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Has Obama dropped a carton of eggs...

... or is he making an omelet?

I just had the most awful thought, Anchoress, and you were the first place on the net I thought to come...

I've been reading a lot about the Gulf tonight, and something struck me as very telling. A buddy of mine who is anti-Obama posted a few things about the Gulf on Facebook. His critical posts usually brings out a couple of liberal apologists. However, on the Gulf posts, none.

Then I thought about how horrified even the liberals must be, and how the Coast Guard is impeding possible solutions. Obama's reaction (or lack thereof) seems impossible to explain. The health of the Gulf is at risk, as well as the economies of several states. How is this possible?

Then I thought of the time Stalin was asked about the millions dead, and he said that it was worth it to build socialism (paraphrase). You need to break eggs to make an omelet.

Is this not looking like it's the only possible explanation for Obama's "actions"? I'm sure I must be wrong, so I'd like anyone to point out the obvious factors that I'm not seeing, for whatever reasons.

Is he incompetent?  Or is he carrying out a master plan?

I believe it's the former.

I do.


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Comments (23)

More than either of those I... (Below threshold)
jim m:

More than either of those I believe he simply doesn't care. He does not appear to recognize other people as individuals having value. All his actions show him as being someone who values people not for themselves but for what they can do for him. When an individual no longer serves his purpose he disposes of then under the bus.

less evil mastermind, more incompetent sociopath.

He IS incompetent, and, if ... (Below threshold)

He IS incompetent, and, if it's a master plan, it sure isn't his, he ain't that bright. What we really need to find out are the names of all of people controlling the puppet strings, and who is behind them.

point to ponder,if h... (Below threshold)
rain of lead:

point to ponder,
if he was actually trying to destroy this country, what would he be doing different?

Unfortunately, I believe th... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, I believe that it's both. The Obami are indeed incompetent, and it's obvious (from his speech) that he sees this as an opportunity to push his green agenda. It is not beyond Obama's convoluted reasoning to take advantage of the situation much as did Stalin.

In other words, the incompetent SOB is making an omelet.

1. Take inexperience and i... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

1. Take inexperience and incompetence and combine them with a virulent anti-American and Marxist bent.

2. Take a catastrophie that (1) mostly will affect an area of the country that is politically valueless to a left-wing Democrat and (2) could provide the populist platform for heavy additional taxes and regulations against an industry that's openly been despised for decades by left-wing Democrats.

3. Mix 1 & 2.

4. Voila.

He is incompetent. But som... (Below threshold)

He is incompetent. But some one(s) behind him are attempting to take over this country and install The One for life. Why take over banks, auto, health care, and quietly the Internet. He has MSM to back him. So once all forms of communications are controlled by his puppetmasters - there's not much to stop him. He has a "dream" and it aint for a free American society. He's even attempted to control voting. Appoint the right heads to key positions, such as Homeland Security, and he can control way too much.

Why is the press barred from reporting on the gulf spill? So the rest of us do not know what is really occurring there.

November we need to speak loudly at the polls! Never has there been a more important election.

Incompetent, certainly. </p... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Incompetent, certainly.

Even though he's clearly a socialist, bumbling on this scale hurts his cause.

If he'd made a good showing on this he'd have a lot more power to implement socialism. But as it is, even his fellow Reds are edging away from him to save themselves in November.

There's no scenario in which such bungling helps Obama or his socialist cause. Ergo, incompetent.

Having said that, spare some pity for Obama. He probably didn't seriously expect to win when he announced his candidacy, but against all odds the media and the Red networks (insofar as those groups are distinguishable) put him over the top. Woohoo! Wagyu beef all 'round!

But now he's at the controls of a plane after the only pilot has had a heart attack. And he has no idea what to do, but knows he has to do it fast. Shudder. Must be a terrible feeling.

The Cloward-Piven plan was ... (Below threshold)

The Cloward-Piven plan was to bankrupt the country through the welfare rolls. Obama has changed that to "any means available", but the goal is still the same. A dictatorship of academic apparatchiks for the "good of the masses" (because they obviously can't make good choices, or the apparatchiks would have been in charge since Wilson).


I confess to being all over... (Below threshold)

I confess to being all over the map where Obama is concerned; ranging from actually raising the question, "Under what circumstances can national elections be suspended or canceled?" in

   Thinking the Unthinkable

to wondering if Obama has already sealed his fate in my latest

   "...and the sharks will come."

To me, his very election is still a Monty Python nightmare from which I cannot awaken.

When all the acts committed... (Below threshold)

When all the acts committed by Obama's administration are looked at together there is no other explanation. The damage is intentional.
I believe his bumbling is an act for the appearance of incompetent. If the question of his intentions lingers, he will have more time to further his agenda. The arrogance and disdain for America he displays are proof of his determination. He is moving forward an giving us "the finger," right to our faces. "No one can stop me." He has been right so far. No one is even standing up to call him the traitor he is.
The man is evil and if he is not stopped at the ballot box he will achieve his goal.

Thank God the left are such... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Thank God the left are such a bunch of incompetent buffoons!

The "plan" is of course intentional and is a marginally-updated form of the Euro-socialism they've always admired, at least for those countries where they could not institute an authoritarian system at once. None of actually works in practice, as has been proven time and time again over nearly a century, but the central point is they hate capitalism with a deep and abiding passion, and believe America is responsible for much of the world's ills.

The only thing Obama is good at (besides admiring himself in the mirror and saying "Unprecedented!" breathlessly at his image) is bowing and scraping to foreign despots and apologizing for America.

