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Obama: "The southern border is more secure today than at any time in the past 20 years."

We'll come back to the title of this post in just a sec... but first, let's go to this relevant MSNBC piece:

A massive gun battle between rival drug and migrant-trafficking gangs near the U.S. border left 21 people dead on Thursday, prosecutors said.

The clash occurred in a sparsely populated area about 12 miles from the Arizona border -- a prime corridor for immigrant and drug smuggling.

Mexican media said the gun battle was on the road connecting Altar and Saric.

Sonora's Attorney General's Office said in a statement that nine people were captured by police at the scene of the shooting, six of whom had been wounded in the confrontation. Authorities at the scene found seven rifles.

El Dario said after the fray police seized 19 high-powered weapons and 11 late-model vehicles.

Officials did not say why the gunfight had broken out, but powerful and well-armed Mexican gangs often fight for control of smuggling routes into the United States.

In a city on another part of the U.S. border, gunmen killed an assistant attorney general for Chihuahua state and one of her bodyguards.

Now let's come back to Obama's words spoken yesterday in his speech on immigration:

Today, we have more boots on the ground near the Southwest border than at any time in our history. Let me repeat that: We have more boots on the ground on the Southwest border than at any time in our history. We doubled the personnel assigned to Border Enforcement Security Task Forces. We tripled the number of intelligence analysts along the border. For the first time, we've begun screening 100 percent of southbound rail shipments. And as a result, we're seizing more illegal guns, cash and drugs than in years past. Contrary to some of the reports that you see, crime along the border is down. And statistics collected by Customs and Border Protection reflect a significant reduction in the number of people trying to cross the border illegally.

So the bottom line is this: The southern border is more secure today than at any time in the past 20 years.

Obama is securing the border, there's no need for laws like those passed in Arizona, in fact, those laws are "ill conceived".

Into this breach, states like Arizona have decided to take matters into their own hands. Given the levels of frustration across the country, this is understandable. But it is also ill conceived. And it's not just that the law Arizona passed is divisive -- although it has fanned the flames of an already contentious debate. Laws like Arizona's put huge pressures on local law enforcement to enforce rules that ultimately are unenforceable. It puts pressure on already hard-strapped state and local budgets. It makes it difficult for people here illegally to report crimes -- driving a wedge between communities and law enforcement, making our streets more dangerous and the jobs of our police officers more difficult.

And you don't have to take my word for this. You can speak to the police chiefs and others from law enforcement here today who will tell you the same thing.

These laws also have the potential of violating the rights of innocent American citizens and legal residents, making them subject to possible stops or questioning because of what they look like or how they sound. And as other states and localities go their own ways, we face the prospect that different rules for immigration will apply in different parts of the country -- a patchwork of local immigration rules where we all know one clear national standard is needed.

Our task then is to make our national laws actually work -- to shape a system that reflects our values as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. And that means being honest about the problem, and getting past the false debates that divide the country rather than bring it together.

And so, as history these past 18 months have shown, it is Obama who will be honest about our problems, it is Obama who takes us past the false debates that divide this country, it is Obama who deems to reflect our values.

All problems faced by Americans today will be solved if we would simply bow to Obama and his every whim.

Bow to Obama America... for America's sake.


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Comments (24)

Obviously his definition of... (Below threshold)

Obviously his definition of 'secure' doesn't quite match reality. Like the old joke about how the various branches of the Armed Forces secures a building...

The Army will post guards around the place.
The Navy will turn out the lights and lock the doors.
The Marines will kill everybody inside and set up a headquarters
The Air Force will take out a 5 year lease with an option to buy.

Obama? He'd open up the windows, remove the doors, stock the inside with high-value items, then put up billboards in the sleazy parts of town telling criminals to stay out or he'd frown at them.

"Today, we have more boots ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

"Today, we have more boots on the ground..."

He must mean jackboots. I suppose he's got his "civilian army" with all that unaccounted stimulus money in his pocket.

How soon before they start breaking glass in the stores?

As before in history, half the nation cheers them on.

I am convince this man live... (Below threshold)

I am convince this man lives in a dream (nightmare for the rest of us) world. He can not tell the difference anymore (if he ever did) between a lie and the facts. If ever there was "the emperor with no clothes" this guy is it. Thanks again all you clueless who voted for him.

Enough with this guy. Obam... (Below threshold)

Enough with this guy. Obama is delusional and anyone who believes him is an idiot.

What a blathering idiot.</p... (Below threshold)

What a blathering idiot.

So it's unenforceable but more secure today than before.

And we also get one of Obama's tic's thrown in, the "false debate". Any sign of "there are those who say"?

side note: looks to me as if he's trying to change the subject from the disaster in the gulf.

This will clearly be the mo... (Below threshold)

This will clearly be the most politicized issue between now and the November elections. If President Obama was serious about finding a resolution he would engage in constructive discussions with the Arizona's Governor.

I see he's back on the toot... (Below threshold)

I see he's back on the toot(blow) again!

