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Obama's Justice Department ought to be renamed

Justice ain't happening under this regime:

J. Christian Adams explains:

Soon after his confirmation, Attorney General Eric Holder labeled us a nation of cowards, a people supposedly unwilling or afraid to discuss race. Based on my experience as an attorney at the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department, Holder has far more to fear from that discussion than do the rest of us.

If we had that frank, truthful discussion about race, we'd learn that the Obama administration doesn't believe some civil rights laws protect every American. The Bush Civil Rights Division was willing to protect all Americans from racial discrimination; during the Obama years, the Holder years, only some Americans will be protected. Americans have a right to know and judge the racial policies of the administration they elected in 2008.

The dismissal of the voter intimidation lawsuit against armed New Black Panthers in Philadelphia is the most prominent example of this hostility toward race-neutral enforcement of civil rights laws. But that dismissal is far from the only manifestation of the beliefs infesting the Department. Many other cases and decisions -- some of which I will detail below -- are in question and deserve scrutiny.

The rest needs attention... especially from those who typically focus on fairness themes... any objective reading of Adams' piece will show that the Holder/Obama Justice Department has a clear agenda, one having little to do with notions of equity and much more to do with advancing a radically progressive meme.


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Seeing as actions speak lou... (Below threshold)

Seeing as actions speak louder than words, is this a surprise to anyone with 1/2 a functioning brain?

Given all that's gone on, won't surprise me if there was a major investigation of DOJ after November 2012.

We don't have a justice sys... (Below threshold)

We don't have a justice system, we have a legal system.

The regimes mission stateme... (Below threshold)

The regimes mission statement is simple and straight forward and reads as follows: GET WHITEY!

Would you have expected som... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Would you have expected something different from an administration that owes its very existence to lowest-common-denominator race baiting and identity politics??

But racism\bigotry is right... (Below threshold)

But racism\bigotry is right if it is done to the right race\group. According to some like Hyper.

I knew this justice dept wa... (Below threshold)

I knew this justice dept was trouble when they dropped the black panther case.

As for this quote from the linked article:
""But you got to understand," he admitted saying, "now it's payback time."

The natural outcome of the grievance industry/identity politics that the left has been pursuing for decades.

Rick,Just... (Below threshold)


Justice ain't happening under this regime:

With respect, Rick, you're wrong "Social Justice" is what the Obama regime supports.

As long as you're a member of the 'right' group, you're gonna get lots of benefits from this administration.

I read his piece this morni... (Below threshold)

I read his piece this morning. I was especially taken by this:

"Of course "reverse" discrimination does not exist: every species of racial discrimination is just that -- racial discrimination. Implying a condition precedent, reversing something else, makes "reverse" discrimination at best a subset of some more legitimate wrong. At worst, the term is a historic reminder of whose ox got gored first."

I've used the term "reverse discrimination" before. This has made me rethink ever using it again.

Barry sat at the feet of a ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Barry sat at the feet of a rabid racist and anti-Semite for 20 years drinking in his hate and accepting that hate as truth.

Why should we be surprised?

You can sum up Obama and Mi... (Below threshold)

You can sum up Obama and Michelles idea of America in the words of their spiritual leader: "God Damn America". They have no respect for it. ww

Holder is only following or... (Below threshold)

Holder is only following orders from his boss, nothing more. Both are bigots by their actions and words, unfortunately we are stuck with them until 2012.

Gotta admit....Obama was cl... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Gotta admit....Obama was clear as glass
about his desire to do EXACTLY what he's
doing, back in the campaign. What does that
say about the naivete of the electorate?
You CAN fool enough of the people any time
you want.

In all fairness, this has b... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

In all fairness, this has been the attitude of the Civil Rights Division under all Administrations. Reagan and GWB had Attorneys General who kicked a little butt to ensure more balanced enforcement, but once the AG or Administration changed, it's been back to business as usual.

There is an entire mindset on the Left (most career government attorneys are liberal Democrats) that this sort of crap is fine - sure, discriminate against Asians in college admissions and block white candidates and votes, that's cool, as long as you don't mess with the PREFERRED minorities, who must not only be protected against illegal discrimination, but against oh-so-sad-outcomes as well.

I wonder if Holder would fi... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Holder would find white men standing at a polling station in KKK/Aryan nations/brotherhood garb holding baseball bats voter intimidation?

In the post just below, J. ... (Below threshold)

In the post just below, J. Christian Adams was quoted. In his piece he says:

"Contrary to the views of some conservatives, racial discrimination still exists. A black motorist pulled over by the police is likely to have a different experience than a similarly situated white motorist. Without question, some apartment complexes and dining establishments still treat blacks differently from whites. The Department of Justice's undercover housing testing program demonstrates this fact over and over again."

