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Who ordered the Bushwacker?

Was it the President?  Was it someone on his staff?  Was it someone at the restaurant?



President Obama made his fourth visit to the Gulf region on Monday and promised that the area would bounce back from the catastrophic BP oil spill. On day 55 of the Gulf oil spill disaster, Obama also declared Gulf seafood safe to eat and promised that his administration would make sure it would stay that way.

Obama managed to kiss babies, suck down a rum drink called the "Bushwacker", have lunch with some locals and stop for an icy "snow ball" treat during his first day back in the Gulf region. 

Bushwacker eh?

Umm... Mr. President... he's been gone now for nearly a year and half... isn't it time to move on?

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Comments (29)

Blaming Bush, empty threats... (Below threshold)

Blaming Bush, empty threats, and unfulfilled promises are all he has.

The US govt is a rudderless ship with him in charge.

Gulf seafood safe to eat? I... (Below threshold)

Gulf seafood safe to eat? Its probably safer then you being in the White House but by all means Barry you go first.

A "NinnyNagin" would have h... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

A "NinnyNagin" would have hit the spot that day I say.

Obama can't suck up the oil... (Below threshold)

Obama can't suck up the oil spill with a straw but he seems to be doing an ok job on the girlie drink. It's strange that this "guy" doesn't see how odd these photo ops are.

Drinking alcohol before lun... (Below threshold)

Drinking alcohol before lunch? And they talked about Bush's drinking history. Maybe I'm a bit of a prude, but I don't think the Commander-in-Chief needs to be drinking rum in the morning. Wine with dinner--fine. Rum in the middle of a crisis? What's next, a golf outing?

We have the Idiot to thank ... (Below threshold)

We have the Idiot to thank for the upcoming landslide. Just read on RCP that S. Herseth, running for her fourth term, is done.

Throw all the liberal clowns (both R and D, but of course mostly D) out of office. I'm borrowing that from a Wizbangblue clown from a couple years ago (except for the part in parenthesis). Credit where credit is due.

Our President sucks.... (Below threshold)

Our President sucks.

Obama is an utter disgrace ... (Below threshold)

Obama is an utter disgrace and embarrassment at every photo op.

I wonder if he bowed to his drink before sucking on the straw.

I wish he would spend ALL his time trying to get get his golf game under 100 over par instead of destroying America.

CNN: 5 YEARS AFTER KATRINA ... (Below threshold)


New Orleans stinks, Barry drinks!

Well at least he's good at ... (Below threshold)

Well at least he's good at something! And after November, he'll be drinking a lot more!

Real men drink Bushwackers.... (Below threshold)

Real men drink Bushwackers.

No, Roy, real men are "bush... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

No, Roy, real men are "bushwackers"!

Obama, on the other hand, tries to sound like one for politically expedient occasions.

Agree with SeattleTransplan... (Below threshold)

Agree with SeattleTransplant. These are strange photo's for Obama in the Gulf.
These photo-ops are more appropriate for a campaign than a visit to a disaster site.

Then again, I suspect he can't help himself.
It's all he knows.

Hey Lee, since no one else ... (Below threshold)

Hey Lee, since no one else said it:

That's a BLACK straw he's sucking on, isn't it?

I believe the American peop... (Below threshold)

I believe the American people ordered the bushwhacker, back in November of 2008.

Here Lee Ward let me save y... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Here Lee Ward let me save you the trouble

Republicans were for black men drinking Bushwhackers before a black man became president.

I believe the American peop... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

I believe the American people ordered a president in November 2008, but we got this fool of a community organizer.

Jimmy X, Bush did not run i... (Below threshold)

Jimmy X, Bush did not run in 2008. The liberals are so dense.

On to Obama: This guy wanders around like he does not have a clue. He is used to campaigning only. Using words to edify a crowd. Now the crowd wants answers and not words and he doesn't have a clue how to lead. 55 days in and nothing of any substance of leadership coming from him or his administration. 55 days after 9/11, Bush was prepared for war with all our allies. What a difference. I miss GW immensely. ww

Wildwillie-y, Obama ran on ... (Below threshold)

Wildwillie-y, Obama ran on reversing Bush's policies and their horrible impact. It seems the only places he's doing bad is where he's not reversing them...

You're right though re: Bush's preparedness. He actually did bring us into conflict with all our allies.

I miss GW too WW. Husseins ... (Below threshold)

I miss GW too WW. Husseins reversal of 4% unemployment to 14% And his increasing the National debt by 500% is so progressive I can barely contain my joy.

