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With Friends Like These...

The most fundamental obligation of the federal government is to preserve the security and integrity of the nation. The sovereignty of the United States, within its own borders, is the very definition of nationhood.

And right now, that is being challenged -- successfully -- on several fronts.

In Arizona, the state has been begging for assistance in securing its southern border with Mexico for years. And it's gotten nowhere. Yes, under President Bush, there was at least some lip service, but now even that doesn't happen. Hell, it's just the opposite. The Obama administration has found one of the few things it has the stomach to fight for -- they are insisting that not only do they have no obligation to secure the borders and enforce immigration laws, but no one else can do it, either.

And most disturbing of all, they have yielded a large swath of American territory to hostile aliens. A big portion of the Sonoran Desert is used by armed Mexican drug smugglers. The Obama regime's response? To post signs ordering Americans to leave the poor drug smugglers alone.

Yes, that's right.
We have identified a very well-used corridor that illegal alien drug smugglers use to bring weapons and narcotics into the US, and the official response is to essentially give them that stretch of land and order Americans to stay away.

A bit east, along the Gulf Coast, the BP oil spill is wreaking havoc on the shores of four of the five states that border it. (The currents and winds are protecting Texas, but Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida are in the crosshairs.) This is a custom-made crisis for the federal government -- a threat from outside any single state's borders, crossing state lines, and threatening tremendous harm -- but DC is acting almost lackadaisically. They are hemming and hawing at such actions as suspending the Jones Act, sending in assistance, and whatnot. Instead, they're focusing their energies on throwing around the blame, using it as an opportunity to push their own agenda, and -- incredibly -- in some cases, actually fighting state's efforts to protect themselves. They have tried to block Louisiana from building sand berms to fend off the oil (because, apparently, it's better to get screwed now than possibly have problems in the future) and have turned back cleanup ships because they needed a thorough safety inspection first.

In what I'm sure is a wild coincidence, in 2008 Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama all went for McCain -- and Obama only won Florida by less than 3%.

Those signs of weakness are not going noticed unnoticed abroad. Hugo Chavez, who has made America-bashing a fundamental tenet of his regime, has decided that the US just doesn't have the stomach to defend its interests, its citizens, and its property. He's been in a legal dispute with Helmerich & Payne, an American oil services company. He wants them to "renegotiate" their contracts; they haven't agreed to give him all the money he wants. They've let their rigs sit idle until they can come to terms.

Well, that didn't suit Chavez, so he seized the rigs and put them back into operation.

The lesson here is simple: don't do business with socialist thug dictators like Chavez.

But the larger lesson is even more profound:

If you're an American, don't ever depend on the Obama administration if you find yourself in a struggle for your independence and freedom. If you're lucky, they'll ignore you.

If you're not, they'll either demand that you surrender those rights to them in return for their help, or side with your assailants.

Ask Arizona. Ask Louisiana. Ask General Motors. Ask Chrysler.
Ask the banks who were coerced into accepting "bailout" money.

How does the quote go? "I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further."

There's an old saw: "if you take the king's gold, you play the king's tune."

Or, if you prefer, "we've already established what you are. Now we're just negotiating about the price."


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Wonder how much longer Barr... (Below threshold)

Wonder how much longer Barry and Company are going to get 'cooperation' from different groups. Seeing as how everyone who's dealt with the Chicago Gang has gotten screwed one way or another.

well, GarandFan, at least O... (Below threshold)

well, GarandFan, at least Obama's gonna follow through on that promise to close Gitmo...eh?

You can depend on our Putz-in-Chief...he will ALWAYS let you down!

Those signs of wea... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:
Those signs of weakness are not going noticed abroad.

I think you meant unnoticed. Aside from that nitpick, you are right on the money with this post.

