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"the country is still redeemable"

Matteo takes us to this American Thinker piece that attempts to buck up some genuine hope for the American future:

When a republic elects an executive leader and commander in chief based on little more than an ethereal charisma, that nation gets what it deserves -- a celebrity president who takes his office about as seriously as the fawning crowds took their votes. Upon such idiotic decisions great civilizations do indeed fall.

However, all is not lost. One of the most wondrous, yet inherently sound, facets of the American form of government is that mistakes -- even of this magnitude -- last only four years. And even though the damage of Obama's incompetence has been exacerbated greatly by a lapdog congressional majority willing to sell themselves and the country out to make the president's day, the country is still redeemable. When all is said and done, the Obama presidency fades into the sunset, and another presidential election comes around, Americans once again will have the chance to take their votes seriously and elect a proven, competent executive to fill the office of the presidency.

There is the chance that Obama's election will have a spectacular silver lining for our republic.


At the end of the day, every one of these folks who rallied the votes for Obama -- based on nothing but his skin color and teleprompted eloquence -- have done far more damage to the cause of African-American parity than if they had refused to indulge their identity politics and had looked at the candidate's bona fides with a skeptical, purely investigative eye. As Walter Williams wrote recently, due only to the liberal bent to encourage character and ability judgments based upon one's skin color, gender, or any other artificial label, future black candidates will indeed be judged -- whether rightly or wrongly -- by the incompetency of Barack Obama.

This is inherently unfair. Obama is not a flailing president because he is half-black. His skin color has nothing whatsoever to do with his failure to lead coherently and competently. It has to do with him as an individual. Obama's failure is the result of biting off a bigger job than he was ready to chew. What is happening to Obama is precisely what would happen to anyone in so far over his head in any job. It's no more a black thing than it is a white thing; it's no more a man thing that it is a woman thing. It's an individual thing.

President Obama still has a couple of years to go in his term. Liberals may not be breaking up with him yet. They may require more epiphanies still. But once the spell cast by identity and charisma begins to fade, it's a sure bet that the gut-wrenching, self-examining morning after is well on its way.

And in that, I think I see hope for America's restoration.

I hope Kyle-Ann Shiver is correct. 

I hope that this hope is genuine.

I hope Americans will see the Obama presidency as a teachable moment.

I hope it brings serious change to our political system.

I hope in this hope and I hope it isn't fleeting.

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Comments (28)

This piece outlines one of ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

This piece outlines one of the major reasons why Hillary will challenge and win the nomination in 2012.

Here lee let me save you the trouble especially since the author dares to mention Obama's race.

Republicans were for inexperienced politicians becoming president before a black man became president.

BTW I havent seen Lee menti... (Below threshold)
retired military:

BTW I havent seen Lee mention in any of the threads about the SC democratic senate race where the dems are trying to discredit the primary win of an african american who beat their white incumbent. Come on Lee isnt that racism? I mean what if the GOP had done it or a Tea party candidate was involved.?

Who could have forseen the ... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Who could have forseen the day...when a talentless con artist of meglomaniacal conviction would be handed the office of caesar. All hail!

It's time for the hook. Fine, Dribblin' Joe isn't a great second but lets get the superfreak off his pony before 2012.

"...Obama's incompetence...... (Below threshold)
Don L:

"...Obama's incompetence..."
He's not incompetent. He is doing exactly what he was put in there to do -take the nation down.

Also, the idea that the misinformed of perfectly informed big government is good types, won't dissapear just because Obama may lose office. They are the majority at least when you add in the dead and illegal voters.
It won't change until the jackboots hit the ground.

Big government gets power

Welcome to the cycle.

Al Greene -the second Afric... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Al Greene -the second African American president?

The problem with the "four-... (Below threshold)

The problem with the "four-year mistake" theory is that we are assuming the 2012 election will be legitimate. That will be an uphill battle, what with voter fraud, armed polling place intimidation, registration of illegal aliens, etc. . . .

Walter Williams is one of m... (Below threshold)

Walter Williams is one of my favorite people. I still have faith too. A grand awakening is underway. I think people have finally realized we can't keep hitting the snooze button.

