Plan passage"

..........to be followed shortly thereafter with

"Peace-loving follower of islam, after suffering thru years of financial hardship under the Bush regime, attempts to persuade fellow Americans of the thoughtlessness of the current empire building escapades of the US in the Middle East"

"At this point there is no ... (Below threshold)

"At this point there is no indication that it is a terrorist act," Cohen said.

Yep, everything is honky dory. AWOL soldier returns to base with weapons and ammo and tries to get through the gate with phony ID.

Nothing to see here, move on.

Whomever they are they woul... (Below threshold)

Whomever they are they would be great additions to a blockade running flotilla.

As opposed to the headlines... (Below threshold)

As opposed to the headlines expected here:

Suspected violent islamofascist extremists with possible links to Saddam Hussein (who may or may not visited Kenya 9 months before Obama's birth) were caught by **non-law-enforcement methods** when attempting to slip into an army base, probably to slip Gayness pills into our unfiltered unfluoridated rainwater.

..........to be followed shortly thereafter with

Complete lone nut who just happens to be a conservative watcher of Fox and believes Glenn Beck's notions that Obama is a socialist out to destroy America, was captured by jackbooted government thugs, possibly while attempting to exercise his Second Amendment rights. This in no way reflects any responsibility on Fox, Beck, or other conservatives for seeding the public discourse with factless scaremongering insanity that some people clearly cannot handle.

The man was of course also dependent on socialized care such as Social Security, Medicare and/or disability, which was about to get cut off.

You know what? Above post i... (Below threshold)

You know what? Above post is unfair. I was just having fun with the language. You guys are actually, seriously making reasonable statements I can generally agree with, and withholding judgement until the facts are in.






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