Thousands of armed American... (Below threshold)

Thousands of armed Americans should enter those "off limits" areas and REMOVE the illegals. It would be bloody as hell and, unless some assistance were provided by Fed firearms license holders with access to automatic weapons, the patriots would undoubtedly be under-armed. But it would provide the thugocray in DC with some very valuable lessons. The most alarming--to the Hussein administration and the rest of the radical left--that actual Americans are NOT afraid to fight for their nation and liberty.

I'm not so sure that they'd... (Below threshold)

I'm not so sure that they'd be out-gunned. Patriots are pretty damned resourceful.

Personally, I think the sniper schools in all branches of military should have mandatory training down along the border. Post signs, give them a 1/4 mile DMZ for lack of a better term, where 1 warning shot can be offered as a welcome to our great nation, but, once they cross, that's it, drop em.

"With Friends Like These... (Below threshold)

"With Friends Like These..."

Who need's Barry's.

2012 can't come quickly eno... (Below threshold)

2012 can't come quickly enough. Let's start the festivities this November!

Jay Tea wrote:<blockq... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

Jay Tea wrote:

And most disturbing of all, they have yielded a large swath of American territory to hostile aliens. A big portion of the Sonoran Desert is used by armed Mexican drug smugglers. The Obama regime's response? To post signs ordering Americans to leave the poor drug smugglers alone.

Yes, that's right. We have identified a very well-used corridor that illegal alien drug smugglers use to bring weapons and narcotics into the US, and the official response is to essentially give them that stretch of land and order Americans to stay away.

As the article you linked to states, these land closures began in 2006, which was under the Bush Admin. What does this mean? The problem is about more than just the decisions and actions of one political party (or regime as you put it). Pretty obvious. Although both sides like to place all the blame at the foot of the opposing party. Nothing new there. Meanwhile, the problem persists through various administrations.

I absolutely agree that the US border needs serious attention. We have fundamental problems with our immigration system.

However, this territory is being used by both Mexican AND US drug runners, all to supply US citizens with their beloved drugs.

Question: what should we do about all the drug smugglers, distributors, and sellers who are US citizens? What do we do about the parts of these networks that exist here in the US? What about all the Americans who buy this crap? Any ideas? Or should we just focus on plugging the holes in the border?

Of course the border should be dealt with, but that's not going to solve the problem. It will help to cut off the drug running routes (and maybe be a pain in the ass for drug runners), but this won't do much about the massive demand. If the problem is also internal, what else should we do?

As long as Americans keep buying (and selling) all this cocaine, meth, and marijuana, this problem isn't going anywhere. Do you think a fence along the AZ border is going to stop a billion dollar a year business?

The US is part of the problem. This is not just about national sovereignty, since US citizens (as consumers and drug runners) are a vital part of this issue.

Ryan AEnforce the ... (Below threshold)

Ryan A

Enforce the Law.

Arrest deport illegas, arrest drug dealers, arrest drug users who can then detox in prision.
We have had a drug problem in the us since the 1800 before it was illegal and it was widespread. Now it is not as bad as then soit does work.

ryan a, I did not catch tha... (Below threshold)

ryan a, I did not catch that. Had I known about it at the time, I would have been infuriated.

But it's happening now, under Obama's watch. (We will pause for brief, regretful laughter.) It's been brought to the forefront through his war with Arizona. So he owns its continuance.

And I still like my earlier idea of bringing in some of those Idaho and Michigan militia types and telling them to "secure" the park. It's a no-lose scenario.


Ryan a, you are trying your... (Below threshold)

Ryan a, you are trying your darndest to blame US citizens for the unsecured border. The topic and concern with a huge majority of citizens is simply to secure the border. Period. Then, next problem. We have laws that should be enforced including drug laws. Because someone may want it doesn't mean they can have it. Are you putting us on or are you a child or what? ww

Sounds like Chavez needs a ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Sounds like Chavez needs a vist to his ill gained oil rigs from some special forces and some high impact explosives.(while there -maybe a power plant or two in retaliation would be a lesson to the nice man.

