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Just In Case You Wondered How You Can Take Something (Sorta) Out of Context and Make It An Attack Ad

The BP Apology

I'm guessing this is an official video. Seems like the DNC is embracing the idea they are viewed as the reason for the problem, but we would be muuuuuuch worse with those lousy Big-Oil-loving Republicans.


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I'd also like to APOLOGIZE.... (Below threshold)

I'd also like to APOLOGIZE. For the pompous, egotistical ass currently residing in the White House. Especially when he makes comments like this:

"And, yes, this is an emotional question (immigration reform,aka amnesty), and one that lends itself to demagoguery."


but we would be mu... (Below threshold)
but we would be muuuuuuch worse with those lousy Big-Oil-loving Republicans.
That need a slight repair.

But we ARE muuuuuuch worse with those lousy Big-Oil-loving democrats after much bluster about being "for the little people," kissed Big Oil's prodidgous ASS by cutting out the taxes they proposed to slap on Big Oil.

There, that's far more truthful.

The voters of our country h... (Below threshold)

The voters of our country have awakened to Obama's passing the buck and inability to own up to what is his responsibility. He can go on saying it is the GOP's fault for this and that, but except for liberals, no one is falling for it. Even democrats are distancing themselves from this leadership challenged individual. ww

Amazing how the diddler in ... (Below threshold)

Amazing how the diddler in chief, the one who got all the big money from the big firms, can't get his people to release ships, skimmers, barriers, any method that would possibly reduce the amount of oil in the gulf. Where is Bush in all this, he has to be laughing his ass off, I told you that you didn't want this shitty job, it sucks big time. mpw

Apologizing to dictators, t... (Below threshold)

Apologizing to dictators, terrorists, and international troublemakers -- this is how Democrats ARE governing.






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