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Invasion USA


Absolutely unbelievable.

Heavily-armed foreign nationals invade the US, and what is the federal government's response?


Signs that warn Americans to stay out of American parkland because of the danger of armed foreign nationals within.

Not surprisingly, the signs are printed on white. White, the color of surrender.

And these aren't poor people, just looking to support their families. These aren't migrants doing the jobs Americans won't do. These aren't refugees looking to escape poverty and violence. These are armed invaders. This is reconquista.

What this is, is the paranoid ravings of the right-wing militia nuts come to reality.

Which brings an interesting idea to mind.

The federal government has, in essence, declared a very large stretch of American territory as too dangerous for Americans to visit, because of foreign invaders. Why not just formally declare it conquered territory, and keep civilians out?

Then bring in a bunch of those militia nuts and let them do what they've been bragging they've been training for. Declare the whole area a free-fire zone, send in the militias, and everybody wins.

Hell, put the whole thing on pay-per-view, and we could almost pay for Obama's fantasy programs. Well, some of them, anyway.

All semi-kidding aside (come on, the idea of those militia nuts mixing it up with the Mexican drug cartels in an area with no innocents is the ultimate win-win scenario), this is absolute proof that Arizona has the right idea: the federal government is staunchly refusing to live up to its obligations to secure the borders and defend our nation. Confronted with an ongoing de facto seizure of American territory by armed foreign nationals, the response isn't law enforcement or soldiers, but big old signs telling Americans to stay the hell out of our own territory and please don't bother the invaders.

Is this the Change you Hoped for?


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Comments (19)

You'll notice that the sign... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

You'll notice that the signs are in English only. They might as well read Gringos Keep Out!

I'm sure there's going to b... (Below threshold)

I'm sure there's going to be some folks supporting this action, along the fashion of "We must keep people safe, and this is the cheapest way to do it."

And it's the wrong way. This is total abdication of responsibility for border control, which is the responsibility of the government.

It could be argued there's no money for it. And they'd be right - we've fucking broke and up to our eyeballs in debt. That's not going to change, either. But isn't it interesting to see how there's always money found for 'stimulus' packages, and giveaways, and 'emergencies' when unions are involved?

No union, no money - it's pretty clear. So since no unions are involved, the cheap route is perfectly acceptable. So what if we give up federal land? It's not like we USE it for anything, after all...

Except as part of our nation.

It could well be that borders simply don't register with President World-Citizen - but they do with the rest of us, and though HE doesn't seem to think this important enough to do anything about, he's wrong. It's a losing issue for him.

Border control's now officially become a farce, and not a particularly amusing one at that.

Hey don't be bad mouthing t... (Below threshold)

Hey don't be bad mouthing the new wave of registered democrats...

Jay,I say we direc... (Below threshold)


I say we direct 200K National Guard and Marine reserve units into the area. We can bring back some control burns using Hellfire, claymores and mortars. It a two fer reduce large scale forest fires and kill Criminal Aliens. We can inter the bodies on site to act as natural compost.

2 1/2 years to go? ... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

2 1/2 years to go?

This ain't going to go well... (Below threshold)

This ain't going to go well for dope smugglers.


This seems less a law-enfor... (Below threshold)
James H:

This seems less a law-enforcement matter and more a military matter. Perhaps some National Guard units under the command of the governor? With some US Army units attached?

"You'll notice that the sig... (Below threshold)
Don L:

"You'll notice that the signs are in English only. They might as well read Gringos Keep Out!"

Press one for ebonics?

The good citizens of the St... (Below threshold)

The good citizens of the State of Arizona, could take care of this themselves if it weren't illegal for us to hunt the smugglers down ourselves. The cry of "Off with their Heads!" would resound throughout the left and right if citizens truly took the actions required.

When it comes to neglecting national security, both sides of the political equation have been lacking.

The United States Army has stopped this kind of invasion before. It is why a string of Forts and camps were along the border through most of the 19th century. It wasn't to keep citizens in.

Two words: cluster bombs.</... (Below threshold)
John S:

Two words: cluster bombs.

here Lee Ward let me save y... (Below threshold)
retired military:

here Lee Ward let me save you the trouble

Republicans didnt mind being invaded by brown skinned people before a black man became President.

Hmmmm? Barry doesn't believ... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm? Barry doesn't believe in protecting our borders from the oncoming rush of illegals or the gushin onslaught of oil.

It appears he's just a selfish celf centered bastard.

Should not purposefully not... (Below threshold)

Should not purposefully not protecting our citizens and border be considered dereliction of duty and a voluntary resignation for not upholding the oath of office, not to mention an impeachable offense on many levels?

I think so. These domestic enemies have to go.

Have gun, will travel. Wha... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Have gun, will travel. What are the restrictions for citizens to enter this area armed? If the federal government will not protect our borders maybe it is time are an armed citizens group to do so.

moseby tells us to refrain ... (Below threshold)

moseby tells us to refrain from bad mouthing the new wave of registered democrats ...

Who are, indeed, already registered. As are their family pets. Online, before they hit the Arizona desert. No ID required.

Isn't that area a wildlife ... (Below threshold)

Isn't that area a wildlife refuge? Possession of a loaded firearm in a wildlife refuge is prohibited, and a federal offense.

What happened to the Minute... (Below threshold)
Mike Lorrey:

What happened to the Minutemen? Isn't it their schtick to go where the gummint won't go and confront these illegals, armed?

olsojer: No it isn't anymore, that regulation was thrown out as unconstitutional.

I agree with you on mos... (Below threshold)

I agree with you on most of your points, but you fail to mention that Bush had the PERFECT opportunity to stop illegal immigration after 9/11 happened. Every one of those 19 hijackers were illegals ( I know that's not what you heard, but its true. Regardless of visa, it is illegal to enter the U.S. with the intent of committing terrorism, so they were all illegals.) And yet not only did Bush not capitalize on this opportunity, BUT HE DOUBLED THE FLOOD OF ILLEGALS INTO THE U.S. AFTER SEPTEMBER 11TH. When Clinton left there were 7 million illegals in our country, now there are 15 million. And, remember, Bush TRIED TWICE TO PUSH AN AMNESTY DOWN THE THROATS OF AMERICANS. Thank God he failed.

Now is the time for all goo... (Below threshold)

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of Arizona.

Question: what is the bag limit on drug smugglers?






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