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Government denies journalists access to the Gulf oil clean up effort

When the Iraq war commenced, Donald Rumsfeld didn't deny the media access for fear reports from the front lines would turn public opinion against it. Instead, he granted journalists unprecedented access by allowing them to embed directly with the military.

However, the Gulf oil spill is now in its 73rd day and sludge and oil drenched sea life and birds continue to wash ashore, with no end in site. Every additional day that the oil billows out of the well and into the ocean Obama's administration edges closer to its Waterloo. So Thad Allen responded by pulling the plug for reporters. Journalists are no longer allowed to bring the story to the America people from the front lines, so to speak, of this environmental catastrophe.

Even though the Bush administration provided journalists unprecedented access to the Iraq war, the good, the bad, and the ugly, the mainstream media nonetheless branded the Bush administration the most secretive in recent memory.

Now that the government under Obama's governance has for all intents and purposes rescinded the First Amendment when it comes to the oil spill in an effort to hide its incompetence, something the MSM and liberals accused Bush of doing when he never actually did it, it will be interesting to watch the media as they report on Obama's disdain for transparency and a free press.

I don't have any confidence that the media will treat Obama and his administration's handling of this catastrophe to the same onslaught of criticism they dished out to Bush for his entire eight years in office. Instead, journalists like Anderson Cooper will wring their hands and utter declarations about First amendment rights and insist that they are not the enemy, but in the end, when it's reelection time, those same used and abused journalists will be right back where the were in 2008, at Obama's feet, supplicating and singing hosannas to his greatness.


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Anderson, we already met yo... (Below threshold)

Anderson, we already met you, and you are the enemy. How doe it feel to be finally recognized for what you are?

This is really throwing dow... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

This is really throwing down the gauntlet to the legacy media. Obama is saying to them: "I own you. You will do as I say, and you will like it."

He's also telling America: "Legal authority? I don't need no stinking legal authority - I won!"

Kind of like an abusive rel... (Below threshold)

Kind of like an abusive relationship. Obama slaps them around but they always seem to find a reason to go back to him. That's their problem to deal with. We already know what Barry's about.

CNN does deserve some kudos... (Below threshold)

CNN does deserve some kudos for running this though, it's pretty blunt. Not sure the comparison to wanting to show dead people during Katrina is more than a token slap at Bush, though.

NOW do you understand what ... (Below threshold)
Sean P:

NOW do you understand what the tea party protesters are upset about, Mr. Cooper?

Oh, and a tepid little, more-in-sorry-than-in-anger response to this blatant violation of the First Amendment isn't going to BEGIN to cut it Mr. Cooper. Given your response to the alleged "secrecy" of the Bush Administration (which looks as transparent as glass by comparison) you better go full-on nuclear on this administration or you and your compatriots in the MFM are the biggest hypocrite on the face of the earth.

Oh, and this rule? BREAK IT... (Below threshold)
Sean P:

Oh, and this rule? BREAK IT. You KNOW that any judge who has a passing knowledge of the first amendment will toss any fine or charge you see out of court. If you don't, I for one am going to conclude that the media isn't challenging this rule because they don't WANT to report on bad news about the Obama administration and are simply seizing on this unconstitutional power grab as their excuse not to.

"It's that moment of dawnin... (Below threshold)

"It's that moment of dawning comprehension that I live for."
--Hobbes, Calvin and Hobbes

while it IS amazing that CN... (Below threshold)

while it IS amazing that CNN is daring [gasp!] to criticize our Dear Leader, as Sean P says above: BREAK IT THE DAMN "RULE"!

The "battered wife syndrome" mentioned above applies too. Some of them (CNN and a bit of CBS) are starting to whine about being 'abused'. But they keep climbing back into bed with Obama and the Dems.

My sympathy for them...when they helped FOIST this putz on us...is limited!

John Podesta reiterated the... (Below threshold)

John Podesta reiterated the point Tuesday when he said Obama's would be "the most open and transparent transition in history." Nov. 12th 2008

/snicker - Not to worry though, its those pesky Southern states so the MSM will be compliant.

This reminds me of a story ... (Below threshold)

This reminds me of a story shared when a young boy picks up a rattlesnake. The MSM knew what the Left was like before and wrote biased articles yet they played along in hopes of some favors or recognition...just as the boy with the rattlesnake was bit, the MSM is and will be again and again. The Left uses everyone and everything.

By the way to get media access to the region we should spread rumors that GW Bush is meeting with BP reps to covertly hide the spill and the damage to the environment...then we would see the story...in all its catastrophic horror.

Actually, Cooper's behavior... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Actually, Cooper's behavior here reminds me of something else, a child trying to use being in a public place to get it's parents permission to do something normally refused. It's just one step short of stomping feet, crying and holding his breath. Pathetic!

I'm sorry I missed the part... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry I missed the part about how the government is going to keep reporters from the gulf coast, and out of the air over the oil spill. Is the air force going to shoot down private planes williy nilly? No. Are Federal law enforcement going to patrol every mile of oil soaked coast? No. Just another unenforcable pile of**** coming out of the O'slaver administration.

I wonder if Barry would all... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Barry would allow journalist's to document his incessant golfing of late?

Most transparently worst administration evah.

I watched this and AC kept ... (Below threshold)

I watched this and AC kept mentioning the Coast Guard. Now don't get me wrong this is actually refreshing to see any criticism of the feds under Obama. But, I think the average CNN dopey viewer might get the impression the evil military is behind this. Or maybe it is because I watched that anti-military movie The Crazies last night and it is clouding my judgment. Anyways, here is hoping to only a 1 term disaster.

If CNN really wanted an imp... (Below threshold)
John S:

If CNN really wanted an impact, they would stop saying Thad Allen and use the words "Obama administration" and "coverup". But it's hard to believe they can talk at all when they've got Obama's balls so far down their throats.

What's truly ironic is that... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

What's truly ironic is that in Nov. 2012 the editors and reporters at CNN will vote by a 100%-0% margin to reelect Obama.

As for the administration wanting to censor bad news, did you really expect anything different from a Marxist zealot who despises America?

Speaking of zealots - the u... (Below threshold)

Speaking of zealots - the usual defenders of the crown have turned up missing. Could it be that with the closing of JournoList they've lost their talking points?

Anderson, you act like this... (Below threshold)

Anderson, you act like this is Thad Allen's decision.

Since when did an incident commander have the authority to disregard the first amendment with zero correction from his bosses?

Chill out Cooper. Next wee... (Below threshold)

Chill out Cooper. Next week you'll be crawling on your belly for a 'personal interview' with The One.

Obama's a pimp bitch-slappi... (Below threshold)

Obama's a pimp bitch-slapping his whores and telling them to shut up.

And they dutifully obey.

"If CNN really wanted an im... (Below threshold)
Sean P:

"If CNN really wanted an impact, they would stop saying Thad Allen and use the words "Obama administration" and "coverup".

Absolutely. It reminds me of something I learned in college called "the good czar" syndrome. The peasants in Russia, throughout its history, generally did not blame the czars for their cruelty, incompetence, etc. Instead, they would blame those beneath the czar for the cruelty, mismanagement, etc. and for keeping the truth from the Czar, who OF COURSE would never have approved of whatever they were complaining of at the moment.

Hussein knows just how unli... (Below threshold)

Hussein knows just how unlikely it is that his wholly owned MSM hacks will turn on him and expose his thuggery and incompetence. So it's a smart move on his part. MSM leftists (excuse the redundancy) might became annoyed, but they will NOT revolt against their leader and God.






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