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"Why don't you say something nice instead of being a smartass all the time"

This was the response given by vice president Joe Biden to a frozen custard shop owner, who told the VP, "Lower our taxes and we'll call it even" after Biden asked the shop owner what he owed him for a frozen custard cone.

h/t RealClearPolitics


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I wish he was kidding.... (Below threshold)

I wish he was kidding.

Sounds like Joey lacked a s... (Below threshold)

Sounds like Joey lacked a snappy come-back.

Smartass vs Dumbass... (Below threshold)

Smartass vs Dumbass

Joe needs to take his own a... (Below threshold)

Joe needs to take his own advice.

Now I almost feel sorry for... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Now I almost feel sorry for Obama. What could possibly be the harm in sending Joe Biden out for ice cream? Who knew?

Well, anybody who has paid any attention to the moron since he first landed on the Hill several decades ago would have, but Obama isn't what you would call a "detail" guy. He's more a "whatever, I have a tee time to make" guy.

Ah the liberal tol... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Ah the liberal tolerant and sensitivity, build self-esteem button again.

Unfortunately -as with all cults- nothing these guys say, do, or fail to do when they should, will cost them power.

Will it end?

Too many Americans have a diabolical romance with the devil and in those relationships -we know who always wins.

"So hey, Joe, why don't you... (Below threshold)

"So hey, Joe, why don't you say something smart instead of being a dumbass all of the time?"

It must be nice, being Obama's life insurance policy. As long as Biden's around, even the crazies are going to maintain a hands-off attitude...

You think everyone prefers ... (Below threshold)

You think everyone prefers malevolence over incompetence, cirby?

I'm truly amazed that peopl... (Below threshold)

I'm truly amazed that people somehow believe that Biden was such a better pick for VP than Palin was. Based on what they've been saying since the election, it's pretty clear that Biden is the dummy, not Palin.

Biden hates it when the sma... (Below threshold)

Biden hates it when the small people talk back.

So when is the press going ... (Below threshold)

So when is the press going to notice that Joe Biden is an asshole or that he makes Dan Quayle look like a super genius?

Mr. Custard has a point: Ha... (Below threshold)
John S:

Mr. Custard has a point: Have you tried to run a small business since the Democrats took over? Mr. Custard looking at a ruinous healthcare mandate, a new "millionaire" tax on small businesses to pay for Obamacare, a big income tax increase January 1 when the Bush tax cuts expire, the threat of a massive carbon tax liability over cow farts... God knows, what else the Obama administration can dream up in their deliberate job-killing Jihad.

Unfortunately, I'm unemployed, and at 53, I have no future prospects thanks to the 24 year-old hiring managers that run the show. So my only option is to start another business doing... something. But first we need to clean out Congress so it again possible to even run a small business.

The worst part is that Bide... (Below threshold)

The worst part is that Biden has the nerve to come into this man's business and then makes demands after getting free custard. Talk about arrogance, and at least a lack of manners! What if Cheney had done something similar?

You think everyone prefe... (Below threshold)

You think everyone prefers malevolence over incompetence, cirby?

No, I think they prefer a known lower level of incompetence AND malevolence over what Biden represents. Sure, Obama has plenty of both, but his flaws are dwarfed by what most people can recognize in Biden.

If Mr. Custard owner is mak... (Below threshold)

If Mr. Custard owner is making $200,000 a year in personal income, then he is getting a tax cut. So he's either making more than that, in which case he's hardly struggling, or he's misinformed.

Mr. X,As a CPA, I ... (Below threshold)

Mr. X,

As a CPA, I am constantly amazed by comments from people who have never run a business. Case in point. Mr. Custard Owner may have business income over $200,000, however, that is not "cash in the bank." He must use some of that net income to replenish his inventory, especially if his business is growing at all. In fact, he may have a large amount of that "income" sitting in inventory at year end and be cash poor. You can't pay taxes with ice cream cones.

Remember that character is ... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

Remember that character is revealed by the immediate impromptu reaction, not the after-five-minutes-of-thinking-it-over,"Aw shucks, jes' kiddin' ya" reaction

And isn't this a fish rots from the head moment? Apperently, thin skin is in these days.

Ah, Jim x as usual for a li... (Below threshold)

Ah, Jim x as usual for a liberal, misses the point. This is our government treating our citizens as if they were bad children. What a putz. Biden's boss doesn't have a clue and this idiot thinks he is the smartest man on the planet. ww

little jimmy x the butt boy... (Below threshold)

little jimmy x the butt boy that he is just a closet fascist who likes that the "little" people are treated this way. Never question your betters!

My response would have been... (Below threshold)
Calvin Dodge:

My response would have been "why don't you DO something nice instead of being a fascist all the time?"

Mr. X,If Mr. Custa... (Below threshold)
Calvin Dodge:

Mr. X,

If Mr. Custard owner is making $200,000 a year in personal income, then he's already seen some tax increases, and he'll get a whopping increase next year.

