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So much for Obama's call for unity of purpose

At yesterday's Rose Garden conference where President Obama announced that General McChrystal was relieved of his command and General Petraeus was replacing him, the president said with what appeared to be a new sense of unity of purpose that he could accept a certain level of debate among his war leadership but that he simply would not tolerate division.

For just a moment it seemed Obama going to take command, behave like a Commander in Chief, and earn the repect of those who serve him.

That moment was a fleeting one.


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Barry's ego cannot tolerate... (Below threshold)

Barry's ego cannot tolerate differences of opinion.

/snickersCommander... (Below threshold)


Commander in chief ... oh stop .. tell me another one.

As a matter of civili... (Below threshold)
John S:

As a matter of civilian control and chain of command, this kind of disrespect is simply untenable and he has to go...

Of course, a majority of the American public and 100% of the military agree with McChrystal's assessment of Obama's incompetence. But that's Obama's problem, I suppose.






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