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Let's ride the way back machine

Ok... it's not way back... but it is back to the Presidential campaign... and our pilot is Republican candidate for the House seat in Massachussets 3rd District (via InstaPundit):

How much of that is even more disturbing today than it was back then?


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Stalin "changed the world",... (Below threshold)

Stalin "changed the world", too.

A promise for change was made and he is keeping his promise. Obama never said "change for the better" and because he omitted that last directional bit of information, you can't say he is not keeping his promise.

I don't get what your all c... (Below threshold)

I don't get what your all complaining about.

Guantanamo is closed, the patriot act has been repealed and the war against terror is over.

What more could you ask for?

All Hail Obama!

The Gulf Oil Volcano will s... (Below threshold)
John S:

The Gulf Oil Volcano will still be gushing in November. Lots of change there. Maybe we can turn over 200 seats in Congress? That's change I can get behind!

Hiya,I am t... (Below threshold)


I am the video blogger that did this mashup. I actually pulled the camera out of the box the day I recorded it. As soon as the candidate, Mike Stopa started singing the Obama song I pictured this in my head.

I literally pulled the camera out of the box new the day I did this. So I was just learning about the hardware and software.

Mike is a PhD Physicist currently researching nano technology at Harvard.

I am also a physicist. On the campaign we have a graphic artist, a long distance runner, several techies and science nerds and we even have one comedian. We don't have any 'real' politicians. Hoooooray for that.

So I intend to create some funny stuff as we get going. Mike has a huge amount of serious issue oriented stuff on his website, but there is no reason we can't have fun too.

Visit the site at;

Cross Commented at Brutally Honest :-)






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