I'm probably in the minorit... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

I'm probably in the minority, but when you start reading something into Obama having a drink that's pretty freakin' popular all over the Caribbean and Gulf coast you need to turn a blind eye to politics for a few days.

That being said, anything but beer or an Old Fashioned is the ghey.

jim x, you stupid douchebag... (Below threshold)

jim x, you stupid douchebag.

What policies did Zero reverse? Gitmo? Iraq? New war in Afghanistan? (I'm for keeping combatants locked up and killing al Qaeda/Taliban, btw so he's doing OK there!) Lobbyists in the Whitehouse? Golfing too much? Killing the economy? Bloating gummint?

How F'n stupid are you? No - really?

apx, be fair. He reversed q... (Below threshold)

apx, be fair. He reversed quite a few of Bush's policies. Ones like not insulting and snubbing our allies, like Israel, India, the UK, Japan, Taiwan...

He's certainly working hard at restoring our relationships with our traditional allies. For example, he's reset the UK right back to the 1820's or so.


JT ~ Don't forget selling o... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

JT ~ Don't forget selling out Eastern Europe to Russian, ticking off China to the point where neither they nor the Norks pay him any attention because he is weak, or allowing the Iranians to develop nukes unhindered by anything but his heated breath on their feet.

Not to mention the utter failure he has been domestically, too. No wonder he is Jimmah Cahtah's favorite President!

Ordering a girlie drink isn't too surprising, given that he was "mentored" by Frank Marshall Davis while at Columbia.

Thanks for the added perspe... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the added perspective, Jay Tea!

After 8 years of combined MFM/lib Boooosh-bashing, I loves me some double-barreled payback to the pinheads that gave us this mess; although I'm normally just a little ray of sunshine.

Exclusive CNN strategy sess... (Below threshold)

Exclusive CNN strategy session update:

Barry has a "battle plan" for the gulf?

Is it:

A.) An exit strategy.

B.) A surge.

C.) Have another beer summitt.

D.) Beg Bush for advice then blame him.

E.) Get it all out in the open on Okrah.

F.) Continue to vote "present".

G.) Blame the angst on the Tea Parties.

H.) Return to west baptist and confess.

I.) Consult with his ego and finding no room for growth, take his cut of the stimulus and retire.

APX, everything you said to... (Below threshold)

APX, everything you said to me rebounds off of me and adheres firmly to you. This is because I am rubber, whereas you are in fact glue.

As you apparently didn't like to read, my post which you are attempting to respond to says:

It seems the only places he's doing bad is where he's not reversing them

So, thank you for listing all the policies that Obama is not reversing. Well done! If only it actually disproved my statement - instead of agreeing with it.

You further make a mistake in listing policies that Obama is actually reversing:

Golfing too much? Killing the economy? Bloating gummint?

Presuming "golfing too much" means days spent away from working, that puts Obama at 26 days, vs. GWB's Presidential record of 77 days away from the office.

Presuming "killing the economy" means "continuing Bush's track record of hurting the economy", Obama's reversal of Bush's tax-cuts-as-panacea policy has, according to nearly all nonpartisan economists stopped this recession from becoming an economic collapse.

As for "bloating gummint" - Obama didn't run on shrinking government. He ran on having government work better for the people than it was under Bush. So far he's succeeding.

I'd say "sorry if you don't like it", but I'm not really that sorry. I'm glad America is actually doing better.

jim x -You mean yo... (Below threshold)

jim x -

You mean you're a rubberhead, whereas I am, in fact, the employed glue that's still keeping things rolling financially.


"I'm glad America is actually doing better."

Better with significantly higher unemployment and lower tax revenues to fund the interest on the Jug-Eared Douche's debt? Social Security already outdrawing the transfer funds?

The tax cuts haven't even been reversed - when they are, you'll see significant economic damage through increased job cuts in the small business sector. Front-line damage of the health insurance fiasco has already occurred - earnings hits on companies, and we will see huge health insurance premium increases due to policy.

Get back up out of the basement - your mamma's calling you to lunch...

Apb -Seeing as how... (Below threshold)

Apb -

Seeing as how I'm also employed, that means you are definitely not the glue holding me together. Good for both of us.

Better, because the rate that we're shedding jobs has slowed down and consumer spending is up. And Obama didn't have jug ears, by the way. You must be thinking of another douche.

Yes, Obama increased the debt. That's because sometimes when one administration blows a lot of money and makes a mess, the next administration has to spend more money to get out of it. For a previous example of this, see Hoover -> FDR.

I work at an office. Perhaps you work from home - in which case I'd clean your room before your mom cuts your allowance.






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