RM, Lee won't comment on the Alvin Greene issue. The fact is, Lee brings up race constantly not because he thinks we're all racists, but because of ideology. It trumps everything.

Alvin Greene, by all accounts is not qualified for the job as Senator. It has nothing to do with his color. You and I (and even Lee) know that. Obama is not qualified for the job he holds either. But our saying so simply gives him the opportunity to showcase his intellectual laziness by calling us racist! rather than offer any proof that Obama has any of the requisite qualifications for the job. Lee called Obama all manner of names while he supported Hillary in the primary. By his own standards he has set for the rest of us, he should be shouting RACIST! at the man in the mirror.

OysterI disagree a... (Below threshold)
retired military:


I disagree a bit. Greene is qualified as far as "official qualifications" go the same as Obama is qualified as far as "official qualificatons". He also won the primary. Now there is a concerted effort to make that null and void. If it had been a republican than libs would be yelling racist as every turn. Yet since this is dems nothing is said.

Now does Obama have the qualifications to be a good president. I have to agree with Lee Ward on this one and say not only no but hell no.

See Lee, I agreed with you on something.

I am very worried that our ... (Below threshold)

I am very worried that our Country will not survive the next 2&1/2 years of Obama's incompetence.

RM - Oh sure, he's qualifie... (Below threshold)

RM - Oh sure, he's qualified because he's the right age, had the money and hasn't assumed room temperature. We have no disagreement there. I might add that he's also qualified because he has a felony charge. I'm pretty sure that's become a requirement.

OysterHell that fe... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Hell that felony charge put him in line for a cabinet position.

So, Would you rather have l... (Below threshold)

So, Would you rather have liberals be competent or incompetent?

"So, Would you rather have ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"So, Would you rather have liberals be competent or incompetent?"

Depends. Do you mean competent in terms of passing and enforcing an agenda? Then no. If you mean competent in terms of understanding economic forces and the effects of taxation and debt accumulation and the importance and meaning of freedom of speech then I'd say yes.

The problem is that we currently have the opposite. Dems do not understand nor do they care about economics or freedom. However, they are remarkable able to pass laws that are destroying our economy and curtailing our freedoms.

Are you sure this article w... (Below threshold)

Are you sure this article wasn't referring to George W. Bush?

When a republic elects an executive leader and commander in chief based on little more than an ethereal charisma, that nation gets what it deserves -- a celebrity president who takes his office about as seriously as the fawning crowds took their votes.

Sounds like a pretty apt description of Shrub to me.

Seriously though - I know you guys really, really want Obama to fail. So bad you can taste it. But it's just not there. I"m not saying he's perfect - far from it. But his current solution to some of the largest of BP's messes, making sure civil claims against BP are answered in a timely fashion, by BP putting money in escrow that will be administered by a 3rd party - is pretty much a win-win. Both for gulf-coasters and BP.

America's restoration is happening - we are attempting to restore the country after all the incredible damage that the Bush Administration did to it. And once again it boggles my mind, how you are able to project illogic on liberals, but blame everything that Obama has inherited on Obama, and blame any liberal solutions - which were previously proven to work by Democratic presidents as diverse as FDR and Bill Clinton - on *not* understanding how the economy and free markets work. Whereas both of those presidents were in fact rescuing the economy from Republican conservatives who nearly destroyed it.

And Marie, don't worry. Thi... (Below threshold)

And Marie, don't worry. This country was able to withstand 8 years of George Bush. If we took that we can take anything - as long as we have 8 years without a George Bush to recover.

Really Jim x? Please expla... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Really Jim x? Please explain how Reagan destroyed the economy? Unless you are saying that Bush 41 "nearly destroyed" the economy by raising taxes. Like most libs you are historically illiterate.

"I know you guys really, re... (Below threshold)

"I know you guys really, really want Obama to fail."

It's not personal, jim x. You could even have a white male born of privilege with a perfectly transparent upstanding background and if he performed the way Obama has to this point I would be looking for him to fail to.

Its a teachable moment alri... (Below threshold)

Its a teachable moment alright.

It teach's us that "affirmative action" is a sic joke.

