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No Happy Endings For Al Gore


It's been a pretty crappy month for Al Gore, what with the announcement that he was getting divorced, and that his daughter was getting a divorce, and the allegation that he was having an affair with business partner Laurie David.

Today National Enquirer reports that a a very detailed complaint exists that alleges Gore he tried to grope a massage therapist in 2006 in Portland, Oregon. The alleged victim even saved the "black slacks" that she alleges contain "evidence" of the DNA variety.

Frankly the whole thing, just like Al himself, doesn't quite measure up to Bill Clinton's dalliances.



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Just when things could not ... (Below threshold)

Just when things could not get any worse for the biggest snake oil salesman in the last 30 years, this muck has to hit the rotary device. One wonders how the MSM will cover this? Will they cover it up, like they did the other stuff that he did or will they finally bust the story wide open? I am betting on the former instead of the latter. Only time will tell.

Bwahahahaha! Un-believable!... (Below threshold)

Bwahahahaha! Un-believable! He and Bill are certainly two peas from the same pod. Got to wrap that rascal boys!

crap - I just pictur... (Below threshold)

crap - I just pictured Al Gore on a massage tablbe in just a towel. Kevin should be prosecuted.

Al will just comment that t... (Below threshold)
Mark W:

Al will just comment that there is "no controlling legal authority" and the press will buy it. Did anyone, except the press, ever understand exactly why that was supposed to absolve Al from any scrutiny?

"No Happy Endings For Al Go... (Below threshold)

"No Happy Endings For Al Gore."

I see what you did there. Well played.

I blame global warming.... (Below threshold)

I blame global warming.

The fact that Al Gore is a ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The fact that Al Gore is a low-life, sleazy huckster isn't a surprise.

The real shocker was that half the American electorate thought he was qualified to be President of the United States - without doubt including many of the same geniuses who gave us the buffoonish Barack Obama.

Gropel warming, the inconve... (Below threshold)

Gropel warming, the inconvenient truth.

Grope Al warming, the new w... (Below threshold)

Grope Al warming, the new white meat.

I've heard of blue stained dress's before but "peckered black slacks", how damn tacky and uncouth. The blithering shoddy snakeoil hucksterby should have stuck to lying and stealing instead of groping and molesting.

I see drooling tingly organ... (Below threshold)

I see drooling tingly organed fools are out of style.

Whats that sayin again? A f... (Below threshold)

Whats that sayin again? A fool and other peoples money are soon parted?


Here Lee Ward Let me save y... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Here Lee Ward Let me save you the trouble.

Republicans were for Al Gore grabbing someone else's carbon credits before a black man became president.

"oil""combustion eng... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"combustion engines"
"bovine gas"

Al Gore to his mistress "I love it when you talk dirty to me"

My God we came this close b... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

My God we came this close back in 2000.

I blame Bush.... (Below threshold)

I blame Bush.

RE: "Today [sic] National E... (Below threshold)

RE: "Today [sic] National Enquirer reports ..."

K: We're gonna check the hot sheets
[Picks up supermarket tabloids.]
J: THESE are the hot sheets?
K: Best investigative reporting on the planet. But go ahead, read the New York Times if you want. They get lucky sometimes.

RE: "No happy endings for Al Gore"

Heh. Nice.


I campaigned for Vice President Gore when he was a senator in Tennessee. I don't think that he was a the corrupt fraud he is today. I believe that he's be around President Clinton too long.

I don't like Mr. Gore, but ... (Below threshold)

I don't like Mr. Gore, but I don't really trust the source (National Enquirer). I believe that we should wait for more evidence. On the other hand, feminists have always said, "Women never lie about this type of things." At least they did until Mr. Clinton was president.

Al"smug"Gore went loopy whe... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Al"smug"Gore went loopy when he lost the big
one in 2000. Since then, we've gotten a good
look at the man behind the mask, and it should
elate us that this smarmy twit never got the
big prize. It's comforting to know that Al
looks at Billy Jeff and wonders how THAT
reprobate still bathes in adulation.

Feh, ManBearPig lives up to... (Below threshold)

Feh, ManBearPig lives up to the pig part of his name.

Ever been at a carnival and... (Below threshold)

Ever been at a carnival and some greasy lowlife tries to get you to plump down some greenbacks to play his rigged swindle game? Well, thats Al.

The SmokingGun has the actu... (Below threshold)

The SmokingGun has the actual complaint. It doesn't mean he's guilty, but the National Inquirer scoops the NY Times -- AGAIN.

. . . and to throw salt on... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

. . . and to throw salt on Al's wounds . . .
The New Republic published an opinion piece about global warming that was written by Gore.

Then The New Republic's in-house critic Jim Manzi wrote a rebuttal to Gore's NTR opinion piece. In short, NTR fact-checked Gore, and Gore came out as the loser.

My gag reflex isn't good en... (Below threshold)

My gag reflex isn't good enough to picture the Al Gore massage thing. Plus, I think he's gay anyway. ww

kevino:When I move... (Below threshold)


When I moved to NE TN in 2005 I couldn't find many people that didn't think he was a two-faced crook from his time in TN. The State is a lot bigger than Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville.






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