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Bob Etheridge... meet John Wayne

Was talking to a co-worker when this story first hit and I told him that had I been one of these college students, I'd have been arrested for mauling this idiot Congressman.

Now this comes along and all I can do is give a big thumbs up to Duke Wayne:

With major props to Don Surber for the find.

Crossposted at Brutally Honest.


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Comments (11)

#1 ?Do you ... (Below threshold)

#1 ?

Do you prefer pistachios or almonds BryanD?

Reading that comment makes ... (Below threshold)
swift boater:

Reading that comment makes me sad that his/her vote will count as much as mine.

"The "boy" (the Duke's own words) had a script..."

Script? Do you support the Obama agenda is a script? Sounds like a perfectly reasonable QUESTION to a Congressman in lockstep with the President.

And it's not the citizen's duty to answer the Congressman's question, it's the Congressman's duty to answer the question's of his constituents.

Lame, brain dead defense.

I think we can bring Bryan ... (Below threshold)

I think we can bring Bryan back from the darkside.

He's just waiting for hope and change to arrive

Maybe the script was on the... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Maybe the script was on the cellphone that the congressman stole from the boys left hand and walked away with.

I keep watching this and re... (Below threshold)

I keep watching this and remember that I was always trained that someone grabbing at your neck is considered a lethal threat. If he had grabbed me like that I would have dislocated his knee post haste. What a buffoon!

"Theft" is now "capture the... (Below threshold)

"Theft" is now "capture the flag"? Orwell would be so proud of bryanD.

Can we's has some "defeat is victory" and "weakness is strength" bryanD?

bryanD,Hopfully you ... (Below threshold)

Hopfully you go back and read your idiotic posts, but I doubt if you have the concentration abilities to do so.
Tell the readers how you can honestly support your congressman's actions?
Then tell the readers how any (Democrat or Republican) congressman has the right to treat any voter in that manner.
Don't try to distract from his actions and don't try to divert attention to something as mundane as your above posts.
Just explain the justification of your congressman's bullying tactics - doesn't matter whether the individual could have retaliated or not, or whether it was a "One sentence" script as you so asininely claim!
Please, justify the congressman's actions, honestly and in your own words.
The readers are waiting!

BryanDNice! You h... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Nice! You have an adult (a congressman at that) stealing from a teenager and you excuse it. Must be the kind of actions that every liberal expect from their congressman. Theft, that is.

And what is it about gay inferences that fascinates liberals so much?

First Lee Ward, now BryanD.

Maybe you two ought to hook up and explore the subject instead of bringing it up here.

BryanD So when an... (Below threshold)


So when any reporter as a question it is ok to batter that reporter?
This is what we mean by a moral compass bryanD, It does not matter if the Congress man had a R, D, I or T after his name his actions were wrong. The reporter did not attack the man, he did not ask him a provocative question like "Do you still beat your wife?" He did not insult or demean him in anyway. If the person did not want to answer he could have said no comment.

Any objective person sees a person attacking another person without cause. You just see a D who must be excused at any cost.

Bryan did have you put on a uniform? I mean JFK and LBJ had troops in Vietnam, Clinton changed an aid mission in Somalia to a capture and kill mission, He also deployed troops all over the world. I also thought Afghanistan was the just war. So i see a multitude of reason why u should have been in uniform over the years.

I wore the Uniform and it was to defend the USA form all enemies and support and defend the constitution. It not about politics its about service.

When they hand out the jack... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

When they hand out the jack boots, BryanD will be first in line.

anyone who defends that pie... (Below threshold)

anyone who defends that piece of crap is simply an ignorant partisan moron who would sell their mother for a vote. That Congressman needs to be called out and humiliated.

He should be asked to step outside and settle things the way he tried to handle that kid.

He first needs to be charged with assault and battery.






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