Jay Tea,B... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

Jay Tea,

But it's happening now, under Obama's watch. (We will pause for brief, regretful laughter.) It's been brought to the forefront through his war with Arizona. So he owns its continuance.

I just wanted to point that out. It's not like all of these problems are new, after all. And I think it's kind of silly to start pretending that all of the blame lies on any particular side of the political aisle. We have seen plenty of shifts in power between the parties, but amazingly many of the same immigration and border issues persist. Is the Obama admin part of the problem? Yep. But so are plenty of other politicians (and others).


Look, if you can't see the fact that there are plenty of US citizens who are part of the problem (including politicians, drug sellers and buyers, and others), then I don't know what do to for you. We consume billions of dollars per year in drugs--you don't think that's a problem? We have politicians who don't really address the issue or come up with reasonable and practical solutions. You don't think that's part of the problem???

Plenty of Americans vote with their dollars and support an illicit industry composed of networks that reach from Columbia to Mexico to the US. To me this means that they are OK with the violence, corruption, murder, and crime that delivers drugs to them. Either that or they just don't give a damn about the effects to themselves or anyone else (that might be the best bet). But yes Willie, I would argue that there are some US citizens that are certainly PART of the problem. But it's also equally important to look at the roots of the problem in Mexico and Columbia as well.

To me it makes sense to look at the bigger picture, as opposed to drawing lines in the sand based upon particular political talking points of one party or another.

If you think this is just about Dems vs Repubs, well, I disagree. It's not as if the Bush admin exactly took care of the problem, did they? Neither did Clinton, or Bush sr. And, as I wrote to Jay Tea above, the current admin isn't doing any better.

But if you want to keep cheerleading for what you think is YOUR side, go ahead.

I have to agree with ryan a... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with ryan a - the drug users, from the top to the bottom of our society, are the part of the problem. The problem centering in the post pre-dates the current administration. The drug problem undermines our society, and societies around the world.

No one has enacted a solution.

However, the root of the problem is that the drug market is not free and is illegal.

I heard Thomas Szacz speak in the early 70's at a drug abuse conference at Villanova. Szacz has controversial perceptions and positions, but cleanly describes that the behavior problems associated with drug use are incredibly worsened when they are illegal, and multiple other problems created for the users and society, by having the drugs and their use illegal.

Alcohol Prohibition was a very good example. There is no evidence that alcohol use or alcohol-related disease decreased significantly during prohibition. But organized Crime sure had a hey day.

While I don't feel that the drug use is a good thing or something to encourage, by making it illegal, and having a high demand for the illegal substances, we have created a horribly destructive process for the entire world. Now if we were a poor and undeveloped country, that wouldn't be the case. But we are still rich, and our dollars buy what we want around the world, and shape the societies and economies of the rest of the planet. By forcing this drug economy into the illegal sphere, we are demanding that criminals run the drug trade. Thus death and destruction reign.

As horrible as Meth is, if folks weren't driven to manufacture it themselves at home, we wouldn't have the horrible contamination of property and people that occur with home cooking of meth. If pot were legal, our parks, streams and forests would not be contaminated with illegal growers chemicals and irrigation systems.

Now I am all for exterminating violent criminals, especially those who invade our country. But I am even more for cheating them out of their income (which will greatly reduce their power and influence) by developing a system that allows legalizing the market of drugs so it becomes a part of our legitimate economy. Geez, do you think that Federal and State taxes on marijuana alone might do something to reduce our deficit?

I don't use illegal drugs, I spend hours each work day trying to help folks that have ruined their lives using illegal and legal drugs - especially difficult since many refuse to accept that part of their problems are related to marijuana. It seems sad that its easier to get a meth addict or an alcoholic to admit they have a problem than a pot head, but that's they way it is. Legalizing the drugs they are using isn't likely to change their lives as much as change where the cash they are spending goes.

