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"Fidelity Is Only For Your Mate!"

It's been rather entertaining, watching how amidst the ongoing catastrophe in the Gulf, so many on the left are eagerly shoving BP on to the right. After all, they're Big Oil, and so many Republicans are part and parcel of Big Oil. And, more generally, they're Big Business, which is usually viewed as more conservative.

Oddly enough, that doesn't really hold up to scrutiny.

A few years ago, BP decided to simplify its name and drop the "_ritish _etroleum." Then, it started "going green" by saying how the new, meaningless letters actually stood for "Beyond Petroleum." They were selling themselves as the "green energy" company. They championed the "Cap And Trade" move that promises to drive energy costs through the roof. They have an army of Democratic activists and operatives and apparatchiks on their payroll. White House Chief of Staff previously lived for five years, rent-free, in a home owned by a BP adviser. The majority of BP's political donations have gone to Democrats -- the largest recipient being President Obama himself.

In brief, BP hedged its bets somewhat, but came down quite firmly on the side of the Democrats.

So, in light of that, do I wish to withdraw my previous "defenses" of BP?

Hell, no.

BP's political leanings are utterly irrelevant to the situation at hand. The oil gushing into the Gulf knows no party affiliation. The only reason to try to hang the disaster on one party or another is for political gain -- and we simply don't have time for bullshit games like that.

When the oil is stopped, when the cleanup has begun, when steps have been taken to prevent future such catastrophes, then we can look into the blame game. And at that point, all those Democrats who were so eager to accept BP's money and champion their legislation can explain to their constituents how there was absolutely no connection between the two.

In the meantime, the only reason to even discuss the matter is to shut up those who are working so desperately to make this a "Republican disaster."

Partly because they know that the actual responsibility is far more bipartisan and nonpartisan than their simple knee-jerk "blame Bush" reactions to everything.

And partly because it reveals that they have absolutely no fucking clue on what else to do. That they have no idea how to handle a real crisis, so they instead stick to what they do know: political bickering and partisan gamesmanship.

There is a point when doing so in the face of real danger constitutes treason...


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Will someone man up and plu... (Below threshold)

Will someone man up and plugg that hole? What profiteth a fool to takeover the free world and lose his soul?

Well Barry, we await your response.

"And partly because it r... (Below threshold)

"And partly because it reveals that they have absolutely no fucking clue on what else to do. That they have no idea how to handle a real crisis, so they instead stick to what they do know: political bickering and partisan gamesmanship."

It's served them well in the past - 'well' meaning they've managed to get into office on promises they had little intention of keeping, and when actually pressed to 'do' something ended up with solutions that cost more than the problems they were supposed to solve.

It would be interesting to see a breakdown by party of how many politicians are lawyers. For some reason, I'm thinking there's a lot more Democrats than Republicans, since Dems seem to believe that words are all that matters, as opposed to actual results.

I understand that the batsh... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I understand that the batship crazy moonbats have been trying to blame Bush, and the moderate-batship-crazy moonbats in the Administration tried to run it up the flagpole a few times to see if it was sparkly enough to distract the attention of the legacy media, but it never got close to catching on.

People have wised up. The idiot in the empty suit is a whiny little weasel who loves blaming others for his problems. The only thing he excels at is admiring himself in mirrors; he doesn't even give a good speech anymore.

Oh, sure, the faithful Komsomól cadres like the jester you keep around here will keep parroting the meme, but no one has paid them any mind in years.

Concerning BP, I will be most interested in seeing the history of the inspection waivers they received from the Obama Administration, and also why the 1994 emergency containment plan wasn't immediately implemented. Oh, drat! That will definitely require subpoena powers to get answers from "the most transparent Administration EVAH" - guess it will have to wait until January, mmmkay?

914"Well Barry, we... (Below threshold)
retired military:


"Well Barry, we await your response."

You cant lose what was sold years ago.

"the largest recipient b... (Below threshold)

"the largest recipient being President Obama himself"

Give Barry an inch, he takes a mile.

The majority of BP's pol... (Below threshold)

The majority of BP's political donations have gone to Democrats -- the largest recipient being President Obama himself.

A lot of good those donations did.

Q. Let's say <a hre... (Below threshold)

Q. Let's say you're advising BP. What would you tell them to do?

A. I'd advise them to explore the option of bankruptcy. I only know BP from public information. BP has a lot of cash and the ability to generate huge amounts of cash. But remember, just because BP can pay claims doesn't mean they should, or that they will, given that their primary obligation is to their shareholders.

Jay,I had this dis... (Below threshold)


I had this discussion two weeks ago in on Business trip. We were having dinner and team member from Canada started talking about the spill and how horrible BP was and that since they were an Oil Company it must be GW Bush fault cause he was so tight with Big Oil.

At which point a pointed out BP contributed more money to BHO campaign than anyone person in history.
That BHO administration approved the drilling.
That BHO admin waived the spill assessment .
That BHO did not have ships and equipment to contain the spill.

His response was really? We thought this was all under Bush and BHO was cleaning up.

Then another college was well Bush was dumb and MMS was bad.
At wich pint I said we had spills under Bush and they were contained so so let look at what BHO is doing now.

Somewhere on the net this m... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Somewhere on the net this morning I was reading about how Vanguard sold its holding just a few days before the blowout. The article went on to say Obama owns a lot of Vanguard and the government knew of the problems with the well in February. They could have ordered them to stop drilling which would have prevents the incident. However that is not the case. It gets interesting when one finds out Vanguard then invested in Petro-Bra. A Brazilian company drilling in deep water of the coast of Brazil. The Government lent them 2 billion of our tax dollars. George Soros is heavily invested too. Funny, they needed drill rigs and with a moratorium in place 33 rigs would be freed up. I wonder what an independent investigator would find.

I thought this was all goin... (Below threshold)

I thought this was all going to be about a vegetarian massage therapist from Portland with stained Spandex pants.

Standards have really erode... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Standards have really eroded. Politicians who were bought used to stay bought.

But seriously, why does any company donate to Barry & Co.? If the chips are down, he'll throw you under the bus. If they're not down...well, don't need him anyway.

Hold on, BP's politics say ... (Below threshold)

Hold on, BP's politics say everything about its exploitative and down-right ignorant corporate culture, which was also driving the Macondo bus that crashed in the GOM. They thought working the pols would somehow be better than working their jobs with skill and responsibility--classic progressive/demoncrat thinking. Better companies are guided by the profit motive, which recognizes spending a little overhead to avoid catastrophic losses is good business. Prob'ly why BP owns the only catastrophic deep water blow-out in the GOM. Don't be an idjit.






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