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"when we die as martyrs, we will go to heaven."

That which a culture does not denounce, a culture promotes.

Two items on the table tonight that need to get some wider play and some accompanying denunciation.

First up, from Haaretz:

An Arabic children's choir has been racking up views all over the world with the new YouTube hit "when we die as martyrs, we will go to heaven."

The song was apparently recorded by the Jordanian-owned production company and television channel "birds of Paradise."

According to The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), one of the world's most comprehensive data centers on radical Islamic terrorist groups, the song is a hit on Arabic and worldwide websites and the children's choir performing it fast is becoming one of the most popular children's groups in the Arab world.


Journalist Fawzia Nasir al-Naeem wrote in the Saudi Arabian newspaper Al-Jazirah that "[Birds of Paradise] is one of the most widely distributed children's song groups in the Arab world, and it seems to have crossed the ocean to Canada and Britain."

She added that the group represents a new wave in Jihadist youth indoctrination, as it is child-friendly, as opposed to previous Jihadist programs.

A culture that uses innocents to promote martydom is a culture that's sick.  Beyond sick.  It's evil.  And there's nothing anyone can say that would convince me to see it differently.

But wait... there's more cultural sickness:

Exactly three years ago, on May 22, 2007, an Egyptian scholar was disciplined by Al Azhar University, one of Islam's most prestigious institutions, after he issued a fatwa calling upon women to breastfeed their male colleagues. Dr. Izzat Attiyah said that his fatwa offered a way around mixing of the sexes in the work place since breast-feeding established a maternal relation even if the beneficiary was not the woman's biological son or daughter.

Now, a high-ranking Saudi, Sheikh Abdul Mohsin al-Abaican, a consultant at Saudi Arabia's royal court, has issued a fatwa asserting that

women could give their milk to men to establish a degree of maternal relations and get around a strict religious ban on mixing between unrelated men and women. [Because] a man who often entered a house and came in contact with the womenfolk there should be made symbolically related to the women by drinking milk from one of the women. Under the fatwa, the act would preclude any sexual relations between the man and the donor woman and her relatives.

Sheikh al-Abaican thus "modernizes" Dr. Izzat's position -- that the man must breastfeed directly from the teat -- by suggesting that "the man should take the milk, but not directly from the breast of the woman. He should drink it and then becomes a relative of the family, a fact that allows him to come in contact with the women without breaking Islam's rules about mixing.


At any rate, where do all these "adult breastfeeding" ideas originate? As usual: Muhammad. A canonical hadith tells of a woman who once asked Muhammad what to do about the fact that a young boy who had been living with her and her husband had grown into manhood: that a non-relative adult male was freely residing with them, seeing his wife without her veils, was upsetting to the husband. So the prophet told her to "breastfeed" the man. Shocked, she responded saying that he was a grown man; Muhammad said -- according to some traditions, while laughing -- "I know." The woman breastfed the man, and reportedly her husband was no longer upset, as the act of breastfeeding turned him into a kinsman. Muhammad's favorite wife, Aisha -- the "mother of the believers" -- frequently relied on this practice to meet with non-related males (one of the greatest debates of her time revolved around how many "breastfeeds" were enough --one, five, or ten -- to make a man a "family-member." See here for more hadiths).

The importance of this breastfeeding business has less to do with its sensationalist quality and more to do with what it says about the overbearing and intrusive nature of Sharia law in Muslim life. Muslims cannot escape adult breastfeeding simply because it is contained in Islam's most canonical hadiths (including Sahih Muslim and the Sunan of Abu Dawud and Ibn Maja). Moreover, it has been addressed -- and endorsed -- by such Islamic authorities as Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn Hazm. To reject this hadith is to reject the sources and methodology of usul al-fiqh -- in short, to reject Sharia law.

Imagine for a moment with me... imagine that what you've just seen, heard and read, imagine if these things were practiced by a Christian sect... imagine if it were to become popular amongst many Christians... imagine the denunciations, how negative the press would be, how these items would be played over and over again on MSM outlets, how they'd be played again each year during Christmas and Easter... can you imagine the reaction?

But because these are Muslims, you'll only see this sort of thing if you go hunting for it... you know it's true.

That which a culture does not denounce, a culture promotes.

Crossposted at Brutally Honest.


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Comments (10)

"A culture that uses innoce... (Below threshold)

"A culture that uses innocents to promote martyrdom is a culture that's sick."

Primary reason I have no sympathy for Palestinians. Their entire culture over the last 60 years has evolved into "victim-hood". Piss on 'em.

A friend of mine visited a ... (Below threshold)
James H:

A friend of mine visited a Muslim family at their home abroad and they got around the "no male relative thing" fairly easily. The young women of the house said, "Thank you for coming to visit us, Uncle." Boom. Instant male relative. Problem solved.

And as for the song ... may the bird of paradise fly up their nose.

The Palestinian Authority h... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The Palestinian Authority has been running a jihadi children's TV show for years. Similar costumed fun characters to what we might have seen in the USA circa 1962, except constantly reinforcing the whole jihad thing and the glories of martyrdom and killing Jews. This stuff isn't new.

Pretty much the same thing is happening in madrassas across the islamic world, especially those funded by the Saudis (which is most of them, including in the USA).

We're teaching our kids to love and not judge the barbarians, while the barbarians teach theirs that killing us is the surest and quickest way to heaven.

This won't end well.

When you die as murderers, ... (Below threshold)

When you die as murderers, you will go to hell.

Black is white and white is black, evil is the reverse of live.. embrace it.

It should also be added tha... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

It should also be added that the Left in Europe and the USA have shown a close sympathy to the radical islamists.

When people add moral support to murder, as in supporting the terrorists boats attempting to run the blockade of Gaza so bombs and rockets can more easily get into the hands of Hamas, they share responsibility for the victims and should be held to account.

#5They will.... (Below threshold)


They will.

I'm getting to the point wh... (Below threshold)

I'm getting to the point where when people say they want to be martyrs, I think we should make it happen for them, right away.

In the not so far away future, there will come a time when civilization will need to make a stand against Islam.

Fortunately, the boobie tau... (Below threshold)

Fortunately, the boobie taunt only works on weak minded Islamic fundamentalists like the one's they raise to be drones for the 'cause'.

Cultural loopholes and trad... (Below threshold)

Cultural loopholes and traditions - breastfeeding.

Interesting thing about devout Muslims, which lends to their martyrdom mentality. From the early Mohammedan marauders, throughout the Middle Ages, and into the 21st century, they have considered themselves to be 'The Sword of Allah'. A rise in Western culture corruption has often witnessed a commensurate increase in Islamic Jihadist activity. It's not to say that followers of Mohammed only attack the ungodly or unbelievers; but strangely, a massive falling away - particularly in the west - somehow reveals a historical pattern of unleashing the sword of Allah.

Another interesting fact: When Muslims believe Allah is not with them in their cause anymore, they shut down all 'holy' warfare. The vengeful sword quickly returns to its sheath.

The best shield against this sword, therefore, is a genuine faith; overflowing grace; and a well lived life.

The devil who knows who the... (Below threshold)

The devil who knows who the real GOD is, called on him last week to make a request as follows, O Ancient one could I borrow a few million chairs that your probably not gonna need anyway to help out in the islamic section. Their constant bickering over the lack of Virgins, the FIRE and no place to sit down is driving me banana's
What you gotta remember is every since Ismael every Muslim has shown up down here. None of them ever wind up in Heaven since they worship a pretend god named allah who was dreamed up by that Hades resident that filthy swine sucking mohammed






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