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If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, This Is An Encylopedia

OK, a brief break from politics.

I have recently discovered a brief video that addresses two major interests of mine, in a truly insightful and profound manner, and I have to share it.

The first it addresses is the amazingly fundamental way the internet is affecting us all -- both as individuals, and as a society. So many people are spending more and more time and energy on the virtual worlds, and less and less in "meatspace." A lot of people have more interactions with other people through electronic, virtual space -- the internet, text messaging, cell phones -- than in actual face-to-face encounters.

And it's making great changes in our perceptions of ourselves and each other. There are people who prefer to keep themselves physically isolated, while still considering themselves to have rich, fulfilling social lives through their computers, their smart phones, and whatnot.

Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Or is it just different? Is it inevitable?

Regardless, it's happening. And we can't just ignore it.

The other matter this video brings to sharp relief is another matter that has been an interest of mine for... let's see... carry the seven... about 30 years now, and affirms this very long-standing bias of mine:

Redheaded women are hawt.


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Comments (19)

All I can say is: Jay, welc... (Below threshold)

All I can say is: Jay, welcome to the club! That video is a classic and you should be happy to know: just the tip of the iceberg. Lots of fans across the world are anxiously awaiting season 4 of the web series "The Guild". For the previous three seasons:

The Guild

You can watch everything free or support these amazingly talented people by buying stuff on DVD.

I've been a fan of these vi... (Below threshold)

I've been a fan of these videos for a long time.

But I understand about the time not spent in meatspace. While I've been someone who has never been really fond of people, it suits me fine to communicate via internet, phone etc. I can always turn those things off.

I'm also a redhead :) (Although "hawt" has never been an adjective I'd have used to describe myself. I'm quite average.)

Aw, JT, you were hooked on ... (Below threshold)

Aw, JT, you were hooked on her as Penny, weren't you?

epador, you twit. I was hoo... (Below threshold)

epador, you twit. I was hooked on her as Vi.

"Hey, cool! Vi and Caleb meet Doogie!"

Alternately, "Codex and Captain Tightpants meet Barney Stinson!"


I can always tell just by t... (Below threshold)

I can always tell just by the blurb visible in one of Kevin's FB updates which posts are yours. Talk about distinctive!

You just discovered this video? It's addictive. The kids love it. I actually got a DM from Felicia on Twitter, back when I was on it regularly.

Oyster, if there's one thin... (Below threshold)

Oyster, if there's one thing a redhead is not allowed to be it's "average." Simply doesn't happen.


Oyster's a redhead? I'll be in my bunk...

Oyster, if there's... (Below threshold)
Oyster, if there's one thing a redhead is not allowed to be it's "average." Simply doesn't happen.

I totally agree JT

Oyster's a filly?I... (Below threshold)

Oyster's a filly?

If that's the case, you are smokin' in my book.

Heh...redheads are my weakn... (Below threshold)

Heh...redheads are my weakness. My fiancee is a redhead. Fell for her at first sight. I love the little series this girl has. She also had a little spot in the Lowes commercials. Remember the one where the red washer/dryer is said to be the customers favorite color?

That was Sears, Rich. She's... (Below threshold)

That was Sears, Rich. She's still in the ads -- check out the silhouettes. She's on the right.

And she was on House... and her Cheeto's ad was great.

Not that I'm a stalker or anything...


Dan beat me to it... I love... (Below threshold)

Dan beat me to it... I love that video, and The Guild is epic.

Blondes are the Bomb! Not ... (Below threshold)

Blondes are the Bomb! Not that Im a stalker either..Ha ha ha

Sears....Lowes...I wasn't r... (Below threshold)

Sears....Lowes...I wasn't really paying that much attention to the product. :)

You're not really considere... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

You're not really considered an internet big shot nowadays until you've used the phrase "my avatars will contact your avatars to work out the details." That keeps the little avatars employed virtually full time. :-)

Many readheads don't age so... (Below threshold)

Many readheads don't age so well (except maybe oyster), so if you are looking into the future, check out their parents before you commit yourself...

I dub thee "Neo-Hermits"</p... (Below threshold)

I dub thee "Neo-Hermits"

Red heads don't age well?<b... (Below threshold)

Red heads don't age well?
Lol, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ;p

My exwife is a red head, so were a lot of exgirlfriends so yes, we both share an affinity for them JT.

Oyster, "Average Redhead" does not compute, you're smokin' in my book.

FWIW I stopped playing MMORPG's last June. When you get home and head into the home office to a second 8 hour job it's no longer any fun.

Yes, I had a well equipped toon and was in the top 10 on the server in my class. We had a rocking guild that was ALWAYS busy but it killed my social life when guild raid requirements ate my weekends and made real life a lot harder to take care of. Do I miss it? sometimes but I am no longer a cave cricket white complexion and weekends on the water or just outside are a lot more fun.

I love red heads too, Jay T... (Below threshold)

I love red heads too, Jay Tea.

Just something about them......

Also, I should note: yes, y... (Below threshold)

Also, I should note: yes, yes I do want to date her avatar. Codex FTW.






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