And that doesn't count the increased cost of doing business thanks to regulation-happy Democrats.

When you simply parrot Barry's "I've been handing out tax cuts" line, you don't exactly enhance your credibility.

Mr. SER, perhaps I am mista... (Below threshold)

Mr. SER, perhaps I am mistaken in the technical terminology here.

It was my impression that "personal income" re: a business owner means either a) money that remains after expenses - which most definitely include replenishing of inventory, or b) a flat salary the CEO pays him or herself, which is itself counted as a business expense.

In any case, that is what is being taxed - so, in my understanding of the tax plan, any business expenses are taken out before this or aren't relevant.

Ah, ww as usual for a himse... (Below threshold)

Ah, ww as usual for a himself avoids the point, by stringing together some putdowns as if they were a logical argument. jx

Mister Dodge, that's exactl... (Below threshold)

Mister Dodge, that's exactly my point - he has NOT seen increases in taxes if he's making $200,000 a year in personal take-home pay. He has in fact seen a reduction.

And if Bush's temporary tax cuts are phased out next year, I expect he will also see no increase in taxes if he still makes $200,000 or less a year.

And it does include the cost of doing business with a party that won't drive a perfectly fine country into the ditch, like one that did just that from 2001-2008.

Little Michael has a strang... (Below threshold)

Little Michael has a strange fascination with gay insults, that apparently only matches his ire at a little person like me daring to question incorrectly stated information.

Those comments come from hi... (Below threshold)

Those comments come from his black heart...you are what you say and do. They say a lot of crap and do very little for anyone. More tax and spend...nothing new under the sun for the dems. Same old crap, different day.

Obama got his lunch handed to him at he Geee meeting. lol

Mr. X,Call me, "S,... (Below threshold)

Mr. X,

Call me, "S," "SER" are my initials. Replenishing inventory to the amount equal to your cost of goods sold would leave your cash and "net income" the same. However, some suppliers like to increase costs. In addition, I put the line in "especially if his business is growing," because you may have to buy more in inventory than you sold in the prior year - hence a "cash" effect that does not impact taxable income.

Mr S.,OK. But does... (Below threshold)

Mr S.,

OK. But doesn't increasing inventory still count as cost? Which is still deducted from either the gross OR irrelevant to salary, tax purposes?

So the $200,000 / yr a business owner would make, is either a) the business' profits *after* costs such as purchasing, or b) the salary a business owner pays himself as an employee, which is also treated as a business cost.

Mr. X,Its an issue... (Below threshold)

Mr. X,

Its an issue of timing. If you re-invest in your business (which we want as a society), you can't because your money has to be kept to pay for taxes. This happened in the UK in the 1950's and 1960's when they increased business taxes. Mr. Custard Owner has a choice: He can re-invest in his business (larger store, more inventory, second store, etc.) or he can use the money to buy a boat. If you raise taxes on him because he "Nets" more than 200K in one year, he doesn't use the money to buy inventory (deductible "next year") or build out his store (deductible over 39 years or the lease term), or build a new store (deductible over 39 years). If you don't make it attractive to him to invest in his business, he won't. Boat sales may soar for a year or two (it was Rolls Royces in the UK), but society has not increased its productive capability. That's bad, by the way.

Mr. S,No one is ta... (Below threshold)

Mr. S,

No one is talking about raising taxes to the extent of the UK in the 1950's and 1960's. I have heard that in some circumstances it could rise to around %95, hence the Beatles' song "Taxman" with it's line "That's one for you 19 for me". (Anecdotal though.)

But while taxes can be too high, they can also at times be too low. Things cost money, whether or not we like it.

So I don't think that a person who is making more than a personal income of $200,000 will be driven to starvation OR grind the economy to a halt if Bush's ill-advised tax cuts are phased out, and their taxes are returned to where they were in Clinton's era.

But besides that, if this is truly a small business owner who had this conversation with Biden, then it it is quite likely he makes less than $200,000 a year personal income. In which case, he is wrong and his taxes have not been increased.

"Ill advised" I take to mea... (Below threshold)

"Ill advised" I take to mean that Democrats don't like people being able to hold on to more of their money to use as they want to. There is already enough taxes collected to pay for the essential purposes of government, and then some. Each and every liberal I question on this matter thinks that a) we should pay more taxes and b) do not voluntarily pay extra money into taxes. So if they believe that more of their income belongs to uncle sam, why not put up or shut up? If the answer is that everyone else isn't then how can their position be dictated by anything else than envy?

"Ill advised" I take to ... (Below threshold)

"Ill advised" I take to mean that Democrats don't like people being able to hold on to more of their money to use as they want to.

Then you take it completely wrong. What was ill-advised about the tax cuts is that they provided nil economic benefit for the country, while at the same time increasing the deficit - while it's only benefit was giving more money to people who don't really need it: the wealthy.

As for "each and every liberal you speak to", it sounds like you aren't speaking to wealthy ones.






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