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New level of respect for Elton John

I have been a fan of Elton John's for as long as I can remember. Rocket Man, Your Song, Tiny Dancer, and Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me are some of my absolute favorites. When I heard he was booked to play at Rush Limbaugh's wedding, I was impressed that he bucked the popular trend held by liberals today by refusing to define himself by his politics.

Sir Elton has shown backbone once again when he refused to cave to political pressure from other liberal musicians and artists who canceled their Israel concerts as a show of solidarity with the Palestinians. But he didn't stop there. Not only did he keep his performance, but he announced while on stage during the concert that the cancellations were not going to stop him from performing in Israel:

British musician Elton John delighted Israelis by giving a concert in Tel Aviv after a string of cancelations by other world-famous artists.

The singer resisted a growing wave of calls from pro-Palestintian activists to boycott the concert and played to nearly 50,000 screaming fans.

Elton John told the crowd that nothing could have stopped him from coming. He said musicians spread love and bring people together and do not, in his words, "cherry-pick" their conscience - an apparent swipe at the artists who have canceled concerts in Israel.

Among those who canceled events in recent weeks were Elvis Costello, The Pixies, and Santana.

When he was asked about playing at Rush Limbaugh's wedding, he said, "[l]ife is about building bridges, not walls." Evidently, that is not just a line to him; he lives it. How refreshing.

I think I'll download a few Elton John songs onto my iPod this weekend.


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Hey, if he'll perform for R... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

Hey, if he'll perform for Rush Limbaugh he's proven he'll do anything for a paycheck.

No Lee.He's proven... (Below threshold)

No Lee.

He's proven he's not eaten up by irrational hatred like you and much of the left wing.

Carol wins a Kewpie Doll!</... (Below threshold)

Carol wins a Kewpie Doll!

"....he'll do anything for ... (Below threshold)

"....he'll do anything for a paycheck."

He still wouldn't go as far as you would for attention.

"Hey, if he'll perform f... (Below threshold)

"Hey, if he'll perform for Rush Limbaugh he's proven he'll do anything for a paycheck"

What will Barry do for a paycheck? Wash cars? Brush the Wookie? Whoo knows?

What a bunch of negative, c... (Below threshold)

What a bunch of negative, cynical and sad bloggers you all are...
Give the guy a break...he is a showman who knows what he's all about -- SHOW biz...not politics. So what if was paid a skillion buck$, he doesn't take it too seriously like all of you seem to, and frankly good for him.

"Hey, if he'll perform for ... (Below threshold)

"Hey, if he'll perform for Rush Limbaugh he's proven he'll do anything for a paycheck.

1. Posted by Lee Ward | June 18, 2010 6:17 PM"

First post and its from the KING of obnoxious. And such a pithy comment, too!!

"I've figured it out. Lee i... (Below threshold)

"I've figured it out. Lee is an attention whore and a drama queen, all in one ugly bigoted package. 101. Posted by Gmac | June 17, 2010 6:50 PM"

Still true to form...

Elvis Costello, The Pixies,... (Below threshold)

Elvis Costello, The Pixies, and Santana will hopefully meet tragic ends soon.

Terrorist supporters deserve no less

This is not the first time ... (Below threshold)
David M:

This is not the first time he has ruffled feathers of liberals, He was also given great flak over performing 'Stan' with Eminem at the grammys many years ago. Eminem at the time was known for having anti gay lyrics.

I was always a fan, since I... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I was always a fan, since I was a high school senior and "Your Song" was his first big hit (it was supposed to be the "B" side but took off on its own).

Kudos to him for not bowing to the terrorists.

His tribute to the fallen John Lennon is, IMO, the best:

What happened here As the New York sunset disappeared I found an empty garden among the flagstones there

Who lived here
He must have been a gardener that cared a lot
Who weeded out the tears and grew a good crop
And now it all looks strange
It's funny how one insect can damage so much grain

And what's it for
This little empty garden by the brownstone door
And in the cracks along the sidewalk nothing grows no more

Who lived here
He must have been a gardener that cared a lot
Who weeded out the tears and grew a good crop
And we are so amazed we're crippled and we're dazed
A gardener like that one no one can replace

And I've been knocking but no one answers
And I've been knocking most all the day
Oh and I've been calling oh hey hey Johnny
Can't you come out to play

And through their tears
Some say he farmed his best in younger years
But he'd have said that roots grow stronger if only he could hear

Who lived there
He must have been a gardener that cared a lot
Who weeded out the tears and grew a good crop
Now we pray for rain, and with every drop that falls
We hear, we hear your name
Johnny can't you come out to play in your empty garden

[Yes, the lyrics were by Bernie Taupin].

Is WIZBANG playing devil's ... (Below threshold)

Is WIZBANG playing devil's advocate, and one of you coming in under the guise of Lee Ward?
NO ONE could consistently be that stupid! If so please quit. It is extremely annoying. I subscribe to WIZBANG to read rational responses to news media. Even if they fly in the face of my beliefs and they are factually presented, then that gives me the opportunity to evaluate or re-evaluate my stance.
The LEE WARD comments continually detract from this site, and border on pure insanity. At one time or another, we have all responded to comments made by this disturbed mentality - and it appears it has been a total waste of time. Even Jimx presents (on occaison) some damn good food for thought, and while I don't agree with him most of the time, at least he presents his stance logically, and I can see his point of view. LEEWard is not in any way rational or realistic.
So PLEASE! If you at WIZBANG are purposefully doing this, STOP! If this persona is a real person, and he believes all this drivel, racism, etc, I ask you JAY TEA to reconsider banning him, he is extremely disturbed and his discourse has no place on this blog. If I wanted to hear drivel and irrational speech, I would go find a crack head.....at least they are amusing.

No, Olsoljer - Lee's for 'r... (Below threshold)

No, Olsoljer - Lee's for 'real' (at least, as real as any of us get... I'm a Labrador retriever with a custom keyboard myself, woof-woof...) and at one point he was (actually!) semi-rational.

But any more? Not so much... I think his stint as editor over on the Blue unhinged him completely.

Atta boy, Elton! Teach the ... (Below threshold)

Atta boy, Elton! Teach the liberals about tolerance & love. They certainly need that lesson. However, teaching any of them about liberty and freedom of choice is likely a lost cause (see Lee Ward's comment above). Keep it up anyway. Just because it's the right thing to do.

FWIW, 1972's Rocket Man<... (Below threshold)

FWIW, 1972's Rocket Man was a blatant rip off of Bowie's monstrously successful 1969 Space Oddity.

And Bowie dressed better.

Rush is and has been one of... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Rush is and has been one of the best analyists ever. He cuts through the nuance and makes simplified connections (unspinning the spin masterfully).

Elton John is apparently a very successful musician.

Rush's personal life is another matter and I have little to say positive about that. I believe we make a mistake making heros or role models out of people who are but good spokepearsons for the conservative cause and liberty,for there can be little but dissapointment in that path.

Elton john, believe us!<br ... (Below threshold)

Elton john, believe us!
We always like you,
Whether watch your concerts,
Or only a video.
Your music is so intense!
Wish to see you,
In any concert that take place,
Our love is that of Romeo.
However how pricy are tickets!
We got' em in ticketwood.com






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