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One Chief Executive Down, One More to Go

Gateway Pundit: Tony Hayward Relieved From Duties At BP

I'm so looking forward to 2012, folks ...


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Let the little people ea... (Below threshold)

Let the little people eat oil-soaked shrimp, right Michael?

As long as its 450 degrees or higher I dont care.

Well we hear about BIG OIL,... (Below threshold)

Well we hear about BIG OIL, BIG Business BIG whatever all the while the implication is that they don't care about the "SMALL" or "Little" people.

Yep if we let BHO go Then we have VP who will bemoan the lost of an articulate, clean guy who does not speak with a negro dialect.
Maybe plugs will see him at a 7-11 but nope BHO does not have slight indian accent.

So was it the open ended slush fund or Capital Hill show trail.

Yeah! Michelle Bachmann for... (Below threshold)

Yeah! Michelle Bachmann for President, Now There's Someone With Her Head Screwed On!






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