The left is fixated on Obam... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

The left is fixated on Obama's race, which is part of the reason why he was elected. The right is fixed on Obama's policies, which are ruinous. If Obama was whiter than Brooke Shields (Eddie Murphy reference) I'd still oppose most of what he and his Dems are doing. I want Obama to succeed as much as I wanted the Soviet Union to succeed, which is not at all.

Liberals also conveniently forget that many conservatives abandoned Bush over the spending, which was greater than his predecessor but far, far, far less than his successor.

After all, the precursor to the tea party movement was the Porkbusters, a mostly online conservative/libertarian movement that targeted wasteful spending by BOTH parties. So much so that Trent Lott said he didn't want to hear any more about those %!#& Porkbusters.

"I know you guys really,... (Below threshold)

"I know you guys really, really want Obama to fail."

No, He does that shit on His own. What we really want is a leader not a self absorbed community agitator

Jim X"Are you sure... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jim X

"Are you sure this article wasn't referring to George W. Bush"

Yeah because Bush had such a high popularity rating.

Now lets take a look at that quote again

"When a republic elects an executive leader and commander in chief based on little more than an ethereal charisma, that nation gets what it deserves -- a celebrity president who takes his office about as seriously as the fawning crowds took their votes.

Hmm sounds like someone else I know.

Let's see who could it be.

"These true believers "Obama-ize" everything. They speak Obama-ese. Knit for Obama. Run for Obama. Gamble - Hold 'Em Barack! - for Obama. They make Obama cakes, underwear, jewelry. They send Valentine cards reading, "I want to Barack your world!"
At campaign rallies people scream, cry, even faint as Obama calmly calls for the EMTs. When supporters pant en masse, "I love you!" (like The Beatles, circa 1964), Barack says, "I love you back" with that deliciously charming, almost cocky smile


Now who said that about Obama. Why none other than Lee Ward
Published: Feb 23, 08 11:33 AM

Yeah because Bush ... (Below threshold)
Yeah because Bush had such a high popularity rating.

He certainly did among conservatives. Why, is a mystery to me. I have no interest in a President I can have a beer with, any more than a surgeon or my pilot who'd be fun to get dunk with.

Also, Lee Ward is a separate person. Just saying.

Jim X" I have no i... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jim X

" I have no interest in a President I can have a beer with, any more than a surgeon or my pilot who'd be fun to get dunk with."

Ahh than the John kerry stunt didnt impress you I take it. :)

"Also, Lee Ward is a separate person. Just saying."

I realize that Jim. You are much more articulate and at least consistent in your statements. I merely quoted that particular piece by Lee since you were trying to lay the charima charge on Bush instead of on Obama where it was intended.

"the country is still re... (Below threshold)

"the country is still redeemable"

And Barry is still half white!!

Right Lee?

Redeemable or not, the dama... (Below threshold)

Redeemable or not, the damage has been done for a generation.

It remains to be seen whether or not Gen Y wants to just let everything burn, when it's their turn at the wheel.

I vote for "burn".

"the country is still re... (Below threshold)

"the country is still redeemable"

Yep, as soon as all we's white racist hillsbros hillbillies get over the fact that Husseien is semi half afro genesic dumber then a box of taco sanders workin on the chain gang..

At least we can rest assured that Barry tried and failed with his own best interest at heart

914You left out fr... (Below threshold)
retired military:


You left out from the south and retired.

I prefer restorable to rede... (Below threshold)

I prefer restorable to redeemable, and the answer is yes. If we vote out the vast majority of the current House and Senate, replacing them with those who really believe in the Constitution, and represent their constituents. I firmly believe when a "new" Senator or Representative arrives in DC, part of their "introduction" by the party they are elected from includes "if you want to be re-elected, if you want to accomplish anything while Senator/Representative, THIS IS HOW YOU WILL VOTE OR THE --------------PARTY will not support you, you will be ostracized for your term of office, assigned meaningless committees and none of us will help you."
Kind of like a Union, join, do what we tell you or we will find a way to get rid of you.
What we need to elect are candidates who are not afraid to stand up to Party leaders and tell them to go pound sand, they aren't there to play party politics, garner power or line their pockets. The fewer "repeat offenders" we send back to office, the fewer there are to perpetuate their "good ol boys" networking.






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