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Car Trivia

The other day, I was stopped at a red light. As I sometimes do, I took the opportunity to use the highly-reflective back of the vehicle in front of me to check my headlights. As I was looking at the back of the vehicle I was using as a mirror, I had to laugh.

The vehicle in question is a very, very common one. But it had never occurred to me that its name was an oxymoron.

And while I'm at it, there's another vehicle out there whose name also has an unusual property. Most vehicles' names are singular. Occasionally, you will find a plural noun used as a vehicle name. But I can only think of one that uses a collective noun (a single noun that refers to a group of things) as its name.

No, no prizes for getting them.


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Armada!... (Below threshold)


Damn, I forgot about the Ar... (Below threshold)

Damn, I forgot about the Armada, Wilson. It does fit, but it wasn't the one I had in mind. Nice catch.


Mitsubishi Mirage... (Below threshold)

Mitsubishi Mirage

Buick Enclave... (Below threshold)

Buick Enclave

Dodge Caravan... (Below threshold)

Dodge Caravan

Korla, yup. I was thinking ... (Below threshold)

Korla, yup. I was thinking "Caravan." "Enclave" is a territory, and "Mirage" doesn't contradict with "Mitsubishi" -- which means, as I recall, "Three Diamonds."

Wow. I didn't think the oxymoron would be the one to last over an hour... especially when it's an especially appropriate one for a motor vehicle.

As I guy I once knew learned to his detriment.


Dodge Ram(my hubs ... (Below threshold)

Dodge Ram

(my hubs drives one)

...and there goes the secon... (Below threshold)

...and there goes the second one.

This guy I knew was once rear-ended at a toll booth in his truck. I pointed out "Steve, you have 'Ram' emblazoned across the rear. Sooner or later, someone was gonna hit you."

His answer? "I thought I could 'Dodge.'"


Cherokee Pioneer is a conte... (Below threshold)

Cherokee Pioneer is a contemporarry classic

Dodge Charger. Mopar powere... (Below threshold)

Dodge Charger. Mopar powered.

Suzuki Swift?... (Below threshold)

Suzuki Swift?

Tim wins. I don't know wha... (Below threshold)

Tim wins. I don't know what, what he definitely wins.

Henry Waxman should hold he... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Henry Waxman should hold hearings on it.

Jeep Country Wagon. Just th... (Below threshold)

Jeep Country Wagon. Just thought I would throw it out there. ww

Nova.... (Below threshold)


But I can only think of ... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

But I can only think of one that uses a collective noun (a single noun that refers to a group of things) as its name.

Ahem. Subaru.

And how about the Ford Taurus, a collection of the same things that make up the Pleiades?

"Caravan" has at least two singular meanings, (via dictionary.reference.com):

3. a large covered vehicle for conveying passengers, goods, a sideshow, etc.; van.

4. Chiefly British. a house on wheels; trailer.

If a "caravan" qualifies as a group activity, then how about the Ford Expedition?

Gremlin?... (Below threshold)


How about the Mustang Cobra... (Below threshold)

How about the Mustang Cobra?

Plymouth Barracuda... (Below threshold)

Plymouth Barracuda

RoadRunner...BEEP... BEEP!<... (Below threshold)

RoadRunner...BEEP... BEEP!

Rambler Rebel. I can just s... (Below threshold)
Phil Carlson:

Rambler Rebel. I can just see James Dean driving one.






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