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Don't ask Mickey Kaus if he had fun

Mickey Kaus ran against Barbara Boxer in the Democratic primary for the US Senate with a very specific purpose in mind, and it wasn't to have fun. Check out his interview with Glenn Reynolds on PJTV.


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What a smart guy with a lot... (Below threshold)

What a smart guy with a lot of balls. He's no democrat.

Let me qualify that. He's l... (Below threshold)

Let me qualify that. He's like no democrat currently in the senate.

He's what Democrats used to... (Below threshold)

He's what Democrats used to be.

When somebody gets 5% of th... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

When somebody gets 5% of the vote and yet still is being interviewed about their candidacy, well, let's just say irrelevance has a way of perpetuating its own irrelevancy.

Thanks TimT... (Below threshold)

Thanks Tim

Thats what I was eluding to. More like a 1940-50's Democrat.

Eluding - that's what o doe... (Below threshold)

Eluding - that's what o does when he's supposed to exhibit leadership or take responsibility.

Alluding - that's when we talk about how evil some people can be, like certain people being friends with unrepentant terrorists when referring to o's relationship to BA.

I still haven't heard him r... (Below threshold)

I still haven't heard him respond to the allegations that he fellates goats though. Does he have something to hide?






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