This is undoubtedly true. And Reverend Wright would unquestionably attest to this as well. However, he would, and does, use this fact to justify his disgusting words. He also demeans MLK and what MLK stood for: judging people individually by their character. The answer to the problems that do still stubbornly exist is to follow Dr. Kings words and not Wrights. The difference between the two is night and day. Wright assumes indiscriminate "payback" will level the playing field and King rightfully assumed equality is what levels the playing field.

Crap, I posted that to the ... (Below threshold)

Crap, I posted that to the wrong thread.

Well, it's certainly true t... (Below threshold)
Howard Lauther:

Well, it's certainly true that no Justice Department in any administration can please everyone. Thus, for those of you who dislike the Obama administration, it's probably safe to assume that you'll approve of nothing on this list, which are the things the Justice Department has done in just 1 1/2 years.

-$4B Was Authorized to Improve State/Local Law Enforcement
-Bush Memos Were Released, Showing Violation of Civil Rights
-Documents Were Released Proving that Prisoners Were Tortured
-CIA Officials Who Defied the Geneva Convention Were Excused
-Texas Forced to Pay $112M to Improve Care of Mentally Disabled
-Maine Fined $1.5M for Submitting False Info About Migrant Children
-Fresno County Sued for Its Poor Treatment of a Veteran
-Goodyear Sued for Its Poor Treatment of a Veteran
-Restrictions on Corporate Monopolies Were Stiffened
-Pharmaceutical Company Fined $95M for Misstating Drug Prices
-Some Tech Companies Came Under Antitrust Investigation
-New Jersey Company Sued for Violating Worker's Civil Rights
-Georgia Was Accused of Being Discriminatory in Minority Voting
-Crackdown on Mortgage Fraud Began
-An Investment Defrauder Was Indicted
-An Airline Was Denied Antitrust Immunity
-$50-Million Medicare Fraud Was Exposed
-Wide Scale Crackdown on Fraud Was Initiated
-Curtailment of Mexico's Drug Cartel Was Initiated
-Peregrina Cheese Company Sued for Unsanitary Conditions
-Oil & Gas Companies Sued for $10B in Overdue Royalties
-$28-trillion Credit Default Swap Market Was Investigated
-Landlord Was Sued for Violating the Fair Housing Act
-44 Were Arrested for a Money Laundering Operation
-Two City Jails Were Cited for Inhumane Care
-Seven Were Charged With Supporting Terrorists
-Arrest/Search Warrants Were Issued Against a Narcotics Ring
-32 Were Arrested for Medicare Fraud
-47 Were Arrested in Mortgage Fraud Schemes
-DHL Was Fined $9.4M for Illegal Shipments
-Boeing Was Fined $25M for Defective Work
-Microsemi Was Fined for Stifling Competition
-CIA Prisoner Abuse Was Investigated
-Pfizer Was Fined $2.3B for Unlawful Marketing Techniques
-Milk Processors Were Investigated for Antitrust Violations
-Seven People Were Charged with Tax Fraud
-Tax Preparer Was Charged with Filing 250 False Claims
-Property Owner Was Sued for Racial Discrimination
-Chevron Fined $45M for Underpaying Gas Royalties
-Medical Device Company Fined $4.9M for Selling Unapproved Imports
-Investigation into Wall Street Mortgage Security Fraud Began
-21 Arrests for Bribery in the Sale of Law-Enforcement Products
-Company President Sued for Misusing Employee Benefit Funds
-Investigation of a U.S. Senator's Activities Began
-Dental Management Firm Paid $24M for False Claims
-25% of Guantanamo Prisoners Were Ordered to Be Held Indefinitely
-Antitrust Lawsuit Filed Against Dean Foods
-21 Members of a Mexican Street Gang Arrested in Milwaukee
-Large Rental Company Fined $2.1M for Racial Housing Practices
-Tax Preparer Was Sued for Fraud.
-Over a Dozen Wall Street Firms Accused of Conspiracy
-West Virginia Mining Company Was Investigated
-Criminal Investigation of Goldman Sachs Was Begun
-South Dakota County Ordered to Comply with Voting Rights Act
-Ciena Capital Agreed to Pay $26M to Settle a Fraud Claim
-77 Convicted in Medicare Fraud and $2.5B Was Recovered
-Investigation Triggered the Recall of 44,000 Faulty Army Helmets
-New Orleans Police Department Was Investigated
-Investigations into Mortgage Fraud Doubled
-Daimler Paid $185M to Settle Civil and Criminal Charges
-Learning Tree Intl. Paid $4.5M Fine for Violating the False Claims Act
-Southwest Airlines Was Fined $200K for Rules Noncompliance
-Schwarz Pharma Inc. Was Fined $22M for False Drug Promotion
-AstraZeneca Was Fined $520M for Illegal Drug Marketing
-Novartis AG Was Fined $72.5M For Submitting False Bills
-EMC Was Fined $87M for Engaging in a Kickback Scheme
-Christopher Finazzo Convicted on 28 Counts of Mail/Wire Fraud
-WellCare Fined $137M for Overcharging Medicare Programs

...and we've still got 2 1/2 years to go.






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