Epador,I think many ... (Below threshold)

I think many of the potheads have been confused with the dueling myths of marijuana.
Schools, government and media told us it was much worse thban it is with very little evidence to back up their claims. Even an idiot can spot the exagerations we were fed in the 70s and 80s (I stoppped paying attention after the Reagan years...)
Then on the other side you have the myth that it is harmless fun, and glamorus and everybody does it, and to say otherwise is to be a hypocrite. This myth let's you get high and feel self righteous about it. And entertainment media loves to portray it.
With so much of their self image and rationalization tied up in myth 2, its no shock they cannot see the trouble it brings.

Off topic - Jay Tea, did y... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Off topic - Jay Tea, did you ban Lee Ward ?

Havent seen him around in a few days. Was wondering if he was trying to frantically scrub his comments from Wizbang blue.

Here is your solution to th... (Below threshold)

Here is your solution to the illegal immigration problem.

1 - Seal the border with whatever it takes, US Military, National Guard, State controlled militia with full authorization to engage any armed intruder, and unrestricted authority to respond in kind if fired upon.
2 - International announcement that the border is sealed, and our rules of engagement.
3 - Mandatory identification required of ALL American Citizens, and special identification of all others present LEGALLY within the US Borders. Mandatory IDs ONLY means of obtaining public services, rental units or purchasing of dwelling units, and of obtaining employment.
4 - Any employer who, knowingly, hires or employs or causes to employ an illegal will forfeit business and personal property to the State in which the violation occur - the State which in return will offer above mentioned ON PUBLIC AUCTION to AMERICAN OWNED BUSINESSES OR CITIZENS within 90 days of conviction. Immediate confiscation of property businesses owned by illegal.
5 - A 90 voluntary program offered to those illegals currently in the US, to return to their country of origin. Those voluntarily returning will be identified, and who have committed no crime and produces a LEGAL letter attesting to their EMPLOYMENT will be returned to their country of origin with no predjudice to immigration or migrant worker programs. (90 day moratorium to employers violations concurrently)
6 - Create a viable migrant work program, where it causes the employer to provide transportation from/to the border to place of employment, and provide shelter, food, proper care and wages to the migrant worker - with strict enforcement on the employers.

Instead of trying to "round up" 12 million plus illegals, they would be forced to voluntarily leave as no housing or employment would be available to them. Any illegal identified in the US after the 90 day period will be put in hard labor for 6 months, returned to their country of origin and denied any future possibility of entry to the United States.

If I can come up with this scenario and workable solution in an hour, why can't those 550 ignorant assholes in DC, who crank out 2000+ page bullshit legislation they have to enact before they know what is in it?

rm, if it happened, it wasn... (Below threshold)

rm, if it happened, it wasn't me. Let me do a little investigating...


rm, no IPs have been banned... (Below threshold)

rm, no IPs have been banned in two weeks, Lee's last comment on one of my articles was one week ago.

Hmm... someone (other than me) went in and junked a whole slew of his comments from the 15th-17th. Comments on articles by Rick, Kevin, and the Baron, but his IP doesn't appear on the banned list.

If he's really gone, I think I'll miss him.

It's kind of like my habit of picking at scabs...


epador,The myth is... (Below threshold)


The myth is legal drug use is nto harmful. The fact is that in the late 1800 almost 25% of women were addicted to to opiates, heroin was had decimated the black community and the Chinese were struggling with an opiate abuse problem. The american population was becoming more and more unproductive because of the drug problem.

What drugs will become legal in the US.
Aside from pot Crack, Cocaine, Meth,LSD who will take care of those people who become strung out. How do you handle the drugs that are fat soluble what the period do you give pilots.

Mexico legalized drugs last year and we have seen the crime rate go down?

Amsterdam is finding that the legal sale of pot has lead to gangs controlling it and that THC does in fact become addictive. So by the end of 2010 the experiment in Soft vs hard drugs will be coming to a close.

However, I stand by the first response to the the post. Enforce the current laws. There are hundred of rules that exist on the books today that deal with the current border and drug problems they just need to be acted upon.






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