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Once a narcissist always a ... (Below threshold)

Once a narcissist always a narcissist.

Pretty much says it all.</p... (Below threshold)

Pretty much says it all.

Three Men and a baby.... (Below threshold)

Three Men and a baby.

With all that brass around ... (Below threshold)

With all that brass around one would think Barry would grow some balls.

One would be wrong.... (Below threshold)

One would be wrong.

Putting General Petraeus in... (Below threshold)

Putting General Petraeus in charge of the Afghan war not only allows BHO to save face by firing Stan McChrystal for dissing Pres. Clueless and Vice-Pres. "Bite Me," but also takes out a potential 2012 Presidential candidate. The Republicans and Tea Partiers are gaining momentum but still don't have a strong personality to lead their ticket. Sarah, Newt, Christie et al. may be great but each has high negative factors. Someone who's strong but not excessively partisan might be just what the GOP needs - as it did in 1952. (Admittedly, a slogan like "I Crave Dave" doesn't quite rival "I Like Ike.") Keeping the general busy in the poppy fields may look like military strategy but - like most other things he's done - is just another expression of Obama's political strategy.

All too true. Barry has al... (Below threshold)

All too true. Barry has already ordered the white flags from China. His only worry is that that the unions will find out.






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