Between the Mayors Daley, t... (Below threshold)

Between the Mayors Daley, there was a succession of interims, including one Michael Bilandic. He served for only 3 years, and it was often said that he was snowed out of office. This came about as the result of a major snow storm which paralyzed Chicago. Snow happens, but unfortunately he was answering complaints about the recovery by telling reporters that it was going fine, and even which areas had their roads cleared. The problem was people could look out their windows and see streets still choked with snow. This complete disconnect from reality is very reminiscent of another Chicago pol, this one in the White House.

/snicker Oh please, tell me... (Below threshold)

/snicker Oh please, tell me another one...

He's turning into a standup comedian who, unfortunately for the rest of us, is oblivious to reality.

This is going to end badly.

Ignorance is one thing, willful ignorance another, but outright lying about it when it has been pointed out to him that there are places on the AZ border and into the interior of the state where there are signs posted by the government that its not safe to venture into because of illegal alien activity then he's turned into a liar, and a bad one.

November 2010 & 2012 can't get here soon enough.

Yeah, those Cartel's sure h... (Below threshold)

Yeah, those Cartel's sure have our southern border secured Barry!

Good job! A+ and November cannot come to soon..

Obama is an idiot. He can't... (Below threshold)
John S:

Obama is an idiot. He can't even tell when his TelePrompter is lying.

Do you remember the year Go... (Below threshold)

Do you remember the year Gore released his global warming movie? Everywhere he went....unusually cold weather.
Obama is shaping up to be next in line for THE most clueless man in the universe.

Barry's got lying down to a... (Below threshold)

Barry's got lying down to a fine art. After November one can only hope that Mr Lame Duck stays in the White House for the remainder of his term in office.

Ya know, if they put enough... (Below threshold)

Ya know, if they put enough warning signs down there in a row, it might almost work like a fence.

Is Obama just inherently st... (Below threshold)

Is Obama just inherently stupid or did he have to sit in a church for 20 years twice removed to be this god damn ignorant?

"The southern border is mor... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"The southern border is more secure today than at any time in the past 20 years."

Well it certainly seems secure enough for drug traffickers to conduct their business without undue legal inconvenience.

"I'm playing more golf than... (Below threshold)
B. Obama:

"I'm playing more golf than I ever have before. My golf score is atrocious, but it's the best it's ever been!"

Obama must have been an acc... (Below threshold)

Obama must have been an accountant as well as a lawyer. Lies and misrepresents the numbers while ignoring reality.

Not enforcing the laws doesn't mean fewer crimes are being committed or more violent crimes are not being committed. It just lowers the "reported" numbers.

Obama can put 10 times as many agents on the border but if they are not allowed to do anything then they are useless except for political cover.

"100 percent of southbound rail shipments" what about the northbound trains?

Where are the 1200 NG troops?

Lastly the borders have been piss poor enforced in the past. Having it slightly less piss poor but still piss poor is nothing to be proud of. I can't think of anything that Obama has done to take credit for any improvements even if there is some. Quite the opposite with the limitations he has put on the border agents.

It's like a ship that has 8... (Below threshold)

It's like a ship that has 84 holes and you plug 20. You don't go to the captain and say it's all fixed or the ship won't sink. You plug them all. What a putz. ww

In this case Bush plugged 2... (Below threshold)

In this case Bush plugged 20 holes and Obama takes credit and claims all is fixed.

Yepper it's more secure tha... (Below threshold)

Yepper it's more secure than anytime in the last 20 years.... except when Bullets from Mexican shootout hit El Paso city hall

" A deadly shootout between gunmen and Mexican police that left seven bullet holes in El Paso City Hall has renewed calls for tighter border security, even as local authorities say little can be done to stop stray bullets from crossing the U.S.-Mexican border. "

Wow. Just WOW.The... (Below threshold)

Wow. Just WOW.

There have been times when I have thought that our political leaders were dumb as a post, but never in my many decades on this planet have I seen a President of the United States who is this out of touch with reality.

To the idiot who said, "The southern border is more secure today than at any time in the past 20 years," my carefully considered response is: "Sir, with all due respect, I would like to see the world from your point of view, but I can't get my head that far up my @ss."

Not even President Carter would be stupid enough to make a statement like that.

There have been... (Below threshold)
There have been times when I have thought that our political leaders were dumb as a post
I recently saw a comment on another site where the commenter announced he would no longer insult posts by comparing them to Dem politicians, because "at least a post holds its ground."
Why is everyone complaining... (Below threshold)

Why is everyone complaining? Over 4 BILLION here in America agrees with Obama! A MAJORIY wants Obama's immigration plan passed! Problem is, the 4 billion are ILLEGAL ALIENS! Yes, lawbreaking, violent, thieving ILLEGALS! Ask what American CITIZENS want. They want Obama to KICK THEM OUT! I'm suprised King Obama has not just put into law what he wants. Who needs Congress to back him. He's KING! What he wants he gets! We Americans should know this by now.
They claim law enforcement officers are against laws like Arizona is passing. Try asking them. They are FOR it! Whats the next lie to come out of his mouth?
We have many choices on how to remove this vermin from OUR WHITE HOUSE! Too bad we don't have a good pest control to go in and clean house.






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