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Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Timeline

The Unbearable Incompetence of Hope n Change.

...Making Jimmy Carter look like a brilliantly decisive statesman.

Kim P. wrote about the byzantine constipation of the EPA which rejected Dutch oil skimmers here.

And Rick wrote about our Ditherer-in-Chief's dubious thought processes here.

This eco-disaster is not Katrina. It's far, far worse. And squarely in Obama's lap - along with a hurricane to froth up this fuster cluck.

It's all precisely why community organizers shouldn't govern.


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Comments (13)

It almost makes you long fo... (Below threshold)

It almost makes you long for a crazed sex poodle in the Oval office.

But..but..but...Barry has a... (Below threshold)

But..but..but...Barry has all that 'vast executive experience' from campaigning. He said so himself.

It's obvious what's needed is another television speech from the Oval Office!

"Miss me yet?" GW Bush... (Below threshold)

"Miss me yet?" GW Bush

Obama and his administration haven't demonstrated leadership in this huge crisis because they do not know how to lead. That simple. They are waiting for others to fix it. Plus protect the unions by not waiving the Jones Act. This man is a reprobate. ww

If Obama wanted the gulf co... (Below threshold)

If Obama wanted the gulf coast damaged, would he have done anything differently?

Give Obama a break. he ha... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Give Obama a break. he has to prove he cares by spending billions to clean up the mess. It doesnt matter that it could have been avoided in the first place. Avoiding disasters is no way to show you care or that the govt cares for you. Only when an actual disaster occurs can you see the scope of the govt caring for its citizens.

Well, given that the Idiot-... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Well, given that the Idiot-in-Chief doesn't even know what's scheduled to spew from his sewer hole until he sees it flashing by on his teleprompter could we really have expected anything better?

Speaking of Deep Horizon, l... (Below threshold)

Speaking of Deep Horizon, look who has money invested in the company that owns the rig:


California's very own Mayor Gavin Newsome. Guess that Californian's like their nuke plants in Arizona and their oil income from off-shore wells .... off the Gulf of Mexico.

Just another Democratic hypocrite!

What was it he said about t... (Below threshold)

What was it he said about the economy?

Maybe Obama needs to call G... (Below threshold)
Angry Voter:

Maybe Obama needs to call George W Bush and ask for some mentoring....

Maybe it's about time, Barr... (Below threshold)

Maybe it's about time, Barry consider's putting on the depends?

Day 77 and still leaking!!<... (Below threshold)

Day 77 and still leaking!!

Could be worse... You may have slept with a wookie!!

...and these are the same p... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

...and these are the same people who want to run our health care???

Day 77? Who needs Viagra?<... (Below threshold)

Day 77? Who needs Viagra?






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