Oh, and kissing up to terrorists, which example is followed by some of our commenters here.

Perhaps Orly Taitz can star... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Perhaps Orly Taitz can start an investigation and file a few hundred lawsuits that will explain the president's actions.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Gusher Truthers Unite!!!

Adrian,There is no... (Below threshold)
jim m:


There is nothing crazy about claiming that obama's lack of initiative in doing something about the oil spill. There is reason to believe that his incompetence is aided by his desire to capitalize off of the public's misery. Had multiple cabinet members and advisers not helped forth on how a crisis should never be wasted people wouldn't be inclined to think that he is letting it become worse for his own purposes.

Unlike 9/11 no one is suggesting that obama blew up the rig. Unless you are. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if you took that direction.

Funny you should ask that, ... (Below threshold)

Funny you should ask that, jim m. I seem to recall that one of the geoengineering schemes for reducing global warming was to deliberately put an oil slick on the ocean to reflect more sunlight. The idea was ludicrous, of course, with only the most radical and devoted ideologues agreeing with it...

I think there is a combinat... (Below threshold)

I think there is a combination of things at play here.

First, I believe Obama never envisioned himself as a problem solver. Instead, Obama saw himself as a righter of wrongs and a bringer of justice. To that end, he is concerned primarily with bringing about the progressive understanding of a just society; that is, a benevolent state that oversees the fair distribution of wealth and resources among its citizens, and takes upon itself the obligation to provide for all its citizens' basic needs.

Crises like the Gulf oil spill are therefore a distraction to him, because they waste valuable time he could be devoting to matters of social, economic, and environmental justice.

Therefore, what Obama does see when presented with a crisis like the Gulf oil spill is primarily the opportunity to use its outcome as a means of guiding the American people toward popular support of environmental justice, i.e. the "green" environmental agenda, specifically "cap and trade" to forcibly curtail our consumption of fossil fuels, and an ever-expanding government subsidy program for "alternative" energy sources.

Second, Obama is a college professor. What college professors do best is sit around a big table, discuss each other's ideas and theories ad nauseum, and then congratulate each other on how brilliant they are -- all without ever deciding on a single most correct or most truthful understanding of what they were discussing. In the world of academia, deciding on a single best explanation or solution to a problem is considered closed minded.

In other words, Barack Obama is probably an expert in the art of Socratic dialog, but he is woefully inexperienced with respect to listening to a group of experts offer their honest opinions, and then making a final decision based on what he has heard. Rather than appear "closed minded," as a State Senator and the US Senator from Illinois, Obama often chose to simply vote "present" on tough issues.

He no longer has that option, and sadly he has little experience to guide him on how to make executive decisions -- and then take responsibility for them.

I wonder ... how long until crowds begin to demand that Obama "apologize" for his handling of the Gulf oil spill?

I should add a postscript -... (Below threshold)

I should add a postscript -- I don't think Obama is being malicious. I think he is just acting according to his nature and education, and his inexperience and uncertainty.

"In other words, Barack ... (Below threshold)

"In other words, Barack Obama is probably an expert in the art of Socratic dialog, but he is woefully inexperienced with respect to listening to a group of experts offer their honest opinions, and then making a final decision based on what he has heard. Rather than appear "closed minded," as a State Senator and the US Senator from Illinois, Obama often chose to simply vote "present" on tough issues."

Academia is comfortable with no solution to a problem ever being hammered out and implemented.

Reality is much less forgiving.

Hanlon's Razor (via Robert ... (Below threshold)

Hanlon's Razor (via Robert Heinlein): Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Barry - with no executive experience before ascending to his current post - is a bumbler. He's no doubt a committed leftist but overriding everything else is his pure incompetence.

I agree with incompetence. ... (Below threshold)

I agree with incompetence. Surely he is smart enough to understand that enabling such chaos can boomerang onto him.

Rick wonders is 0zero incom... (Below threshold)

Rick wonders is 0zero incompetent -- or is he carrying out a master plan?


He is incompetently endeavoring to execute a second and third-handed 1950's totalitarians' "mind"-set "master" plan.

Lee Ward posted on Wizbang ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Lee Ward posted on Wizbang blue

"I even managed to find contributions from Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly & Co. and GlaxoSmithKline to the tune of $23,350. And apparently Big Oil didn't want to be left out in the cold with Chevron, BP and Exxon Mobil contributing $27,059 to the non-corporation funded Obama campaign.
• I could only find one instance where a contribution from one of these corporations had been turned back. It happened in 2004 in Obama's race for the Senate when he rejected a $1,000 contribution from Bristol-Myers Squibb. But he's apparently gotten over that, having since accepted $5,500 of their money.
• One final note - this is just from the list of the top 100 donors. There are skads of other donors as well. To give you an idea, when you look at the entire list of donors by industry you find Barack Obama listed as one of the top recipients of pharmaceutical industry money (2nd behind Hillary Clinton at $275,934) and a top 10 recipient of oil and gas industry money ($109,912). Insurance industry? Number 5 at $414,863.


So much for just republicans getting money from Big oil. Maybe BP cut Obama off from future donations.

I wonder whether it's ever ... (Below threshold)

I wonder whether it's ever occurred to Obama that some of his friends (Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn come to mind) are willing to play rough, and that if his incompetence becomes too obvious he may be worth more as a martyr than as a president. I'm sure the media would find a way to pin the blame on a Tea Party type, no matter who did the deed. Hell, much of the Left has been convinced for almost half a century that JFK was done in by a shadowy right-wing conspiracy rather than a communist nutjob.

File under: never let a cri... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

File under: never let a crisis go to waste






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